Grilled stingray


After going to the hot air-balloon fiesta in Putrajaya, my entire family was famished, but we decided not to eat in the fiesta itself cuz things are rather expensive. And not to mention the crazy crowd that goes with it in those food stalls in the fiesta site.

We decided to go back to our place and go back to our regular food court where we usually lurk. I spotted a new grilled seafood stall and decided to give it a try. I may not eat fish with tiny bones, but I do enjoy eating stingrays. And so, we ordered that.

A small piece of stingray costs us Rm10.00, excluding the rice. The stingray was well done and was satisfactory, but I was surprised that it did not come with a side of ladies’ fingers’ sambal.

šŸ™ Feels cheated, even though the fish was nice. I could have sworn I saw the cook grilling the sambal ladies’ finger along with the stingrays before i ordered the dish. šŸ™ SOBS! Do I have to order separately for that?

Cleffairy: Feels cheated!


    • Cleffairy says:

      This one no urine smell whatsoever. Really good in fact… just that I feel like get cheated… really thought it comes with some sambal kacang botol or kacang bendi on top of it. Mana tau… dun have. šŸ™ Must be need to order seperately or what. šŸ™

  1. Haris Hashim says:

    It is possible they miss it! You should just ask. But I understand the feeling. Sometime I loath to ask due to language barrier or even the blank face of the server. Anyway, you can approach the request with initial assumption that Sambal Belacan is free in Malaysian restaurant. if it is a Malay stall, you just say “Sambal belacan and ulam please!”. Where “ulam” should cover the ladies fingger or kacang botol part. Anyway another observation from me is about the price. Here in KL. i will stay away from famous places (for instant Belakang Istana, group of stall specializing in grilled seafood) because of their price which is expensive. Surprisingly my favourite Ikan Keli Bakar is actually a stall in Taman Tasik Perdana where they charge between RM6 and RM7 for plate of rice, vegetable and the fish.

    • Cleffairy says:

      It’s not a Malay stall. It’s a Chinese stall, but usually, even the Chinese will give you the side of sambal and those ulams on top of the grilled fish. *SIGH* I suppose next time I just gonna have to ask what will be included in the dish before ordering them. šŸ™

  2. Gratitude says:

    Oh yes, stingray meat is soooooo delish! I’m also surprised as to why the seller deprived you of the okra. I thought they always put in some together with tomatoes and onions before wrapping the foil to be grilled. :s

    • Cleffairy says:

      Sobs… exactly… they’re supposed to give me those kacang kacangs along with the fish, but they didn’t give me. šŸ™ I feel cheated, cuz I saw him preparing for other customers and he did wrapped those kacangs inside the banana leaf before grilling. i suppose i have to specify it in my order. šŸ™

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