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A lot of parents control their children’s daily diet for various reasons. The reason that most often tops the list is health.

I know this because I’ve met a lot of parents during my son’s kindergarten open day. Usually, this topic will be on our chatting agenda whenever we talk about our children – apart of changing ideas on how we can get them to their homework and stuff. Many parents want to start it right. They want nothing but the best for their children and do their best to provide healthy and balanced meals for their children and most of the time, they ask their children not to take too many sweet food and sweet beverages.

But here’s a question for all parents to ponder… how exactly can concerned parents limit added sugar intake in our children’s daily diet when even their growing up milk powder can contain added sugars?

Yes. You’re reading that right. Did you know that most of the growing up milk that’s sold in the market contains a lot of added sugars? These growing up milk may claim to be specially formulated for our children’s mental and physical development, but most of them contain too much added sugars, which can be harmful to children’s health.

So, tell me… what’s the point of giving children a growing up milk that claims to contain 4 times more DHA than other brands and whatnot, when the milk powder in question contains so much added sugars? Many smart parents who want nothing but the best for their children during the crucial growing up years have caught on to this fact and have made a positive change to a healthier option. Just take a look at the testimonial video below. I am not the only parent who decided that we could do without the added sugars in our choice of growing up milk powder.

I can relate to these mummies as our aim is just the same. We want the best for our children during their growing up years. When I see the video above, I feel very happy that other parents are not compromising too when it comes to growing up milk either. It is really good to know that I am not alone and I’m making the right decision.

We chose Anmum Essential for our children because it contains absolutely no added sugars.. On top of that, it contains all the good nutrient for the brain development. And as a bonus, it tastes good too and you can always be sure our children won’t waste the milk and will drink it up to the last drop.

So far, the only milk powder that doesn’t contain any added sugar is Anmum Essentials.

Parents should be smart when choosing growing up milk powder for their children to drink. I chose Anmum Essential because it’s the best choice for my son. I agree with the mummies in the video. Why should we accept milk powder that claims to have specially formulated advanced nutrient for children’s mind and body when they contain such high levels of added sugars?

Since I changed my son’s growing up milk, I noticed quite a lot of difference in him. It’s such a big improvement from before and I bet Anmum Essential played some important role in his changes due to the fact that it contains absolutely no added sugars and all those nutrients needed for brain development.

Tell me, dear readers do you make an informed decision whenever you buy growing up milk for your children? Do you check the labels for expiry dates and nutrient contents? What growing up milk powder is your child using? Do you have any concerns about the growing up milk powder brand that you are currently using?

Do share with me. Don’t keep your concerns to yourself. I would appreciate it if you do. And yeah, before I forget, you also can share your parenting knowledge and your daily woes about your children’s diet with other concerned mums in Mums Know Best.

This is a great place for you to engage yourself with other parents about your concerns on nutrition for your growing up children. I know so cuz I’ve been there and I’ve obtained a lot of tips and tricks on parenting as well as providing the best for my sons diet.


    • Cleffairy says:

      Not all mums is always right lo. Some mum keep insist on doing things their ways even though it’s bad for the child… so not all mums is always right, and therefore, must also learn from other mums and listen to their opinions too.

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