Oh no, not again!

I’m having post-Olympic opening ceremony sickness, and I can’t seem to get a decent shuteye because my stomach is giving me troubles after I torture it with a load of fingerfood and some junkies my late grandma wouldn’t even recognize as food. As I sit across the laptop, browsing for some decent stories to read and some nice new movies to watch, a text message came in, saying that there will be a demonstration in front of the Bar Council near the Brickfields area, Kuala Lumpur as early as 8am in the morning.  I groaned and whined to myself, “Not again”. This time those ‘I have nothing to do but protest’ people are protesting against the forum pertaining to conversion to Islam hosted by The Malaysian Bar Council.

I’m not so sure what it’s all about, but all these overgrown children seems not to be pleased by the forum hosted by the Bar Council. They felt that it’s threatening the Malays as well as Islam as the official religion of Malaysia. These overgrown children are planning to throw a huge tantrum by gathering 10,000 Muslim in front of the bar council early morn and shout their head off in disatisfaction. Why can’t these people spare us some peace and serenity? And why the hell are these people can easily feel intimidated and insecure and yet claimed that they are classified in the most ‘supreme’ species in Malaysia? I don’t have answers to my own question, and I wonder if there’s anyone out there who can kindly enlighten me.

I just don’t get it. Why the hell are they are so irritated by the forum to be hosted by the bar council that they feel the need to disrupt a peaceful Saturday morning and gives trouble to the rest of KL citizens who are not involved in their venting? Why can’t they just let the forum goes on, it’s not as if they are demanding for Islam to be phrobited in Malaysia or something. They are simply going to sit down and discuss the rights of converts and laws that are protecting them, that’s all. I feel that the bar council is right in hosting the forum, after all, they are going to discuss it in a civilized manner, unlike the overgrown children who are huffing and puffing like a madcow and snarling to force people to fulfill their demands and play it their way.

I’m a big fan of marching and merry occasion, but I’m definitely not a fan of protests and demonstrations. I just feel it’s dumb, and will never get what they want unless they are on the government’s side, cause massive traffic jams and endless irritation to those who are not participating in the protest and the list could go on and on and on.

It looks like it’s going to be another one of those boring weekend where I lock myself in just because it’s going to be some sort of hell out there caused by overgrown children with beard, moustache and loudspeakers.


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    i wish i had time to keep on track, read all you entries but life is damn busy here for me to learn here….
    anyway well back to the topic, erm i guess it probably is good to have strike(of course not the worst one), at least it will catch the attention, there are only 2 situation where you couldnt find people to protest in a country – a communist society and a damn heaven perfect clean country =p

  2. KevinP says:

    Clef…. I enjoyed the 2008 opening so much that I promised myself to be less bothered by whatever Sh*t that is happening around.. including those mofos who can demonstrate without permit. Why is it that any discussion pertaining to Islam is soooo sensitive.. I really do not understand. If its such a wonderful religion and you believe it so much, you should be confident about sharing and discussing about it without fear. Maybe these people has too little knowledge about it that they feel threatened….

    Beijing really left no stone unturned last night. One world, one dream. Although Li Ning’s ending was a bit draggy, it was nonetheless breathtaking.

  3. cleffairy says:

    Hi AhFu. Glad to see you here in my blog again. I’ve been checking out your blog for updates for some time now, but it seems that you’re busy. Then this morning i found out you just start working… LOL. I’m glad you finally update. Hmm… though I agree with you that it’s good to put up a peaceful strike in order to let our voices be heard, but in Malaysia that’s not exactly the case. Even when they put up a strike, there will be havoc everywhere, and it always end up with them not getting what they want. What we usually get is the outcome of their rash action, which is massive congestion, because they usually do it in the middle of the road and stuff.I actually have nothing against it if they do it in a stadium or something where they won’t be blocking the traffic much.

    Kevin, I enjoyed the Olympic opening too. See, what did I tell ya? It ROX! Love the parade, the culture introduction as well as the songs! And it’s 6 hours long!
    The problem here in Malaysia is…when it comes to Malays-Islam thingie, they tend to say ” Shaddup you all, we’re right, and you morons have no rights to question us anything, so shaddup and follow what we do”. I’d say, these people lack faith…must be lacking faith to behaving that way.

  4. cleffairy says:

    Haha, pete. I say liao, watch all these opening is like watching Bollywood drama. LOL. Can cry wan. Cry only nvm, i got horrible stomachache becoz i stuffed myself silly last nite. 🙁

  5. roses says:

    i got emo watching the opening itself but was dozing off after malaysia parade came out. i gave up trying to memorise all the flags. cause i dont know there are humongous amount of countries out there

    all those protesting is a mess-up. they dont get what and all they want is just making noises. at the end of the day, without any results/explanation, they just quieten down~~and did someone say something about “freedom of speech”??!?

