McDonalds KL Central- The Worst McDonald Franchise

McDonalds KL Central-Provides horrible service and worst food quality control. The crew came with an attitude too.

It almost killed me to write this article and publish it in my blog. I hate writing about something that will cause trouble or disciplinary action to others as a result of my writing, however, this time, I ought to make exception for this, as it would kill me more if I don’t write about a subject that I felt so strongly about. It concern my blood pressure as well as the image of my country, considering which McDonalds franchise that’s been giving poor service to the consumer all this while.

Which McDonalds franchise gives bad service and poor impression to the customers, you ask me? Why, it’s McDonalds KL Central-one stop place for people around Malaysia and across the globe to perch on and have a good meal or two before they ride their trains to their destination. Most patrons are locals, but do keep in mind that there are good numbers of foreigners and tourist too, as KL Central is also a station that provide commuting service to Kuala Lumpur International Airport(KLIA). It’s such a shame that a franchise that cater most local and foreign diners provides the poorest service in comparison to other McDonalds franchise in Malaysia. McDonalds KL Central is the worst I’ve ever patronize before. The crew are not well trained and have the manners that would put a swearing sailor to shame.

Ladies and gentleman, this is not an advertorial, mind you. I would love to do advertorial for McDonalds if I’m given a chance to do so, as I truly love the product and I definitely support the cause of charity that comes along with it when you buy their food. I myself have been a supporter of Gift of Smile all these while. I love to eat the food and do charity at the same time.

But unfortunately, this is purely criticism and complain. Yes, I am complaining here, on the service and the food provided by McDonalds KL Central. I would not complain if it’s my first time being unsatisfied and angered by McDonalds KL Central crews’ service, but this is the third time the crews on duty made my blood boil. This is it, my patience finally wears off.

I’m lovin it’, is a slogan used by McDonalds Restaurants to attract consumers to buy their product. Yes, yours truly has come to love their fast food products, and McDonalds has always been my favourite place to get some fast food while commuting from KL Central to KLIA, but I’m not sure if I would want to stop by McDonalds KL Central anymore after this. It’s not only frustrating, but completely waste of time and money to eat at McDonalds KL Central. The service are unsatisfactory, and their attitude disgust me. What’s worst, the food have no quality control as well too.

My first horrifying experience in KL Central was last year, somewhere in March, around 10.30pm. I just arrived from KLIA, and after a long and tiring flight, I saw McDonalds is still open, and I was hoping to get a good rest and fast food. But I was wrong, this is where the crew on duty took wrong orders from me, and refused to acknowledge the mistake.

I still remember that I ordered a set of large Chicken Foldover. Instead of giving me the product that I ordered, the crew on duty gave me Big Mac instead. I do not even eat meat to begin with, and I’m more than sure that I did not tell her that I wanted a Big Mac. Why would I order a Big Mac when I do not take meat? When the food is served, I told her that she took the wrong order. But instead of apologizing, she insisted that I ordered what she brought to me. She shouted at me and demanded that I was the wrong. My, my, such manners. Is this the way you’re supposed to treat your customers? In food service industry, it is basic knowledge that you do not shout and go berserk at your customer. Besides, I cannot comprehend how she could take my order wrongly when the restaurant is almost empty? I would understand if she heard wrongly if there are crowds and loud noises, but it was not crowded and definitely not noisy at that moment.

And so, I took a complain form, and complain about it. But it seems that no one acknowledge my complaints at all, as there’s no feedback for my complaints. Fine, I let it off that time. No point in making mountain out of molehill. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who experience the same thing in that franchise. I made no further complaints after that, hoping that they would improvise on their service and attitude.

But I was wrong about them improvising their service, as again, somewhere during the end of February this year, again,tired and hungry, I went to McDonalds KL Central after commuting from KLIA to get some Spicy Chicken McDeluxe. This time, they did not take the wrong order, and I thought it’s safe to applaud them for their service, but no, they found better way to anger me again. This time, they made me wait for almost 45 minutes for the bloody Spicy Chicken McDeluxe burger while I amuse myself STANDING at the counter, watching the crew chatting and joking around with each other. (It was night again, and there are not much patrons at that time as well)

My goodness, I thought the crew are paid to work, not to chat with one another to their heart content. And as far as I’m concern, McDonalds restaurant nationwide had set the standard that food should be served to the customer within 60 seconds, and if the food is still in preparation process, the crew in charge is supposed to politely inform the customer to wait and take a seat while waiting for the order. I was rudely ignored when I was waiting for my orders, and the crew in charge had no courtesy to even tell me to have a seat while waiting for my order while she flirt with a handsome foreign patron and treat him like a God with her broken English. He was given a small paper cup containing beverage and was courteously told to have a seat while waiting for his order. I was aghast to see that different treatment was given to the handsome foreign chap. So I thought, perhaps it’s because I am a local, so she did not give me the same treatment. What’s more, I’m probably not attractive enough to receive the same treatment.

