Purple Toast Kopitiam, Quill City Mall

If you’re into fusion food, you’ll probably like Purple Toast Kopitiam, Quill City Mall.

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Purple Toast Kopitiam have a cozy, laid back ambiance, and serves plenty of interesting fusion food. Most of it is East meet West dishes, and you’ll probably find the food is not only presented in pretty much unique way, but scrumptious as well.

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These are some of the dishes I managed to sample the other day.

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Chicken Grand Slam, RM9.50. It’s actually chicken cutlets cooked in savoury thick sauce and served on a basket of thick purple toast. Seeing the purplish thick toast would scare off some health conscious diners, but don’t worry, these toasts are made from purely natural ingredients and the colourings comes from plants. The serving may look small but it is good enough to satisfy a hungry tummy.

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Lamb Stew, RM8.90. Like the Chickeen Grand Slam, lamb stew here is also served in a basket of thick purple toast. Personally, I prefer this lamb stew over the Chicken Grand Slam. The lamb was perfectly done and was bursting with flavour and complement the toast very well. There was no unpleasant lamb smell whatsoever. Highly recommended. This will satisfy even the fussiest eater.

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Grilled Chicken Chop, RM17.90 was rather ordinary, in my opinion. No fanciful innovation or surprises. The grilled chicken was paired with a bed of buttery and creamy mashed potatoes along with a handful of green salad on the side. It’s your classic grilled chicken chop. A safe bet if you are not the adventurous kind when it comes to food.

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Assam Laksa Spaghetti, RM13.90. Now, this is probably one item on the menu that is a must try if you like fusion food. A perfect portrayal of East meet West with a twist. This is actually spaghetti fried with Assam laksa paste. Not for the faint hearted or traditionalist. A weird but well paired combination. I was initially quite reluctant to try this, but I ended up liking it. Definitely wouldn’t mind having it again in the nearest future.

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Durian Popiah, RM5.00. Durian lovers would love these. It’s spring roll with sweet and pungent durian pulp filling. No comment on this as I don’t really like durian and did not eat this but it was polished off the in a jiffy by the rest at the table so I guess it is a dish worth trying at Purple Toast.

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Cendol, RM4.90. Rich and creamy shaved ice served with red beans, green jellies and topped with palm sugar syrup and coconut milk. A definite cure for the hot weather. Cendols here are creamy and rich but not cloyingly sweet. Not a bad choice of dessert after all those heavy stuff.

Overall, Purple Toast Kopitiam is offering a variety of fusion food. The portion was satisfying and the price is quite reasonable too. You might want to hop over here for a quick and satisfying meal if you’re ever in Quill City Mall.


Purple Toast Kopitiam
Lot 3-11, Third Floor
Quill City Mall

Contact:03 2602 2106

Business hour: 10am to 10pm

More information on Quill City Mall, do hop over to their website here; https://www.quillcitymall.com.my


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