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I think I mentioned quite a few times before that my son is an autistic child who is verbally challenged and I’m constantly on a lookout on how to improve his way of communicating and the way he express himself. One of the activities that he loves to do to express himself is taking photos by using the camera and smartphone.

As time goes by, I come to realize that he has taken loads of beautiful pictures and I did nothing to really showcase and exhibit them. I thought that perhaps, editing the photos that he took and sharing them on social media would indirectly give him a moral boost  and positive encouragements to express himself more.

Problem: I’m a certified Photoshop idiot, and have no idea on how to work on editing photos to make them look nicer and much more presentable than it is already is.

But lucky me, these days you don’t have to know how to actually use complicated software like Photoshop to edit your pictures. Instead of struggling with Photoshop, you can simply download a mobile apps like PicsArt and work wonders on raw images.


PicsArt is a mobile apps and is available for free for smartphones that is running on iOS and Android. To download and use the apps, simply go to Playstore or Appstore, search for ‘PicsArt’ , install, download and open up the apps. Login with your Facebook account or G+ account, and you’re ready to rock and roll.

The apps is fairly comprehensive and pretty easy to use and navigate. Even my son is using it to make artworks out of the photos that he has taken with PicsArt now.


With PicsArt, you not only can edit the pictures and fix up some flaws, but you can make collage out of the photos in your smartphone gallery too.


Apart from that, there’s plenty of frames, themes, cute stickers and background for you to use with your pictures.


Sample artwork done by using PicsArt. 🙂

In-apps store is available should you wish to purchase more themes, frames, background and function. Sharing photos via various social media is easy with PicsArt too, making this apps my current favourite picture editing tool.

There is plenty types of PicsArt app for you to pick from;some are even specifically created for children to use, so if you are like me and wants your kids to make some sort of arts with their pictures and whatnot, you might want to give this apps a shot. I loved it and perhaps you’ll love it too.

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