No More Skin Problems with Ruam Bayi Powder

The modern medicine may be very advanced these days but children who suffer from severe skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis disease is on the raise. Have you ever wonder why? Well, I’m no expert but sometimes it is because in the modern era, we are pretty much exposed to all sort of chemical things and children, especially babies are prone to skin problems due to harmful chemical exposure. There are plenty of products out there that can be used to help improvise children’s skin condition but alot are non organic and contains harmful chemicals like steroids and paraben, but here’s recommending a children friendly skincare product that contains no harmful materials: Ruam Bayi Powder. Great for those who have severe ekzema, prosiaris problems as it’s made from natural ingredients.

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This product contains cold clay powder that can treat a variety of skin problems.

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Made from 100% clay mineral content, the powder helps to absorbs all impurities and toxic on the skin.

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It suitable for the skin of children, infants and anyone from all walks of life. The powder retails at RM 38.90 each and it is safe and Halal to use.

Note: There are plenty of imitation of this products out there so be careful when you make a purchase.

For more information on the powder, please refer to the information below:

Official website:

https: //

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Facebook: https: //

Contact number :
En HQ. Hafis 013 480 6787 (Marketing Division
Mrs. Nurul: 017 6239935 (Product Owner)

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