Malaysian Men=Virile?

If you’ve been reading enough Harlequin Presents as well as Mills& Boon romance craps lately, you would realize that people in the West actually thought that our men… Malaysian men are virile and romantic, oozing with sex appeal, and Malaysia is an ideal place for an exotic, sexy getaway where passion and romance is absolutely guaranteed.

You know, kisses under the sun. Seduction on a secluded private beach and bittersweet reunion in KLIA and whatnot.

Most of you may not know this, but apart from Italy, Middle East,Greek and Sicily, Malaysia have been quite a favourite setting for many romance books and e-books alike.

I am not quite sure why people in the West thought that Malaysia is an ideal place for a romantic seduction and a place for those who covet happily ever after and passion in and outside of their bedroom, because in truth…Malaysia is quite a conservative country to even begin with.

You kiss on the street, and you’ll either find yourself for  charged for committing a close proximity or you’d be fined for it.

I also don’t understand why they filled their heads with the illusion that Malaysian men are romantic to the max as well. As far as I’m concern… men, Malaysian men in general are not romantic. They have… ahemm… difficulties expressing themselves, and most… are very chauvinistic. Don’t you agree with me, ladies? Malaysian men are like that, are they not?

They’re very reserved in comparison of their Western counterparts, and they tend to take things for granted too. Seduction only came during the courting stage, and not after marriage. They forget birthdays, anniversaries, and cares for nothing but themselves…especially those who came from a very typical Asian family.

More often than not, they claim that action speaks louder than words. I wonder if these men knows that sometimes, the ladies wants to be assured verbally and physically as well?

It is very rare to find men who are passionate and romantic in Malaysia. Gifts and token of appreciation are hard to come by. Unless they want something from the ladies… romance is as good as dead.

I am not quite sure why foreign authors painted Malaysian men as virile as well. In Harlequin Presents, especially, Malaysian men are painted as dark, brooding, handsome and a bomb in bed. Their erections are often described as long, and hard as well as thick, and they put their ladies’ pleasure before theirs when they performed in bed. And I find it rather hilarious that these authors thought that it is all right for PDA in Malaysia.

Some are authors are worst off…they thought Malaysian men, are somewhat orgasm machine. Sometimes, I really do have to laugh at these foreign author’s writing. Pretty exaggerating and far-fetch if you ask me. I wonder if they ever came to Malaysia in the first place, as for what it’s worth, in their mind, Malaysian national food is some exotic satay and kebabs. Don’t they do their homework? Geez! πŸ™

Most foreign authors thought that Malaysia itself is an exotic place, full of exotic and erotic people. Full or romantic men, and beautiful, passionate women who are submissive and willing to surrender their heart, body and soul between the sheets.

Harlequin books got me speechless, sometimes. They painted Malaysia so beautiful and liberated. Too beautiful that I feel ashamed that as Malaysian, I did nothing to promote my own country.

Perhaps I should do something about it and start writing some romance crap with Malaysian setting as well? I think at least I would be able to describe things better. Way better…. if I lie to myself and pretend that I am a foreigner, that is.

Cleffairy: Malaysia is beautiful. But the people who makes it goes is not.


  1. Caroline says:

    hmmm.. what can i say.. but agree with u that “ladies wants to be assured verbally and physically as well”. so far, guys that i know are all quite romantic aye! πŸ˜› but yes, they take things for granted MOST of the times. urgh~ hate it.

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… those men are not married yet, no? You wait la… marry d… passion, romance, sweet kisses, all fly out of the windows and beyond. LMAO… OK.. I shouldn’t scare you. You’re single. LOL…

        • Cleffairy says:

          Aiks, Carol darling, you not yet sleep? LOL… yesh! I found one more kaki!

          LOL… not everybody are lovey dovey like that. My mum and dad are still lovey dovey…til make me wanna puke! πŸ˜› And I’m still very playful with my husband as well. But I see, for most couple…romance…kinda faded after married. Couples no longer make efforts to romance each other, just because they’re married. They kinda feel it’s not a necessity anymore.

          • Caroline says:

            after this reply, i’ll make sure i sleep. tell u i really regret for taking nap after dinner and its like for 3 hours. haha yup not all lar, like my aunt n her hubby, like no romance at all, sometimes ppl tot how come dey can be wit each other n not lovey dovey?! can u imagine dey less talk n just care about work n the kids without really spend time together? weirdo! ba i go oi oi 1st.

