Myfest 2015, A Year of Endless Celebrations

Am I living the life that I want? I asked myself this question countlessly these few months back, and I’m glad to say that so far, I am living the life that I really want. I make a point to ask myself this question every end of month. I evaluate myself, and I’m glad to report that yes…so far I am living the life that I want.

Let me tell you something. A year ago, I was the timid mouse who only stayed home and resent the fact that I’m all locked up at home. I was miserable. A year ago, I foolishly put a limitation on myself, but somehow, by God’s will, I opened a Pandora box and realized that I only live once. And I was not living the life that I want. I was a living corpse and was treated as such. I want no more of that. The ‘Pandora Box’ incident was a turning point for me and I started to change and live for myself.

I started to get out of my comfort zone…and to see the world, literally. Okay. Maybe that is a bit exaggerating. Maybe not the world, but my country. I started traveling, started to actively attending events, and it makes me feel so good.

I like what I see in the mirror now. It reflect a much happier, and hopefully, a more beautiful me.

2014 have been an eventful year for me. I did plenty of things that is worth remembering. I did things that I thought I wouldn’t be doing.

I joined countless media trips sponsored by Tourism Malaysia and Resort World Genting, went on solo trips with my son and actually survived it, start up my own small business and made some sales here and there, dined with ambassador of Russia, gotten myself a long term engagement with a cosmetic company, ditched son with parents and went on a honeymoon with husband in Thailand, compete in a cooking competition and actually gotten myself a consolation prize for it, participated in writing contests and won big prizes for it, danced Poco Poco in public with friends during a corporate cocktail party and the most recent one, gettingΒ  sponsored by a contact lenses company for one year.

Yes indeed. It has been an eventful year. Visit Malaysia 2014 has been wonderful, and I have no doubt that next year would be fabulous too.

Visit Malaysia 2014 haven’t ended yet, but I am already looking forward to MyFest2015, the Year of Endless Celebration. Here’s sharing with you the MyFest2015 theme song. Click the YouTube vid above to listen.

I know it is going to be great. In fact, I have been given a glimpse of it last week at the Swiss Garden Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

 photo IMG_20141021_162605_zpslpnyfmmp.jpg

Malaysia is blessed with various cultures, so this campaign seeks to showcase and celebrate Malaysia’s cultural diversity and festivities as a tourist attraction. The promotion of various local festivities and cultural elements will be boosted as tourism offerings in the MyFest 2015 campaign. With all that, and the theme: “Endless Celebrations”, next year promises and abundance of excitement with interesting events and festivities planned, such as the year-long Skyride Festival, cultural themed events, family fun events , eco-tourism events, arts, music showcases, food promotions, shopping festivities and so much more!

Gosh…I can’t wait to be a part of it. Here’s sharing with all of you a little prologue to a wonderful adventure ahead. Picture credit to my friend good questions to ask online dating.

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Cultural festivals; we’ll all be able to participate in cultural and tribal festivals. The Mah Meri tribe is one of the tribes that will be featured next year.
They are of the Senoi subgroup. Most of the members of the Mah Meri tribe live along the coast of South Selangor from Sungei Pelek up to Pulau Carey, although there is at least one Mah Meri Community on the other side of the Klang River.

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Music performances

 photo 20141021145608-resized-800_zpsjdqsltge.jpg

Traditional music performances

 photo 20141021145517-resized-800_zpsf8ik2sbk.jpg

Live human arts; Silverman and Goldman. They are streets art performer and is usually spotted in tourist area like the Bintang Walk.

 photo PA213724_zpscg1osdet.jpg

And what’s Malaysia without it’s artistic charms? Batik painting is part of the things you can sign up for next year…

 photo PA213727_zpszgdwe7mu.jpg

And also making crafts through weaving.

These are just a fraction of what Malaysia have to offer in 2015. πŸ™‚
Just keep a lookout for all the activities, ya?

 photo IMG_20141021_162522_zpspfsztqhp.jpg
It’s going to be an interesting year indeed. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to be a part of it.
In the meantime, I’m going to just take the Hop On&Off Bus and play tourist in KL, the place I now call home. πŸ™‚


  1. RaW | Ramble and Wander says:

    Happy to read that you’ve been trying new things AND enjoying them too! And congrats on winning the cooking & writing contests! 2014 has been an interesting year indeed.

    Here’s to a more fruitful and festive 2015! πŸ˜‰

  2. Ciana says:

    Am glad that you’re experimenting with new things and expanding your horizons, Cleffairy. =)

    I guess that means I should probably come out of my tortoise shell and live my life to the fullest while I am still able to.

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