Editor’s Pick: Where to Eat Cheap in Kuala Lumpur- Foodzania

Looking for an affordable place to dine with your family and friends in Kuala Lumpur without bursting your pocket? Well, Foodzania (located on level 3 in Sungei Wang Plaza building)is offering plenty of mouthwatering food at a very reasonable price. There’s wide varieties of delicacies being offered here and I believe it will both suit both local and foreign palate.

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I had an opportunity to dine with my friends over there and tried a variety of appetizing dishes over here.

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Some of the dishes we managed to try

Food offerings in Foodzania, Sungei Wang Plaza Level 3

Foodzania concept is pretty much imitating the hipster food dining style where the deco is made to imitate the open air food truck place. It is divided into 3 sections: The Food Truck, D’Food Caravans and The Food Cart. Each of the sections offered different kind of food to cater to different type of diners.

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The Food Truck is more of a grab and go concept where customers can quickly grab simple meals to takeaway or to dine in. At the Food Truck section of Foodzania in Sungei Wang Plaza, we have operators from Quarter Snack, Fun Waffle and and Jo Pasta.

Food operator name: Quarter Snack
Muslim friendly: Yes
Price Range: Items on the menu sold from RM3.50 above

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Quarter Snack is recommend for those who wants a quick refreshing bite for lunch. They have plenty of things from the menu over here but their must try items are Sushi Popiah and the Fruit Rojak.

 photo 20170303_133128_zpsrjy8iniq.jpg

Sushi Popiah is actually an interesting fusion of the local springroll and the Japanese traditional sushi. It is made from shredded fresh veggies wrapped in popiah skin and seaweed. The Sushi Popiah makes quite a healthy snack.

 photo 20170303_131238_zpscpy1agkr.jpg

Fruit Rojak is a Malaysian style fruit salad made with assorted local fruits that has been diced and mixed with thick prawn paste chilli sauce and topped with crushed peanuts. The black colour might be quite a turned off to some, especially tourists but I assure you that it is refreshing and appetizing. The taste of the fruit rojak over here is perfectly sweet and spicy. Highly recommended for those who wants some daily dose of vitamins in a deliciously indulging way.

 photo 20170303_14402701_zpsoh1fcbjt.jpg

Food operator name: Fun Waffle
Muslim friendly: Yes
Price Range: Items on the menu sold from RM3.50 above

This operator serves assorted grab and go stuff, but their bestsellers are waffles and Braised Chicken and
Egg Rice

 photo 20170303_130115_zpsfitanydq.jpg

Assorted waffles from Fun Waffles. You may choose the flavour of your choice and these are the usual favourite; waffle topped with peanut butter, strawberry jam and chocolate sauce. There’s no restriction on what spread you want to have on your waffle, of course, so feel free to mix and match like how we did.

 photo 20170303_125921_zps51be5bfa.jpg

Braised Chicken and
Egg Rice
. Simple but comforting meal of plain white rice served with braised chicken and boiled eggs. The taste is slightly herbal. Some may feel that this dish is a tad overwhelming on the palate but since this dish is braised in Chinese herbs, it definitely has some nutritional value that helps you to boost your energy. Served in a convenient box like this, you may opt to dine in or takeaway.

 photo 20170303_143622_zpstjunjxfg.jpg

Food operator name: Jo Pasta
Muslim friendly: Yes
Price Range: Items on the menu sold from RM7.50 above.

