My memory at Wheels – Disco Roller Skating Rink

The brain is an amazing thing. It is much better than the computer and it will not expire unless our body is expired or terribly damaged. You may not realize this, but a part of our brain keep some of our earliest memories from our childhood.

Do you remember what is your earliest memory? I do. My earliest memory was when I was 2 years old. It was vague, but it’s still a memory. It’s painted like a permanent picture in the gallery of my brain. It’s nothing spectacular. In fact, it’s rather mundane. Each time I try to recall my life when I was a child, the one with me sleeping in my father’s lap while nursing a bottle of milk will never fail to come to the surface. He sang a lullaby to me as I suckle on the bottle. The song was ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’. That was my earliest memory. Strange, isn’t it? A lot of people was in my life when I was a child, but my father seems to be the permanent fixture in my my memory.

I could remember him coming back from work, and I’d be screaming ‘Daddy’s home’ with sheer delight from the door while my mother carry me in her arms. I could also still remember my first time in kindergarten, my first day in school, my first bicycle ride, my first dentist visit… he was there…with me… while I was growing up.

I remembered a lot of things. Some of these memories with my father is so vivid and fresh that when I took some trips down the memory lane, it felt as if it was just yesterday.Some memories, however, were suppressed, and I could not remember it at all until I did something similar to trigger it.

The one with my father teaching me how to skate is one of those memories that I did not remember until I did something similar. I almost forget that I could actually skate until one day, the nice people from Hahah and The Wheels – Disco Roller Skating @ Subang Avenue invited me to have some fun in the skating rink before they open it to the public.

I was rather thrilled when I was invited to be among the first to experience a family friendly disco style skating rink, and therefore, I accepted their invitation with delight. I went there with my husband and son.

My father once brought me to a skating rink and taught me how to skate, and I thought, now, it is my turn to bring both my son and my husband to experience how liberating skating can be.

Upon arrival, my family was treated like a VIP, and we were even given a complimentary membership card that would entitled us to many privileges whenever we decide to skate at Wheels.

There’s a choice of inline skates…


Roller skates at your disposal…

More used to ice skating and inline skating, yours truly chose a rollerblade for her skating session instead of choosing the rollerskates. While her husband chose rollerskate as his poison. He said he can’t balance himself with those inline blades. ROFLOL.

The Wheels skating rink is a fun place to hang out with your family and friends. I wouldn’t exactly suggest you to bring your toddlers there, but kids 6 years above who is packed with adrenaline, couples with raging hormones, family who wants to escape a mundane routine would enjoy this funky place. It is fully air-conditioned…

And the skating rink was properly dimmed and disco lights were lighted u to make the entire place more funky and fun. The LED lights seems to dance merrily on the floor as the music from the 70s blast off in the air. One of the best feature of this rink is that there’s lanes for you to compete with you friends… or fiend… LOL.

This is a really neat skating rink, take it from me. Once a skater, will always be one… but an amateur like me would always require a rest every now and then while skating. (geez, I’m getting old… my stamina is not as good as when I was in my teens…) The platform above is for people who are tired of skating and would like to rest for a couple of minutes before skating to their heart’s content again.

The Wheels skating rink may look like it’s intended for professional skaters, with it’s dimmed lights and all, but believe me, it’s for everyone. If you’re a first timer, you don’t even have to worry about injuring yourself if you ever bang the wall while skating, as the place is properly padded. All safety precaution has been taken by the Wheels to ensure the safety of the skaters.

Wondering about the rate in the Wheels skating rink? Well, it’s as stated below. There’s price for normal skaters, Wheels members as well as Wheels VIPs. There’s also monthly entry pass for those avid skaters.

Do note that rental of roller skates or rollerblades are free of charge. This means you only need to pay for the entrance fee and you’ll be given a rollerskate or rollerblade to use for the as long as you want.

Feel that the price is still too expensive? Well, Hahah is having a great promo for Wheels Skating rink.Just click the pic below to see the great deals they’re having.

You can purchase a voucher or two from Hahah. It’s 52% off as stated below:

Hahah Deal:* RM 12 for a whole day at Wheels.
Hahah Rewards Multiplier: Free Mineral Water after 20 units are sold
Deal Period: 3 – 8 Feb 2011

The voucher is valid for 2 months from date of issue. (Date: 10 Feb 2011 – 10 Apr 2011)  These E-Vouchers are transferable but not redeemable for cash. Please note that no replacement will be given for expired voucher(s)

So, folks, looking for some fun for this coming Valentine’s day or those long public hols? What are you waiting for? Get the deal now.

Need more infos on Wheels Disco- Roller Skating Rink? Well, just visit their facebook page HERE to find out more about them.

The rink’s address in case you wanna walk in for some fun:

Disco Roller Skating @ Subang Avenue,

Lot S4.01, Subang Avenue Shopping Mall,

SS16/1, Subang Jaya,

Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Cleffairy: Watch out, skaters… you haven’t seen the last of me or my two monsters yet. LOL!


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