Pork-Free Dimsum Indulgence at Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

I love dimsums, but finding delicious Halal or pork-free dimsums in Kuala Lumpur can be quite a feat. Most of the pork-free or Halal dimsums that I’ve tried tasted something like reheated frozen food and of course, that’s quite a turn off. Lucky me though, Dynasty Restaurant at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel has recently converted their restaurant’s status from non-Halal to Pork Free and is now serving mouthwatering selections of pork-free and Muslim friendly Chinese cuisine delicacies. A wide variety of dimsums is of course, part of what Dynasty Restaurant is offering.

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Had the opportunity to try the dimsums over here with friends one fine afternoon and I have to say that I’m quite impressed with their offerings.

Below is some of the dimsum items that we managed to try:

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Pork-free dimsum delights that we managed to try: 3 varieties of fried dimsum, 3 steamed varieties of steamed dimsum, some appetizer, some poached and baked fish dishes, fried rice and dessert.

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Crispy prawn toast with sesame. These were adeptly fried. Crispy and slightly nutty from the outside and juicy from the inside, the crispy prawn toast are pretty much addictive.

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Crispy chive biscuit filled with shrimp. Chef’s signature and a bestseller in Dynasty Restaurant. These thin and crispy ‘biscuits’ are fried to perfection while maintaining the juiciness of the chives and the shrimps inside. Crispy and bursting with flavours, this biscuit is definitely a must try on the menu.

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Pan seared Shanghai dumpling may look like an ordinary pan seared dumpling, but these are exceptional. It’s packed with meaty fillings and stopping at just one piece is almost an impossible feat.

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Minced chicken dumplings topped with dried scallops is great for those who want something quite normal and less overwhelming on the palate. Maintaining the traditional steamed dimsum taste, these are purely comfort food, especially for dimsum lovers.

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Green dragon chive dumplings speaks for itself. With whole prawn wrapped in a thin layer of thin floury skin, each of the dumplings is quite satisfying to eat. Abit plain on it’s own, though. So make sure you dip it in the dimsum sauce if you are the kind who likes strong flavours in your food.

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Prawn wanton with chili vinaigrette is superb. Bathed in chili vinaigrette, the wanton is a tad spicy, but it is not unmanageble. Pretty much an exciting eat, I must say.

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Deep fried oyster was served in a pretty colourful presentation. It makes me think of an undersea coral garden. Beautiful, instagram-worthy presentation aside, the crispy oyster is really nice to eat. It is a true cholesterol-fest, though, so please don’t overindulged.

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BBQ chicken with glazed honey sauce. I’m more used to savoury chicken dishes so sweet ones like this is something new to me. Lovely dish. A must try if you like sweetmeats.

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Baked cod Portuguese style with stinking beans and eggplants. Being a Nyonya, this dish won my heart that day. Have it my way, I would just snatch the whole plate and eat them all up myself, as stinking beans and eggplants are my favourite, but that will be rude and I wouldn’t want to be known as a glutton. Highly recommended item on the menu, especially if you love fish and strong tasting spicy food.

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Aromatic duck breast with tea leaf. Got to love the duck breast slices and the Granny Smith apple slices. Very refreshing dish, I must say.

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Stirfried beef with vegetables and shimeiji mushrooms. Not sure which part of beef was used for this dish but the beef was so tender that it could almost melt in your mouth. Truly a divine creation. Another must order dish if you ever patronize this restaurant.

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Poached fish fillet with ginger soup and chili in claypot. I gave this a pass. Why? I don’t like gingery taste and therefore I found this dish rather difficult to eat. But I’m sure it taste great as everyone else polishes off their portion off from their bowl.

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Fragrant fried rice topped with scallops. Love the rice. Unfortunately, by the time this arrived, I was already too full from eating the dimsums. Such a shame. It was simple and yet delicious. I might revisit the restaurant again just so that I can enjoy this fried rice.

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Sweetened mango puree with sago and pomelo was a sweet but refreshing end to our meal. No words can express how much I love this dessert.

Making all the dimsums from scratch daily, the team of chefs and kitchen crew in Dynasty Restaurant uses only high quality and fresh ingredients to ensure delicious offerings are presented in their most premium way. Choices of dimsums in this restaurant range from steamed, baked and deep fried variety. Congee and some local Malaysian delights is also offered to cater those with true blue Malaysian palate.

Overall the dining experience in Dynasty Restaurant at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel is really pleasant and satisfying, and I’m planning a revisit as of writing.

Made to order, the dimsum feast is available from Mondays to Saturdays from 12-2.30pm and Sundays / Public Holidays from 9.30am to 2.30pm

For booking and reservations please refer to the information below:

Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel
130, Jalan Ampang
55000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : 603-2716 9388

Email: [email protected]

Reservations can be done online as well, at https://www.klrenaissance.com/dining . 

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