MaTiC Street Art Festival 2015, Fun Filled Weekend For The Whole Family

I’m living in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, and there is plenty of happening events going on during the weekends. You may or not realized it, but the bustling city got more to offer than just the iconic twin towers.

MOTAC, the Ministry of Tourism and Culture has made a lot of effort to promote domestic travel, and one of it was the MaTic Street Art Festival 2015.

 photo 20151107_161021_zps6ryadd0o.jpg

MaTic Street Art Festival 2015 was a two day street art festival, held on 6th and 7th November 2015 at MaTic Jalan Ampang, celebrating all thing artsy, including street sports and fashion show.

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Street art in the form of mural is seen in the vicinity of the festival ground. One thing interesting about this mural wall is that visitors could not only take a picture with the mural as a backdrop, but could also contribute to it by drawing whatever they like on the mural wall. Art is definitely subjective. By the time my family and I visited, there was already so many things drawn onto it.

 photo 20151107_161248_zpszlllffla.jpg

Street soccer. 

 photo 20151107_161453_zpsi23kj7qt.jpg

Visitors could try their hands…or legs at landing a goal or two at the street soccer section.

 photo 20151107_163517_zpsxba4nzsm.jpg

Live music by local busking group can be heard throughout the entire festival.

 photo 20151107_181610_zpsig9z5jln.jpg

And where there is street music, there is of course, street dance.

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And what’s a Malaysian festival without food? Malaysian is well known for their love for food, and foodtrucks selling all sort of delicious street food could be seen neatly lining up at MaTic Street Art Festival 2015 for all to enjoy.

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Hungry visitors lining up to buy food from the food trucks.

Friendly foodtrucker spotted.

 photo 20151107_164006_zpsifjwerrg.jpg

Favourite streetfood like assorted fried fishballs on sticks

 photo IMG-20151108-WA0001_zpswpouwge6.jpg

Keropok lekor from Terengganu (traditional fish sausages) is spotted.

 photo IMG-20151108-WA0002_zpswdifgtwm.jpg

Delicious fluffy homemade buns and curry chicken.

 photo IMG-20151108-WA0007_zpszfjn81l3.jpg

Fat, juicy chicken sausages

 photo IMG-20151108-WA0008_zpspvva8seb.jpg

Chicken Mandy rice

 photo IMG-20151108-WA0032_zpspvpfaw0z.jpg

Freshly prepared lasagna

 photo 20151107_164329_zpszv0kvrrq.jpg

Unlike most food festival I’ve been to where the price practically cuts your throat, the food price over here at the MaTic Street Art Festival 2015 is pretty much reasonable and competitive.

 photo 20151107_163829_zpsavbjeqvr.jpg

Apart from food, assorted drinks and desserts were sold at the food truck section too.

 photo IMG-20151108-WA0025_zpsmjgvwoss.jpg

Ice cream cones can be enjoyed at as low as RM1. Amazing, don’t you think.

 photo 20151107_171837_zpsiwyj5nr3.jpg

Apart from being a foodie heaven, MaTic Street Art Festival 2015 also celebrates the glory of local fashion industry where 4 local designers collaborated to showcase their collections on stage.

 photo 20151107_173532_zpsosg8negg.jpg

Spotted at MaTic Street Art Festival 2015; Designer Kos Serani with Mr.Planet 2015 finalists lining up behind him. Picture was taken before the fashion show that night.

 photo 20151107_182836_zpsumwve8cw.jpg

The fashion show did not start until 9.30pm, so we walked around and took the opportunity to snap pictures around, and interestingly enough, we discovered a new animation theme park, MAPs will be opening in Ipoh next year, and their mascots were spotted walking around, obliging the adoring fans for a picture or two.
 photo IMG_267431396235449_zpsu1jdkh5p.jpeg

As the night falls, the centre stage started to heat up when the emcee announced that there will be performances and whatnot.

 photo IMG_267011350595963_zpszxhohnbr.jpeg

We were then entertained by various local artists. Here’s lovely Ana Rafali, serenading to us.

 photo IMG_267039960930580_zps1rsac5zt.jpeg

Talented Nadia Johari performing.

 photo 20151107_212319_zps3dg0c2go.jpg

And highlight of the night, the showcasing of street wear collection, by talented local designers, Kos Serani, Qif Alvarez, Qamel Ayub & Butik UA.

I always look forward to spend a fun filled weekend with both my husband and son. I don’t know how it is like for everyone else but to me, nothing beats spending quality time with our family after working hard during the weekdays and MaTic Street Art Festival 2015 was definitely worth spending our time at.


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