This operator offers assorted pastas and warm dishes. Pasta lovers will definitely love to indulge themselves here.

 photo 20170303_131928_zpshublx6et_edit_1488572854621_zpskczhnvez.jpg

But their bestsellers are Japanese Curry Rice with Chicken Chop, Spaghetti Bolognese and Spaghetti Carbonara.

 photo 20170303_131846_zpstycuos9b.jpg

Japanese Curry Rice with Chicken Chop. Unlike the typical Malaysian curry where the curry is usually spicy, the Japanese curry is not. Minimally containing cubed potatoes and diced carrot, the taste is not as overwhelming as Malaysian style curries.Slightly sweet and creamy this dish is perfect for children or those who likes richness taste in their curry . Served wity piping hot rice and breaded chicken chop on the side, the dish makes a great wholesome meal for a ravenous diner.

 photo 20170303_131706_zpsy3gw0cho.jpg

Spaghetti Bolognese were bathed generously with sweet and sourish tomatoey sauce and topped generously with melted cheese. A wonderful plate of comfort food, I must say. Both children and adult alike will love this.

 photo 20170303_13175601_zps018ec3xq.jpg

Spaghetti Carbonara with sliced chicken ham is very rich, creamy and cheesy. This makes a very satisfying meal for all pasta lovers.

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Moving on to the D’ Food Caravanz section of the Foodzania, where heavier type of food is offered at a really reasonable price, we have a couple of impressive operators like DM, Chef Ahmad, SS2 and Hakka Cuisine. Food Caravanz consists of DM Port, Chef Ahmad, SS2 and Hakka Cuisine. The food being offered here will surely delight foodies or those who are seeking for a little gastronomic adventure.

 photo 20170303_143548_zpscevheonc.jpg

Food operator name: DM Port
Muslim friendly: Yes
Price Range: Items on the menu sold from RM5.00 above per set

DM Port offers a variety of Malaysian favourite mixed rice.

 photo 20170303_130441_zpsve4rzr4w.jpg

From top left, clockwise: Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang set, Rice with Ayam Masak Merah Set, Rice with Chicken Curry set and Rice with Ikan Asam Pedas set.

 photo 20170303_130245_zpsuptjxwzz.jpg

Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang set.
Chicken Rendang with Nasi Lemak is definitely a must try for all nasi lemak lovers. Served with a huge piece of chicken rendang and generous amount of condiments and sambal, this dish gives value to your money.

 photo 20170303_130225_zps9skihgbt.jpg

Rice with Ayam Masak Merah Set is typically a set of white rice served with sweet and spicy chicken dish and a side of fried cabbage.

 photo 20170303_130404_zpss4jxh3sj.jpg

Rice with Ayam Kicap Set is highly recommended for those who wants a quick but wholesome meal without burning their tongue with spiciness.

 photo 20170303_130212_zpswrmso6ie.jpg

Rice with Ikan Asam Pedas set is a dish for those who are feeling a bit adventurous. It’s very spicy so make sure you have cooling drinks on standby while you are eat this.

 photo 20170303_141052_zps6kb1q3np.jpg

Food operator name: Chef Ahmad
Muslim friendly: Yes
Price Range: Items on the menu sold from RM5.00 above

Chef Ahmad is definitely a must patronize if you love Middle-Eastern Food.

 photo 20170303_131205_zpslgbl7om4.jpg

Must try Middle-Eastern delicacies from Chef Ahmad is; Mandi Chicken Rice, Shish Tawouk with Mandy Rice, Breaded Chicken Chop and Hummus.

 photo 20170303_130959_zpsu34czvhk.jpg

Hummus. Hummus is a Levantine and Egyptian food dip or spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas and blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. This is usually served as a dipping to pita bread.

 photo 20170303_130754_zpsxzqpqrqf_edit_1488599285883_zpsp3skeoez.jpg

Mandi Chicken Rice. Mandi is a fragrant traditional rice dish from Hadhramaut and is usually served with chicken or lamb on the side. The Mandi Chicken Rice over here is marvellous. It was bursting with flavour and is definitely worth your calories.

 photo 20170303_130735_zpsxlwp0zhk.jpg

Shish Tawouk with Mandi Rice. Shish Tawouk is a traditional marinated chicken shish kebab of Middle Eastern cuisine. And here, it’s served alongside the exceptionally yummy mandi rice.