Angry, I stood aside by the counter and watched the crews’ attitude and bahaviour towards the customer. I had initially thought that they only treat locals like the local customers are no importance, but again, I was wrong. Enter a dark middle east man. He was also made to stand at the counter while waiting for his orders, and was rudely told off when he gets rather impatient while waiting for the order. He must be not appealing enough to be treated like the handsome white man, I suppose. I came to realize that McDonalds KL Central treats the customer based on the way they’re dressed and their skin colour. Isn’t this a form of gender and racial discrimination?

When I thought nothing else could go wrong during this particular visit, the order came in after a long wait, and to my chagrin, my Spicy Chicken McDeluxe was overly done. It was definitely more than crispy. It’s hard rock and hard to bite, and the patty had lost it’s juicy and tender texture. And to my disgust, the lettuce that was used for the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe was not fresh and has already darken. My fries, needless to say, does not have the standard French fries quality at all. The fries was also hard, as a result of over frying it. Where is the quality control? These McDonalds’ crews are not doing justice to the brand!

Do I need to say that the poor food quality is as a result of the crews’ carelessness and their unprofessional attitude while working? So this time, I asked for the manager so that I could complain, but the staff told me off rudely when I said I want to make complains, and informed me that their manager has went back home. Again, I lodge my complain using the complain form provided, and of course, I get no feedback from their PR personnel again. I’m not surprised, they probably threw away every single complain forms submitted to them, anyway.

Now, let’s talk about my recent visit to McDonalds KL Central. I should have known better to find somewhere else to eat after all that I have been put through by this franchise’s crew. It was two days ago, 9th December 2008, approximately at 10.00pm and at counter two. A Malay lady donning a black colour headscarf was in charge of taking my other half’s order. I was too tired to order the food this time, half expecting that they will make me angry with either their attitude, or poor service again. I took a seat, and watched them taking my husband’s order wryly.

My husband was made to wait very long for the orders, and was not told to have a seat while waiting. The crew rudely ignored him when he asked when the order food will be done. Fine, nothing new in that. I experienced the same thing earlier this year. Nothing changed or improved in that department. After watching him wait for the food for about 20 minutes, he paid for the food, and the crew in charge, the young Malay girl in headscarf gave him the wrong amount of balance, insisting that she has return the correct amount of money, and refused to even check the cash registry records when she was requested to do so.

We would have just let her off if she acknowledge her mistake and apologize, but no, she insisted that she was right. Not only that, she rudely told him off and called him a cheater and a liar. Wow, who she think she is to behave that way to a customer? She’s supposed to apologize when yshe’se in the wrong, but no, she not only refused to apologize, but she scolded the customer loudly and humiliate the customer, in public, no less. Talk about mood and attitude!

Angry beyond words, we requested the Manager on Duty to come ask the crew in question to apologize to us for her mistake and for raising her voice to my husband. The Manager on Duty came out after a while and attend to us. However, he did not comply with our request, and only thought we’re concern about the money. Excuse me, I wouldn’t care if they do not return the correct balance.

All I want is some respect from the crew, and I want them to apologize and acknowledge their mistake when they made one. But no, he only offered us a drink halfheartedly to compensate for our troubles. Excuse me, sir, are customers so cheap that you could cool down their anger and dissatisfaction with a glass of coke? Things doesn’t work that way for us. All we want is respect and proper conduct by the crew. Knowing that there’s no use talking to people who do not care for the customers, we left.

I would have jot down the crew and the Manager on duty’s name, however, the name tag was not properly worn to be seen by people. I suppose they purposely wear it that way so that no one could lodge any complains against them. Knowing that there must be a frame that hold up ‘crew of the month’ pictures and name somewhere, I went to search for it. I manage to find it hung up in a small corner of the restaurant, only to notice that there’s only pictures of the crew, and no names whatsoever were on display. So I decided, if I couldn’t make them apologize for their mistake or even improvise, I ought to let my readers know what to expect when they patronize McDonalds KL Central.

I even took the picture of the rude lady in question so that you would know that this is the one who will probably give you the same treatment as she did my husband. Below is the picture of her from different angle, trying as hard as she could to avoid my camera lense, but failed.

Above is the picture of the crew in question. The girl who donned the black headscarf.

Side view of the crew in question.

Another side view of the crew in question. I notice that she was trying to hide from my lenses. Even then she did not come to her senses to apologize to us. She should have known better. Does rude behaviour and attitude brings you benefit, anyway?

