Zeeta Sets to Inspire Women in Malaysia Through PIBF& The Face of Zeeta

Have you heard of Zeeta? If you haven’t heard of it, Zeeta is a well known Malaysian homegrown skincare brand founded by Ms.Zaiti Nordin, a strong woman with eyes for business. While Zeeta is well established in Malaysia, Ms.Zaiti aspire to spread her wings higher in South East Asia.


Here’s woman behind Zeeta, Ms. Zaiti Nordin; from top, left.

Among Zeeta’s more popular products are:

* Facial serum
* Bathing salt
* Day cream
* Night cream
* Facial cleanser
* Body scrub
* Feminine wash
* Rose Face Serum


And here’s one of their signature product, the Rose Face Serum that has been a rage in Malaysia for so many years among beauty and skincare enthusiasts.

Having met Ms. Zaiti personally, what impresses me about her is that she does not just keep her entrepreneurial knowledge to herself, but she’s all about giving back to the society. Manisfesting her aspiration to inspire women in Malaysia, Ms. Zaiti supports PIBF (Program Insentif Business Founder), a program through which Ms. Zaiti Nordin shares her knowledge and resources while encouraging the involvement of Malaysian women from all walks of life to become successful entrepreneurs.


The launching of PIBF and The Face of Zeeta 2018 Finale recently in Ancasa Hotel&Spa Kuala Lumpur.

The first batch of the program was participated by 15 participants. After the program, the participants continued to be guided for 3 months and 5 of the participants successfully launched their brands and products after only 4 months. Definitely an impressive achievement, I must say.


Here’s featuring the ladies who successfully founded their own products:

* Nida Hashim – the founder of LYPSYNC, a brand that sells various kinds of lipbalms.

* Syamira Sabudin – the founder of BAMBALM, with 9 types of babu balms – Happy Tummy, Bugs Off, Kids Chest Rub, Baby Chest Rub, Immunity Booster,
Calming, Skin Rub, Focus Balm and Sweet Sleep.

*Reen Dzakrin on the other hand came up with her own brand of custom made clothing and hijabs.

* Intan Nazirah –  Founder of Pure Darling, producing soaps that are made from stingless bee’s honey.

Nor Diana – Founder of Ann Dee, which specializes in scrubs, and offering 3 types of scrubs, which is for Slimming, Moisturizing and Relaxing respectively.

This program has been fully supported by:

* Tekun
* Jabatan Pembangunan Wanita
* TV Wanita
* Majalah Hijab Fesyen
* Ancasa Hotel & Spa Kuala Lumpur
* Richnine Resources Sdn Bhd.


Apart from PIBF, Zeeta also aim to inspiring young and talented women through their Face of Zeeta competition; where young women gathers and compete to showcase their talents achievements. The winner of the competition will then proceed to be Zeeta’s icon for their winning year.


The winner for the Face of Zeeta 2018.

Winner for The Face of Zeeta 2018: Siti Nor Syahira bt Nor Azam with Nurzubilah Aterah bt Rahmat in second place and Amirah Mahirah bt Adam coming on third. More than just a pretty face, these ladies aims to inspire and empower the women in Malaysia through their wisdom and knowledge.

Zeeta has definitely came up with plenty of initiative to empower women and Malaysia, and will continue to do so in the coming years. As a woman myself, I’m happy that there’s programs like this to help us improve ourselves and achieve our dreams. It is not an easy journey but I can at least be assured that there’s strong women like Ms. Zaiti who will be our backbone and lifting us up when we decided to embark on a journey to a successful business ahead.

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