Power Of Interactive Play Workshop by Fisher Price

Last week, I was given the opportunity to attend a parenting workshop hosted by Fisher Price. This workshop was aimed at parents, mainly expecting parents and parents with babies and toddlers.

Here’s Carrie, the speaker who is in charged of the whole workshop.

Belinda Chee (8tv host), the Fisher Price ambassador spoke about the importance of play in a child’s early life.

The workshop started with Ms. Carrie dividing all of the participants into groups.

The Power of Interactive Play workshop requires alot of active participations and interaction. All of us were required not only to communicate with our group members to get an assignment done, but w were also required to mingle and interact with other participants who are not from our group.

There were plenty of interesting activities prepared for us parents  during this workshop, and among them is ‘Learning Tournament’, ‘Dear Carrie’ session where we were asked to pretend as a child specialist and give advice to ‘trouble parents’ who are pretty much in need of not only advice, but supports and encouragements as well.

Attending the Power of Interactive Play Workshop by Fisher Price was really an eye-opening experience for me, even though my child is no longer a toddler. I come to learn that children needs to play to grow cognitively, and as a responsible adult, we should not abuse them into learning everything just the academic way.

I will be sharing more about what I’ve learned during the workshop with you folks in the nearest future, so stay tune for more. 😀


Cleffairy: Children’s job is to play.



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      Ya…i like the part where she said let the kids experience play as long as they want…and we shouldn’t restrict our kids from playing when they are growing up. Hopefully I can get some time to share the tips I learned from the workshop here.

  1. sou teng says:

    I think I need more info on this as I am giving tuition to children. Some more I need to know how to handle the problematic children such as hyperactive, autism and etc.

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