Malaysian Owned Company Made A Mark In The Future of Blockchain Technology Through ‘The Future of Blockchain Industry Forum


A Malaysian owned company, Ledgit made its mark in the digital ledger in economic transactions industry by organising ‘The Future of Blockchain Industry Forum’. The forum held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre,
aimed to educate public on the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrency
technology. Officiated by the CEO of Ledgit, Mr Ivan Ku, the event was attended by more than 1000 participants.

A panel of notable international speakers were invited to speak and discuss on multiple topics including the future, evolution and the growth of the industry. The existence of blockchain technologies such as IE and Bitcoin have created a platform for the global public to grow digital assets and wealth.

The emergence of the new
technology has also benefited global financial market by adapting new ways to invest, facilitate peer to peer electronic cash transactions and more importantly for the betterment of financial ecosystem.

“The forum focuses on educating the public about blockchain and what are
expected in the future and in turn, fully utilize the technology for various purposes. Not only that, we are delighted to organise this event as a platform to engage with the public and dispel the myths of the industry as a whole,” CEO of Ledgit, Mr Ivan
Ku expressed.

Blockchain technology is often connotated with investment and financial understandings. Nonetheless, Ledgit is stepping up the game by bringing solutions to diverse areas such as specialising in product provenance and family lineages through blockchain and smart apps technology.

“We have cordially invited distinguished speakers and industry experts from the
Middle East and China to share their knowledge and experiences with everyone here today. Thus, we are hoping that the attendees will have a chance to understand the industry from different angles and perspectives. The panels are from diverse backgrounds and have been in the business for years; hence, possess a strong fundamental in this industry. By acknowledging such fast-moving digital trends, business owners and consumers will be able to utilize this platform that has a
tremendous growth potential in various industries,” he added.


The panel of international speakers include Mr Fengsen, the Founder of Blockhong and Deputy Secretary General of World Blockchain Institute (China), Mr. Mark Pui, Blockchain Investment Guru (Malaysia), Mr Lurion Yee, Founder of SEDA (Malaysia), Mr. Yao Han Lim, CEO of Blockchain Games Company (Malaysia), Ms
Jia Nina, Marketing Director of Blockchain Games Company (Malaysia) and Ms Saba Harati, Researcher of Blockchain Games Company (Iran).

Ledgit utilises the blockchain technology “Smart Contracts” and integrates with the “Smart Application” to provide a platform of high transparency, precise provenance,
legitimacy and efficiency across the origins in two aspects which are the products’ provenance in supply chain and family lineages and cultures while also allowing this information to be passed on to future generations.

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