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How do you usually spend your Saturdays and Sundays, folks? Well, I’m not sure how you spend your weekend, but I usually make a point to spend it with my family. Unfortunately for me, my husband is always busy these days, even on weekends, and so I thought, instead of rotting at home and feeling miserable on weekend because of lack of adult companionship, I’ll just go out and have some fun girlie time with my girlfriends instead 😛

And that’s just what I did last Saturday. I was invited to a tea-party by Method and I went there to have a blast with my girlfriends and their kids. My boy was excited about it too!


The tea-party was held in Micasa Suite hotel…in a hotel suite, to be exact,  is also a party that’s hosted to introduce Method products. To be honest, I was quite aghast to see that it’s hosted in a suite. Why? Well… that’s because I am a claustrophobic, and I can’t really cope with being in a confined place with so many people in it. But thank God, I managed and did not throw up or something. Now, if that happened and I really did puke, that would give Method something to really clean on! 😛

This is part of their presentation. LOL. A tad obscene…but I kinda get what they’re trying to get across. They’re trying to say that their products smell like heaven, and to a certain extend, I have to say that I agree with them. Some of their products do smell good.

One of my favourite product that day was this…


It was interesting to learn about how two innovative young men revolutionize the world of cleaning by creating this line of home cleaning products made of non-toxic and natural ingredients that cleans well.


And what’s an afternoon tea-party without games? There was a little treasure hunt where we’re supposed to hunt for method products in all the rooms in the suite. The lovely Charmaine here was one of the lucky winner. 😀

And great food, of course…

And being bloggers…camwhoring is a must. See the goodie bag Charmaine is holding? I got that too. We were given some products to try out, and I’ll let you know what I think about them soon. 😀 Can’t wait for my review but wanna know more about their products? Well, just hop over to Method Malaysia’s Facebook Page as well as their online store at





  1. Ciana says:

    Ah, I’ve seen this product before in Cold Storage. How is the fragrance? Is it strong or subtle to the nose?

    Yeah, I agree. The painting’s rather obscene, but I heard that it is Michelangelo’s masterpiece.

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