  6. cleffairy says:

    Hmm…alot people get emotional when they watch the opening ceremony…and i thought I’m the sentimental kind. 😛

    yalorr, the protesting thing is a huge mess up, I tell you. Traffic jams and stuff. not only that those demonstrators who claimed themselves to be ‘civilized’ end up behaving like a barbarian and swear around like a drunken sailor. Don’t believe me? just read in the Utusan or The Star…it was mentioned 🙁

  7. pamina says:

    dont like olympics. i was in sydney during 2000 olympics and i still dont get the fascinations with it. like i dont get why the bar council need to discuss that particular issue also…

  8. cleffairy says:

    Thank you for the visit, goku.

    Pamina, you don’t like Olympic? LOL. You were in Sydney during the previous Olympic? Wow, that’s nice. Well, maybe for the rest of us, Olympic is a good diversion from the erm, mundane 18SX politic news that’s constantly being showed around us. And personally, Olympic is a good reason for me to drag my friends and family in front of the idiot box and spend time together while stuffing ourselves silly.

    The bar council is actually discussing the Civil court vs Shariah court power over Islamic Conversion matter. I felt that they are right in doing that, because they felt that their jurisdiction power is being undermined by the Shariah court, because Civil court are not allowed to touch anything concerning Islam. That would not be fair if there’s are non-Muslim parties involved.

  9. KevinP says:

    One thing about the opening… where is Sleepy head? Even Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan was there. Was he given an invite? Or he overslept and missed the flight to Beijing?

  10. Calvin says:

    yoyoyo wassup lads and laddies……

    1stly, i was damn pissed off when i got to know about the demonstration. if one person ones to convert into another religion, especially from “those people”, it’s our own damn decision. who gives them the control over our personal lives…..are they GOD? and come on…its only a bloody forum. its not even finalized yet. talk about human rights and liberty. i guess we’re still in the stone age, people….

    2nd topic….olympics. was working late till 9pm. my eyes got sore from visiting a furniture company in the afternoon…..*sigh*. so, i only “listened” from the tv and imagined what it would be like. good imagination skills huh? lol.

  11. pamina says:

    the bar council has stoop a little and invite PPL to attend the meeting. yes it’s open door and all, but if u dun invite ppl wont come in. malays, we are like that. stupid but true. a little courtesy might avoided all that.

  12. cleffairy says:

    Kevin, I was saying the same thing to my other half. “Where the heck is that sleepyhead during Olympic?” Then I figured, he must be somewhere snoring and dreaming. Don’t say Hamid Karzai from Aghfan was there in Beijing, even the bloody George Bush and his First lady was there during the opening and still over there yesterday. They were cheering their head off and frantically waving their flag when one of their athlete in swimming competition broke world record by 2 seconds! You’re right about the sleepyhead, he must have fall asleep or something and missed the flight. LOL.

    Calvin, yoyoyo! Hahaha… you seems to be in a jovial mood today. Yeah, i agree with you, it’s our rights, but all these people are behaving as if it’s a crusade war against Islam. Human rights? liberty? Freedom of speech? In Malaysia? Come again? What is that? *snort* Freedom of speech and human rights is only for those people who have power or ‘supreme recognition’, not for the small fries. Stone age? Trust me, we’ve gone through evolution. We’re not in stone age, but we’re in the ‘MONKEY AGE’.

    You’re working til 9pm? You poor thing. *sigh* It can’t be helped, after all, all of us here are not rich and we need to earn a living. Imagination is the word… ahha…imagination can be served as some sort of amusement too sometimes. Sometimes it can go more wild and athletic than Olympic itself too. Whahaha.

    Pamina… it’s sad to see what our country is becoming. The mindset of our people is going backwards, way backwards.

  13. KevinP says:

    Sigh… I wished he took the wrong flight and landed in Ulan Bator…. maybe then Mr. Shaaribu may want to give him a dose of Mongolian hospitality.

  14. KevinP says:

    Lets not talk bout the top world leaders who were there to lend support… Princess Anne of UK, Vladimir Putin of Russia.. Samak of Thailand amongst the ones I recognize… Sleepy head.. sleepy head…

  15. cleffairy says:

    Kevin, your imagination is going pretty wild these days. Apa cerita? LOL. i doubt he can take the wrong flight and land in Mongolia, because he’ll be too sleepy to even take the flight. LMAO. 😛

    OMG, I’m getting pretty bad too. Must be the durians, must be the durians….:-P

  16. roses says:

    backward is just a polite description.
    i have the fear of saying the truth because i might end up in jail.
    freedom of speech? BAH~~
    anyway, watever our country become, it’s still a place where we grew up all these years. whether we like it or not.

  17. cleffairy says:

    Rose, of course we have freedom of speech. But we have no freedom AFTER speech. LOL.

    Yup, no matter what our country become, this is still our home land. We have no other place to call home. But it’s sad nevertheless, right? 🙁
    I had hope that my country is a glorious, stable and harmonious one. i can all but hope.

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