 photo 20170303_130831_zpsylikmt6g.jpg

Breaded Chicken Chop . Western cuisine is also offered here at Chef Ahmad for those who doesn’t favour herb and spices. The chicken chop is comes in quite a huge portion and is served with generous amount of salted crinckle cut fries.

 photo 20170303_141123_zpse8y3beue.jpg

Food operator name: Hakka Cuisine
Muslim friendly: Yes
Price Range: Items on the menu sold from RM3.50 above

Ordering from the Hakka Cuisine can be quite tricky as the menu is mostly written in Chinese, but no fret, the staffs are multilingial and speaks English, Bahasa Malaysia and several different Chinese dialects well, so you can just ask for recommendations if things gets overwelming for you.

Hakka Cuisine, like the name suggest serves Hakka Food. Among the must try is the famous all time favourite Hakka dish, Lei Cha, Yam Abacus and Yong Tau Foo

 photo 20170303_135134_zpsw92ekfib_edit_1488597770462_zpswhtfslo3.jpg

Lei Cha Rice. For those who are new to this dish, ‘lei cha’ simply means ‘pounded tea’ but it’s also called ‘thunder tea rice’ because traditionally, the ingredients were pounded manually to make the tea soup and the sound of that action actually resembled thunder. It consists all sorts of vegetable and high in fibre. Great for those who wants to detox or on a diet and is looking for a healthy, guilt-free meal.

 photo 20170303_13505101_zpszqyhu4t6.jpg

Yam Abacus, also known as Suan Panzi is an auspicious dish that is popularly served during the lunar new year as the roundabacus seeds represent reunion and signifies wealth and health. Made from yam flour into abacus shape, this dish is savoury and chewy. Really fun to eat, I must say.

 photo 20170303_135111_zpsqotkkcin.jpg

Yong Tau Foo. Yong Tau Too is a Hakka Chinese cuisine consisting primarily of tofu filled with ground meat mixture or fish paste. Variation of this food include vegetables and mushrooms stuffed with ground meat or surimi. I personally love this as it has a bit of everything and you get a mouthful of flavours in just one plate.

 photo 20170303_141015_zpsnwkhktwx.jpg

Food operator name: SS2 Goreng Pisang.
Muslim friendly: Yes
Price Range: Items on the menu sold from RM3.50 above per set

SS2 Goreng Pisang offers all time Malaysian favourite teatime snack goodies like fried banana, fried nian gao and cucur udang. Whether you are looking for a quick bite or for teatime indulgence, SS2 will surely satisfy your tastebuds.

 photo 20170303_125241_zpsyrya0bax.jpg

Assorted fried stuff; Cucur Udang, Fried Nian Gao and Fried Popiah.

 photo 20170303_125411_zpsjfofkvbb.jpg

Assorted Pisang Goreng; Pisang Goreng Cheese and Pisang Goreng Cheese-Chocolate.

 photo 20170303_180746_zps6rvyzdme.jpg

And finally, last but not least the Food Cart Section. There’s a few nice food cart selling all sort of mouthwatering food, especially desserts but I only managed to try the one from Mary Nyonya

 photo 20170303_135209_zpsicthontz.jpg

Chicken Curry from Mary Nyonya. Nothing to shout about on it’s own but the curry makes a great dipping companion for a piece of roti canai or toasts.

The dining experience here in Foodzania at Sungei Wang Plaza is splendid. If you are on a budget but would like to have a good meal with your family or friends, the Foodzania is really a good place with good food to dine without bursting your pocket. It is pretty much budget friendly. A bonus? The deco here is pretty much instagram-worthy with plenty of props you can pose with, so you won’t just be enjoying the food but will be enjoying taking pictures as well.

The Foodzania definitely walks hand in hand with Sungei Wang Plaza’s tagline; a place with All Kinds of Everything. They really do offer all kinds of everything, and at affordable price at that.

For more information on Foodzania, refer below:

Foodzania, Level 3
Sungei Wang Plaza, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Operating hour 10AM–9PM

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