Love letter for you…

Dear Superman Clark,

I adore you, and I have been in love with you for as long as I could remember. I was only a little girl when I first saw you, and I admire you not for just who you are, but for what you stood for. You’re not just an ordinary hunk, but a chunk of rock that the world could lean on. You stood for justice and truth. Something that is so, very rare today.

I used to be infatuated with your alter ego, Superman. Yes, Clark. Don’t be so surprised. I know who you are. I know Superman is the man behind the spectacles. I have been fooled for a couple of years, thinking that both of you are somewhat different entity, but I see now.

You’re the same man. I am not exactly galactically stupid, you see. You may present yourself as a mild mannered reporter for the entire world to see, but I know that in truth, you’re also the man who dares to wear blazing red underwear outside of your outfit, and make it a fashion statement.

That kind of courage is something every men should learn, seriously. It is not easy to wear something awfully stupid like that in public, and yet people still dare not laugh to your face. That simply scream ‘dare to be different’, or ‘be yourself’.

I adore you, Clark. Not because you have super powers or because you leap off the building at every distant S.O.S you heard. I adore you because of the things you cannot do.

I cannot imagine how hard it is for you to be two people at the same time, and how hard it is for you when you can’t answer every single calls for help, and how  it quietly tears you apart. It must be hard, isn’t it? Enduring the emotional pain all by yourself while carrying the weight of the world on your shoulder.

I know how tormented you must have felt. Despite that, you still go around telling people that everything will be all right. You have assured the whole world, and offer the world comfort when it needed you most, but… I wonder, who comforted you when you needed it most? You may be the man of Steel, but… I daresay that your heart is made of flesh and blood.

You have so many secrets…and I didn’t just mean Clark=Superman. You must have felt awfully lonely,haven’t you, Clark? You have no choice but to keep everyone at bay, so that you can protect your anonymity and to protect your loved ones too from those awful supervillians.

They can’t possibly kill you without Kryptonite, but they could definitely kill your loved ones without Kryptonite.

Supervillians are all the same. If they can’t get you, they’ll hurt your loved ones, and that’s no consolation price either. And I shudder at the thought that they could actually turn your loved ones into your enemies by just using some alien technology and make them kill you slow and bloody! That…is a fate that I think I wouldn’t even wish upon my greatest enemy. It’s ultimate cruelty.

I understand that anonymity always walks hand in hand with privacy. That is why I valued both of it so much now. Seriously speaking, I hope… it shan’t be destroyed.

I can relate to you, Clark. I am a little bit like you. I have dark secrets, and I sometimes live a lie, deceiving the whole world into thinking that I am fine when I am not. And like you, I have the conscience to offer comfort to those who needed it even when I find myself being abandoned when I needed it the most. More often than not, I have to stand up for myself, and battle my own fights all alone, just like you. Like you, being me would mean a solitary life. And like you too, being me would mean that nobody would protect me from harm.

Being Superman means that you cannot be selfish and do things as you pleased because the world depends on you. I’m like that too sometimes. Life is not just about me alone. I wish it is all about me, sometimes, though. I bet you felt the same.

I love you… not because you are perfect, but because you are imperfect and you have alot of weaknesses. But your weaknesses never stopped you from going on and on. That’s what makes you the hero of my dreams. In my eyes, nobody have the perseverance like you, or stronger than you…not in term of strength, but in terms of mentality.

I wonder how many times you have been hurt and almost killed by the Kryptonite by your enemies? I think you have lost count of it, and yet, that doesn’t stop you from saving the world over and over again. Nothing stops you from getting back on your feet, no matter how hard it is for you. That is really admirable, Clark. I wish everyone is as strong as you. You may be an alien from a long destroyed planet. But in truth, you’re a man more than other men in this world.

Women all over the world must have lusted over you because you’re so hot, virile, handsome and powerful. You could have had any women you wanted. I really do admire you for being true to your one and only. How many men these days can do that? I think not many. Such men… are at the brink of extinction.

It’s going to sound really weird, but you inspire me, Clark. And because of you, I am what I am today. You inspired me to be a reporter and a writer, and you taught me that love must be unconditional and never asking anything in return. Love is just… love. Love is giving, never expecting anything in return.

Truthfully, you are responsible for what I am today.

Each time I feel lost… and alone, I thought of you. And each time I thought of you, I don’t feel alone anymore. Thank you, Clark, for being there when I needed you most. For restoring hope each time I lost it.

I’m no longer the little girl in pigtails who dreamed to be a journalist and maybe one a day novelist. I’m all grown up now, and at some point, I was a journalist, then a novelist. You helped me make my dreams come true by showing me your life. Your life as Clark Kent in the Daily Planet inspired me.

I’m married now. I used to dream of marrying you, Clark but you’re unreachable. You’re in a fantasy world, you’re not quite real, but you’ll always have a part of my heart that belongs to no other… because you’re an alien known as Kal-el, because you’re Superman, and just because you are Clark Kent. You inspired me and you gave me hope. You made it possible for me to hang on and to achieve what I wanted to achieve.

With love,


Always Be My Baby


    • Cleffairy says:

      It’s the man behind the costume whom we should see. Looks can be deceiving, no? But for what it’s worth… Superman, and Clark Kent really does inspire me when I was still young. took journalism oso becoz I was intrigue with Lois and Clark’s life in the Daily Planet.
      *the horror* Thankfully I wasn’t influenced by NYPD, ER or even Ally McBeal! I could have spelled disaster!

        • Cleffairy says:

          Hahaha… Ally McBeal very nice… one of Ally’s ex bf in the show now play IronMan… the Robert Downey Jr. feller. Hahahahaha~ Aiyooo… I must go dig on youtube liao. Suddenly wanna watch Ally!

          ps: Initially, I wanted to name my daughter Ally cuz I like that show a lot too. But I ended up with a son…so no Ally or Alyssa for me. SOBSSS~! Who will gv me a DIL? I want some cucu!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Hahahaha… I love alot of Superhero… Spiderman, Ultraman, Power Rangers, Dragonball, Sailormoon, but Superman tops the list. 😀 Superman aka Clark, inspire me to be what i am today.

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