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It’s pretty much sizzling hot these days in Malaysia, and I find it affecting my mood in a rather negative ways. Well, don’t blame me. I think a lot people gets irritated easily when they are under the weather. Lucky for me, though, there is a sweet way to combat the heat; indulging in the sweet gelatos.

Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream, derived from the Latin word “gelātus” (meaning frozen). In English this word commonly refers to varieties of ice cream made in a traditional Italian style. Gelato can be made with milk, cream, various sugars, and flavoring such as fresh fruit and nut purees. It is generally lower in calories, fat and sugar than ice cream.

There’s plenty of cafes selling gelato in Kuala Lumpur, but I find most of it are rather pricey.

 photo IMG_20150316_121128_zpsnsh5r3rg.jpg

But I suppose, the gelato prices in Mammamia, Quill City Mall is still pretty much reasonable.

 photo IMG_20150316_121524_zps01io5loj.jpg

It costs RM7.90 per small scoop.

 photo IMG_20150316_121517_zpsvw9k5gfp.jpg

And RM11.90 for two scoops of same flavour or two different flavours.

 photo IMG_20150316_121328_zpswf1akfx8.jpg

Mammamia have a generous selection of gelato, but below is some of their bestsellers:

– Kitkat
– Ferrero Rocher
– Kinder Bueno
– Kinder Joy
– M&M
– Smarties
– Snickers
– Nutella
– Milo
– Bacio (chocolate-hazelnut)
– Pistachio
– Hazelnut
– Durian
– Mango
– Yogurt flavor
– Cheese Cake flavor

 photo IMG_20150316_121552_zpshbjqtd0d.jpg

Apart from gelato, Mammamia is also selling ice cream cakes, 1kg of ice cream cake for RM85.

 photo IMG_20150316_122357_zpsiuwiljwy.jpg

I managed to try two flavours the other day when I was there. ‘Strawberry Yogurt’ flavoured gelato and ‘Lemon’ flavoured gelato. Surprisingly, I find the lemon flavoured one is much more refreshing and pleasant in comparison to the sweet strawberry yogurt flavour.

I’ll be going back for more and if you ever drop by Quill City Mall, you may want to give Mammamia a try.


Lot 2-03, Second Floor
Quill City Mall

Contact: 03 2602 2470

Business hour: 10am to 10pm

More information on Quill City Mall, do hop over to their website here;

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