It’s such a shame that a McDonald that’s situated in a place where the daily patrons are not only locals, but loads of international patrons as well have the worst crew with nasty attitudes. Not to mention that there’s lack quality control while preparing for food. Such thing not only would spoil the brand, but also tarnish Malaysian good image in the eyes of foreigners and tourist. What would tourists and foreigners say when they encounter such thing in KL Central, their second stop in Malaysia after their flight from KLIA? They would definitely have the impression that the rest of us Malaysians are impolite, rude, unethical and comes with nasty attitudes. People like these are tarnishing the good image of our country. Please put a stop to this.

Cleffairy: I’m lovin’ it? Other McDonalds restaurants, yes, I love em, but definitely not McDonalds KL Central. I loathe and despise it.

Do note that I’ll be carbon copying this article to The Star, The Sun as well as the McDonalds email as well. If the editors find poor service in renowned fast food restaurant is an issue, they are free to edit and publish this as they saw fit. I do not mind, as long as my complaints are heard. Put a stop to poor service, please. Dear readers, please feel free to share your experience with any McDonalds that gives you similar experience. Hopefully, they would improvise.


  1. neigi says:

    you know what actually mcd kl sentral is good in services…
    because every times thet i come there i always get a good service…
    who the one says that mcd kl sentral is the bad store…
    that was and idiot comment i’ve ever hear…
    actually you was lying there is no way…
    you waiting a single burger for a 45 minutes…
    as i know crew always tell me that i need to wait about 4 minutes…
    thats was a big mistakes that what u try too complaint…
    try too investigated more…if u want… complaint…
    because u look idiot with that complaint…

    • Keith says:

      neigi, mistyiera:
      As a by-stander, I highly suspect your credibility,are you the crew that was in the article?

      Personally I’ve had numerous encounters of such kind at various McD outlets, among the worse, KL sentral, KLIA(surprisingly, for a supposedly international outlet), Uptown Centre Point, Mutiara Damansara (now closed).

      Being an avid fast-food lover means going to fastfood outlets often (unfortunately McD’s being one of them) and when i just want food, being scoffed at/replied with an eye roll/having ketchup(since they only provide chili sauce by default at drive through windows, or should they?) thrown into my take-away bag is simply the last thing on my mind.

      Now, if you know me at all you’d know that i’m all for manners and decency. That means having proper manners is something i’m proud of myself.That said, I don’t raise my voice at people, especially those that are going to prepare my food. Plus there’s no reason for me to do so.

      Thus, out of nowhere, comes all these tantrums from these unsuspecting employees, what a let down. After so much disappointments, I finally gave up.

      I’m glad to say, now that Burger King’s got more outlets around PJ area, I’m getting all my burgers there, or anywhere else, I don’t mind at all. If I’d need to drive further, so be it. If i’d need to wait longer, so be it. If I’d have to go into a shopping mall just for a burger,even when there’s a Mc Donald’s nearby, so be it.I’d rather drop by 7-11 for some plain bread nowadays than going to any of these I’m-loving-it-outlets and tainting my mood.

      All of you at Mc Donald’s headquaters/outlets, change your attitudes or prepare to change your line of work, that way, no customers have to suffer anymore from these aggressions you’re so accustomed to lobbing at them.

      Strong words? Not really. My advice to Mc Donald’s management people, take a day off, visit any one of these outlets annonymously. I promise you an eye opening experience.

      Sorry that I went ranting on in your blog like this, but i find us sharing the same sentiment when it comes to loving-it, and we felt it strongly.

  2. mistyiera says:

    i felt sorry bout everything happen 2 u..
    frm wat im thinking,sumtimes we cannot put all blames to e mgmnt…
    maybe they edy trained all the crew wif e correct way but 4 ur information not all of the mcdonalds crew r well educated and most of them are school leaver waiting for their result and also ‘makcik2’.
    but if u said dat u’re waiting 45min for chicken mcdeluxe ,i’ll say it’s ridiculous. cooking time for chicken mcdeluxe its only 8 to 9min..
    i’m ex-crew in 1 of e mcdonalds..i do know how long its will take to cook chicken mcdeluxe patties.
    its true sumtimes we cannot gave u e best service and coz of dat u’ll will comparing us wif other fast food restaurant. okay i want 2 ask u sumtin…frm wat u can see others fast food rest are not receive the same amount of customer as mcdonalds receive am i right????
    u know why?? coz mcdonalds is e best fast food rest ever…
    we edy been trained dat customers are no 1,but sumtime customers are too over….
    i would like to give sum suggestion,hw bout u try 2 be mcd crew,fell wat they felt…been scold wif drunk customers..i bet dat even u can stand it..

  3. cleffairy says:

    Mistyiera, first of all, I would like to thank you for dropping by. Since this is the third feedback that’s defending McD Kl Central in particular, I’ve received AFTER 11 days of my publication on how horrible is McD KL Central’s Service is, I can now safely conclude that my article is highlighted by McD HQ. Okay, let me eloborate, perhaps I am not being particularly clear and iI have failed to highlight certain matters in my article.

