Awesomeness Overload at eWana Carta Blogger 30 with TuneIn Radio Apps

YouTube killed the radio star. Well, not really, but that is how I feel. I’ll be honest with you, I stopped listening to radio more than a decade ago and opt to watch YouTube instead for latest music updates. But ever since I got to know lovely blogger-DJ Lia Omey whom I met during my Sahabat Media trips, I started to listen to radio again and come to realize that listening to radio can be quite fun, especially when you know the DJ personally and there is a whole slot dedicated just for us bloggers to call in, communicate and have fun. Lia Omey and her accompanying deejay, DJ Azz sizzle like no other during their Carta 30 Bloggers at eWana FM.


Every Thursday night from 10.30pm-12 am whole bunch of us naughty bloggers tune in to her show to crack things up abit to show our support. I never knew that listening to radio could be so fun until DJ Lia and DJ Azz came along. Heck, even our celebrity friend, Iqwal Hafiz joined in the fun by calling in to make dedications during the show.

One thing worth mentioning during my first time tuning to eWana Carta Blogger 30 is that my husband joined in the fun and heat things up a lil by requesting ‘Kau Ilhamku by Man Bai’ and dedicated it to me. I thought that was seriously sweet and romantic, especially it is done in public where other blogger friends who are our mutual friends are listening to the show too. πŸ™‚ Thank you. I’ll cherish the memory forever. *muacks* πŸ™‚

One would think that you must have a radio to be able to tune in, but frankly speaking, time has change. I don’t own a radio. Well…not anymore. I used to have one when I was a teenager, but as time goes by, radio is simply a long forgotten technology.

These days I listen to radio by using an apps known as TuneIn Radio. The apps is downloadable from the Playstore for Android smartphones.


All you need to do is just hop over to Playstore and search for TuneIn and install it on your smartphone.


Open the apps


Browse or search for the radio station that you would like to tune in to.

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And you’re good to go. πŸ™‚ My current favourite is eWana Radio. Well, I’m a bit biased, my friends are deejays over there, after all. :p

Join me having fun in eWana FM Carta Bloggers 30..:) from 10pm-1am every Tuesday and I assure you that soon you will get to talk to your favourite celebrity bloggers too during the show, as they will be inviting bloggers every week to talk to you. *wink*

Cleffairy: Back to the good old days.


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