Newtonian Gravitation Field Theory

When I was eating an apple the other day, my mind seems to take a leisurely stroll down the memory lane and I had flashbacks of my physic teacher explaining to me about gravity many years ago when I was still in high school.

Gravity is defined as: An object produces a gravitational field around itself. Another object placed in its gravitational field experiences an attractive force towards it. It in turn produces a gravitational field around itself which attracts the other object.

Then, an awkward thought came to my mind when I think of gravity. This may sound really far-fetch, but is this why people on Earth falling in love with each other despite of how contradicting they are to each other? Because there’s gravity pull-mutual interaction between two mass?

Curious thought. Curious thought.

Isn’t falling in love is just the same like gravity?It is a mutual interaction between two masses. But then again the gravitational force between two people is too small so it does not hold for the fact that gravity makes people fall in love. And therefore, gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love.

So, really… why do people fall in love? Is there a scientific law that can explain this phenomenal, habitual occurrence? I suppose there is none. I don’t think you can explain love, like many other things in the world… some things simply doesn’t come with any scientific explanation.

Cleffairy: “I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people” Sir Isaac Newton.


  1. goldflower86 says: dating sites for the wealthy

    bcoz human afraid to be alone
    or maybe opposite attract?
    remind me of one ceramah said, we usually envied the trait that we dun hv. as exp, if u r quiet, u admire the talkative. thats why in love lor
    scientifically, isnt human fall in love to beranak so wont extinct ka?
    n we choose the opposite trait compare to use bcoz when those chromosome combine, it bcm the fittest. lol
    apa2 la, in love is a good thing i suppose, a family is place to belong

  2. Alv808 says:

    People say, chemistry between the two lovers are more power than the gravuty itself…lol. To me, falling in love is compulsory to everyone or every living thing to prove that we are alive..

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