Prawn beneath the noodles…

This is just a short entry from me. Originally, I thought of slumbering after a long day doing my work and revising my old novels, but as I lay on the bed fighting off my sleepiness, I heard a certain news that aggravates me to no end and I was immediately aroused by it.

My tempers flare like nobody’s business, and out of the sudden, I felt as if I’ve found my way to beat the drowsiness caused by the damn medication.

I am not a religious person, but I am a rather God fearing person, and I don’t believe that we should settle our religious difference through barbaric manner where we provoke each other’s religious belief by burning down or dirtying each other’s house of worship. That’s just plain stupid, considering God is great and could very well show his power and wrath if he wish it. I never believe that we should offend one another to resolve our religious differences.

Personally, I feel that these things are actually never an issue in the first place. truthfully, it is not. Malaysians, stop being stupid and barbaric. Wake up and use your brain.

God can take care of Himself. He is above all, and never did ask his devotees to burn houses of worship nor He asked human to use His name in vain. You are not fighting a crusade or a jihad by burning churches or mosque, you are just destroying the harmony in the country and gains nothing out of it.

Malaysians, are you stupid? Stop fighting one another and bicker with each other. STOP behaving like a bunch of spoiled children, and start looking into a more important matter, which is nation building and economic stability.

The real issue here in Malaysia is never religious issue. As long as we respect each other and tolerate one another accordingly, all of these nonsense would never arise. god will be God. Whatever name you call Him, He will still sit on His heavenly throne in Heaven.

It does not matter. Fighting over the rights to call Him using certain name is stupid. Yes… I call it stupid, because by paying attention to all of these nonsense, we are neglecting the nation building and economic stability.

Stupid fools! Inflation is going up, prices of goods are skyrocketing, and yet, what the hell are you people doing? Burning churches and dirtying mosques! Don’t you know that you could use your goddamn time better if you start looking into the economic issues? God, help me… people are just brainless and dumb sometimes!

Being religious is one thing. Being stupid is completely another thing. And as far as I am concern, everyone is being stupid as of late, cuz no one seems to look into the economic and nation building issue anymore. Poverty isn’t being eradicate by burning churches or mosque, so if you want to fight a Holy War or Jihad, fight poverty instead, that’s the real enemy of the humankind, no matter which country you’re in!

Damn you stupid fools! And damn you bloody journalists too…you people should play the role of providing NEWS to the citizens by highlighting the socio-economy issue as well as citizen’s welfare… not practicing Yellow Journalism and provoke racial and religious sentiments further by reporting about how churches and moques being violated.

I condemn you people in the journalism line, for you are no longer delivering news, but you are just writing for the sake of your pockets, and made newspaper function as a tabloid instead. You are not qualified to be media practitioner.

Cleffairy: Don’t be fooled, Malaysians. The real issue here is never the religions. There’s prawn beneath the noodles. The real issue is the economic stability, and the religious issue is just plain diversion. Don’t be fooled!


  1. shakira says:

    Hi Cleffairy,
    Very very true.
    Journalism in Malaysia is just sad.
    Malaysians have been very lucky actually.
    The newspaper hide a lot of things from us ,
    giving us false security.
    I really do not rely on news anymore.
    You get well soon.

    • Cleffairy says:

      I am not sure I should thank God or not for being in a milder journalistic line, cuz journalists these days has no ethics. All are just dogs! All barks and no bites. Put me in a newsroom, and I’ll rebel my shit out of it!

  2. ericlee says:

    I wonder what suddenly agitate you to write about this coz i thought the matter had cool off…XDto tell the truth, it’s not really about religion they are fighting about…just plain stupid pride and ego…more and more people are practicing paganism rather than embracing the teachings of the religion.. you are right about the stupidity issue…to make things worse, people are too stubborn to correct their stupidity…thanks for the comment by the way…XD

    • Cleffairy says:

      No… the thing is, it haven’t die down. There’s a case of pig head being thrown into a surau last night, it was in the news, and I got so worked up, cuz to me, all of this is just nonsense to divert us from the real issue at hand, which is the slow economic growth and the political stability. πŸ™ There’s so many unsettled issues… *points to Perak* *points to MCA* and *points to the skyrocketing price of essential goods* and yet, what the hell are the government and the people doing? going hoo hah over the damn stupid issue that’s not even an issue in the first place! Pissed me off to no end!

      • ericlee says:

        probably true….but i rather the media too focus more on the UNSOLVED criminal really surprises me that certain serious case only go on trial a couple of years later while all this dumb stuff put on trial so’s just that they can’t make their priorities right…and regarding political issue? the world would be much better if the politicians don’t concentrate on who’s getting better limelight…XD

        • Cleffairy says:

          What can I say? LOL… the politicians seems to be contesting with each other and wanting to be everyone’s idol. πŸ™ Those craps are better off being in the circus than in the parliament.

  3. fatty oldman says:

    all religion never teach their follower stealing,killing,cheating or doing anything bad n y those farker nid to did all those uncivilised thing…
    sure thre smth behind when they did those thing to hide it…

    • Cleffairy says:

      *sigh* Journalists these days….it’s not that they are unethical, but they are afraid people will lunge for their throat. πŸ™ Can’t really blame the journalists, I was in their shoes once. The bold ones usually ended up in troubles. πŸ™ But den again, this is getting worst by the day!

  4. thomas says:

    well! you hit them right(journalist)
    But i think someone is trying to divert our attention from our present problems,the economy isn’t good and we almost forget TBH & MACC,jet engine etc2.
    Someone cookup something new and gone is the pass,forgoten.

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