            • Cleffairy says:

              LOL… you’re also a vamp? Good grief, don’t be like me. I memang gila wan… you better get some sleep, girl. Yes.. very true. Not all couple are lovey dovey. My mum and dad are lovey dovey that’s it’s sickening and embarrassing at times, while some other couples I know, are just dead lame boring!

  2. ericlee says:

    HUH? is this a joke or what? Long and hard? exotic place? Probably if you look into certain parts…erotic? probably too seeing that we have so many rape and incest case out here…not to mentioned those unreported ones, we are like having one rape case on papers per day…probably these foreign authors perception towards Malaysian is just like how we Malaysians have certain perception over Western people..false in many ways that is..LOL

    I admit I sometimes have problem remembering dates…LOL heck, I dun even remember my parent’s hp no…and this not only happens here in Malaysia, in other countries as well..LOL don’t get me wrong, I think a lot of Caucasian flirts with asian women because asian women are easier to be swayed by them..most asian women will not reject an advance from caucasian right? but i agree that we have more male chauvinist here…

    haha and I also wonder why they never get datukship…Shah Rukh Khan dun even promote Malaysia that way and he get a dumb Datukship…makes our title looks cheap..there are many other foreigners who promote Malaysia way better than Shah Rukh Khan…in Hong Kong, a TVB drama promotes the beauty of Sabah and Jessicca Alba promoting Sarawak in one of her old movies…

    • ericlee says:

      GUYS are not the only one ungrateful k? LOL most girls do something for them, they expect better from you next time without knowing the limit.

      Happen to me before. I purposely put aside my assignments and stuff to go back KL from Johor to find my ez…at first she said it was sweet…then after the third time, she have the nerve to say “So? What’s the big deal about it?” =_____=

      Same goes for many things I did for her which many guys wouldn’t even do and she never did…hahaha so it is not only guys k? LOL

      • Cleffairy says:

        Aiyerr…. so cacat wan, this thing…reply under the thread, appear elsewhere. Ish! Screw this template!

        True… I know not all guys are ungrateful. Some guys are very grateful and such a darling.

        Do you believe in Ying and Yang? Balance? Bad girls always get good guys, and good guys always get good girls. I find this quite true most of the times.

        When guys do things for some girls, they don’t appreciate it… while other girls who are unfortunate enough not to have such guys… dun get such care and attention.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Kakakakkaka…. no… not a joke, though today is April’s Fool. LOL…I’m not quite sure why, but I’ve been reading those mushy, brainless craps lately, and I found that these foreign authors really have romantic illusion about not only Malaysian men, but Arabian men as well. They thought Malaysian men are exotic and very, very good in bed. The way they describe Malaysian men, is enough to bring colours to one’s cheeks. It really made me wonder if they ever visit Malaysia. And yes, of course… everyone seems to think that the grass is greener elsewhere.

      Home sweet home for me, though I often critisize Malaysia, cuz I know that those mat salleh are not as good as they’re pictured on the Tv and whatnot as well. Chauvinists are everywhere. Not just Malaysia… I’m aware of that. Caucasians are good? Not really… I know that too… but I didn’t critisize them specifically here, cuz I am a Malaysian woman, and I have no acquaintance with any Caucasian men. Ahahaha… not quite fair to condemn people whom I dunno, no?

      Kakakakaka… I half expected you to bring up the datukship. Yes, indeed… it’s indeed a wonder why they were not conferred any Datukship or award for promoting our country. No joke wan… if you read some of these ‘Seduction Guaranteed’ books… they pictured Malaysia like some sort of paradise-a heaven on earth. Amazing…though untrue, it is enough to make people wanna visit Malaysia out of curiousity!

  3. manglish says:

    well except for the weather i would think that msia is quite exotic and the ppl too….hehehehe….ohhh in case u didnt notice i am a malaysian man = =lll

    • Cleffairy says:

      Harlequin Presents. Click the link above, or you find their ebooks to download. I never actually buy any in Malaysia, but I download the ebooks version from the net.

  4. suituapui says:

    Reminds me of my class the other day – somebody wanted to rephrase: “He prayed for strength” as in inner strength and she changed it to “He prayed for virility!!!” Muahahahaha!!!!

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