    1. I do not blame the management fully for the attitude of the servicing cashiers, as I blame the attitude of the cashiers in particular. McD KL Central is by far the worst McD I’ve ever patronize, and no, I am not saying all McD’s gives bad service. The one nearby my home, Gombak McD deserve a 5 star for their service, and I have always wonder how one McD could differ with another in terms of service and quality. Who is it to blame for the lack of quality control? The management? Or the negative attitudes and work ethics of the person itself?

    2. McD is an international franchise. Why hire the ones who lack intercommunication skill and put them in servicing line instead of the kitchen? And as far as I am concern, most McD that I patronize do not hire makcik-makcik. They are mostly school leavers who could be taught proper manners and intercommunication skill. What does this prove? Refusing to learn and hold their tongue in front of the customer when they are wrong? i honestly would let this off if they apologized in the first place, but does SHOUTING RUDELY in public to the customers justify their lack of passion for their job or their fatigue? Do you honestly think it is justified?

    3. I did not say I waited for 45 minutes. I mentioned in my article that I waited for ALMOST 45 minutes. I know that in order to prepare a burger it would take less than 10 minutes, but did you know that the person in charge actually FORGOT THAT I ORDERED the burger in question? it is not that they take 45 minutes to prepare the burger, but THEY FORGOT that I have paid and was still waiting for the burger.Oh, my, did I mentioned that they took 45 minutes to prepare it? No, they did not take 45 minutes to prepare it, but they forgot to hand over my order after the burger was prepared. So, you’re saying? Even then they made a face when I requested for my order. Again, they were rude and refuse to acknowledge their mistake. That was the second time I went there with bad experience, and I let them off. But I have to say, things does not improve much even after one year.

    4. I beg to differ. I did not see any difference in how many customers MCD received. i am not ignorant. There’s burger king, The Chicken Rice Shop as well as KFC in KL Central. I’ve seen them attend to vast amount of customers and so far I haven’t seen them lack in terms of service or being particularly rude to customers. I’ve patronize KFC KL Central once, and like McD, they are also quite slow in preparing the food, however, they do not behave over the line til they scolded the customers. they apologize and they acknowledge their mistake. I’m sorry, who said McD is the best fast food ever? As far as i am concern, McD is still competing with other fast food outlet in the terms of service and quality control.

    5. I’ve been in servicing line, and I’ve deal with rude and ignorant customers every day, probably more worst than McD. But i have never raised my voice to my clients. So… are you saying that if you’re tired, and you’ve been scold by drunk customers, it’s okay to shout to your customers even when they talked to you politely to ask what they have ordered? If a person thinks that way, they might as well pack up their stuff and get a job that does not require an intercommunication skill instead. Are you here to justify rudeness out of tiredness? It seems to me that people are still not learning from their mistake, what’s more acknowledging it.

  4. arc says:

    SIs Cleff, Im on your side. It’s no use I posted that ‘Consumerisme’ if I am to be on their side, right?

    To defenders:
    If all of you can show me which working ethics that u hv been practising, and allowing workers to shout, and blame at customers, I will consider to pull back my statement. Make sure it is a printed 1. For sure, there’s none right? Only assholes dont have that common sense.

    Why la both of u remain anonymous? What {balls} mean to u?

    If workers have the right to scold customer, wahh then what are we? animal, that u can shout to ur feeling ah? Then should we create a new job here in McD: Customer Shouter ?


  5. cleffairy says:

    Arc… I’ve been in servicing line on and off, but i dare not shout at my clients(my husband’s) cuz without them, there’ll be no food on the table for my family. Tiredness cannot justify bad and rude behaviour. That’s in work ethics. But with such response from McD staff, I’m really saddened, because I see that poor service will still be mediocre, and there’s no chance of improvement-with all the “Why should I care? I’m just working to earn my salary” attitude.

  6. Garfield says:

    KL Sentral McD is well known for its bad services and bad behavior to their clients,

    when they did mistakes, they never even say the word “sorry” although it is very obvious it is their mistake.

    KL Sentral McD has tarnish the good name of McD excellent customer services attitude as this branch’s ppl are rude!

  7. Johan dari Aber says:

    Maybe it was late and you were tired and did not realize that you actually ordered a Big Mac!
    Maybe that the way you speak sounded differently to the particular crew on duty! pull over and big match do sound sooo different..
    Maybe you did had your pull-over and then asked for Big just returned from somewhere you see..maybe you are hungry..
    Anyway dont ‘be mad at me…don’t take thing too still goes on whether McD is around or not..
    Have a break, have a kit cat..

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