Woots, it’s Friday again, and here’s Eugene’s special quiz. 😛 Even though this is not a tag, I really do enjoy answering his witty questionnaire. So, here’s my take on his Qs:
1)If Najib and Abdullah were to fight it out in the boxing ring, and Anwar being the referee, who do you think will emerge as the champ and who will get the black eye?

Are you kidding me? Anwar will get the black eye, indefinitely. Because Abdullah will end up sleeping at the side of the ring instead of fighting Najib anyway. Tell me, where’s the fun boxing someone who is off to dreamland?

2)In all your creativity, what funny words can you come out with from the acroynm of C4?

Cibai 4 you.

3)If you need to kill someone off politically, what scandals can you conjure besides sex tapes, nude pictures and corruption ?

The picture of them digging nose in public. Unhygienic, you know? Must get rid of these kind of abomination.

4)If “Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka” was the shout of independance in 1957, what 3 uniformed words can we shout now in 2009 “—,—,— ” fill in the blank,please ?

In 2009, we should shout ‘Celaka, Celaka, Celaka!’

5)Why do you think our politicians love to use this phrase “No Comment” ?

This is the best way to avoid lying and the reporters will accept it as they have mo to speculate and write about.

6)If i publicly declare that i am promiscuous, casanova and am a playboy, do you think i have a place in Malaysia’s political arena or will you vote me into the office?

Damn right you have the place in Malaysian political arena. Not only you will have a place, you’ll have loads of supporters who wannabe like you too. You’ll be like a sort of idol figure in the political arena if you have such traits.

7)If Malaysia’s politicians must be given a cartoon character’s name, what do you think best suits Samee Veelu, Kor Chu Koon , Choy Shoy Lek and K,Toyol ?

Samy- Captain Planet, Khor Tsu Koon- Gaban, Chua Soi Lek-Darth Vader, Khir Toyo-Jaffar(The villain from Alladdin)

8)If Spiderman were to fight a villian (in term of a political figure) in Malaysia, who do you that villian would be?


9)Who makes more money in Malaysia, a prominent brain surgeon or ruling party’s politician?

The ruling party’s politician, of course. Duh, that was obvious, wasn’t it? Only the dumb, the blind and the deaf couldn’t figure that out!

10)Name one movie that has the strongest resemblance that can best describe our political stituation ?
Mission Impossible. Well… no resemblance, but Malaysia political mayhem is almost impossible to settle, isn’t it?


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