Reading the old fashion way…

I’m a sucker for books. If I didn’t meet my other half, I would have probably married a book and lived happily ever after. 😛 I read at least 12 different books or novels of various genre per month, and it’s a real book too, not the modernized version of those square things known as e-books.

No matter how much the technology has evolved, I still prefer to read the old fashion way, holding up a book with my back propped up by a fluffy pillow or anywhere I can when I have time. Yes, ladies and gentleman, Cleffairy is actually a bookworm who couldn’t resist bringing at least a copy of an unread novel in her handbag anywhere she goes.

Reading gives me a peace of mind. I feel serene and peaceful when I’m reading. I’m in my own world where nobody could reach me when I’m immersed with certain books or novels.  And as I said before in my previous entry, reading to me is a form of escapism from the realm of reality that’s not always a bed of roses. Reading the old fashion way gives me a strange satisfaction, despite the fact that it often burn a huge hole in my purse. I find my little joy from turning each page and smelling the scent of old or new papers, page by page, chapters by chapters.

Thank heavens for various used/old bookstores though. They are the ultimate saviour for a poor and stingy bookworm like me. I don’t believe in buying new books just to read. I’m all for used books that usually cost me a lot more less than new books. Same satisfaction for less damage.

I frequented various old bookstore-mostly around KL area. There used to be one in Wangsa Maju Sec 2. They sold books at a price that can make people like me cackle like some evil witch concocting her poison. RM0.50 for paperback novels and RM1.50 for hardcover books or novels. Unfortunately, they don’t sell old books anymore.I believe most of the books have been wiped clean by me.

Then there’s one bookstore in Danau Kota selling loads of romance novels… but their price for old books are much more expensive than the ones in Wangsa Maju. I only go there when I’m dead bored and totally out of things to read.

I recently discovered Payless Book store, and I daresay my purse is crying at the moment. This used books company sell books at a very cheap price that I couldn’t resist spending on em. Kindly refer to my previous entry to know what I’m talking about.

All right, I won’t say more…I’ll just let the pictures do the talking…  I did not edit it though. The damn Celcom Broadband speed is too slow to allow me to put a watermark on it, so if you guys have the need to use my pictures for whatever reasons, kindly let me know first before using it.


This is what I see when I entered the PayLess books event at YMCA Hall, KL, 1st Floor.


It pleases me that it’s not as crowded as I’ve expected. I’ve always hated to walk in the crowds. It makes me breathless and annoyed easily. However, seeing that the place is not crowded, I started to wonder why there’s not much people at the moment. Is it because Malaysians are reading more and more less these days? Does FB, twitter, youtube, etc have taken over for good? Does reading books lost it’s appeal these days? If the answer to my question is a yes…all I have to say is people do not know what they are missing.


The price are dirt cheap. Paperback and hardcover cookbooks- the price starting from RM1 each. I bet Pete would like to have a grab at these babes!


More for avid readers to drool on… I would have lunged on these and bring them home if my other half did not stop me from gabbing too much.


I got stuck at this section for quite some time, contemplating whether or not I should buy some of the titles they offered. they are certainly interesting.


If you think this is a good deal…


…then this is something to die for… they’re selling almost new Bestselling books at a very cheap price!


However… this is the one that set my purse on fire… FICTION. 🙁 I could not turn my back on such offer… it’s simply irresistible.


They offer some selection of children books too. For those mummy and daddy bloggers who wants to instill good reading habits in their children when they’re still young but feels that children books are too disgustingly expensive to spend on for just a short term read, do check this event out. They have a lot to offer at a VERY reasonable price.


By the end of my trip to this event, I’ve purchased too much books that I had to ask for a box to carry my treasure instead of plastic bags.


The picture above is what I looted with pleasure… and pain in my bloody pocket! Books of various genre.


I bought some soft-toys children books…they need a little clean up though. Other than that, they are in good condition. No torn pages and readable.


And apart from the computer reference books that my husband bought, these mushy crap belongs to me. I didn’t buy the kitten though. LOL… the kitten you saw in the picture is the kitten that I mentioned before in my previous entry about my house being burn down. Meow-Meow(that’s what my family call her) is apparently curious on what we bought home. Shy kitty though…wouldn’t let me take her picture. She would quickly run away or turn her face away if she notices the camera. Hmm… sounds like someone here, isn’t it? LOL…


I saw H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine for just RM1… and being a sucker for classics, I decided to bring it home too.


The child in me emerge once again… and as I found Wizard of Oz, I decided to bring Dorothy and her buddies back to my own little Oz.


And since there’s no way in hell I can afford to globe trot at the moment, I thought ‘Around The World in 80 Days’ could ease my sulking a little bit. Both Wizard of Oz and Around The World in 80 Days only costs me Rm1 respectively. Dirt cheap for amazing adventure, I must say.

And finally, last but not least… beware…


A book on fairies, and two books on spells and potion. So whoever mess with me should beware. I might have some voodoo dolls with your names on it waiting to be pricked with nasty needles over here.  LOL… Oh, well… Cleffy will always be evil, wouldn’t she? Oh yes… Cleffairy is one evil fairy.

Anyway, the total damage done to my purse is RM88. Nice number, don’t you say? Loads of books for the price of 2-3 books in MPH or Borders.

Cleffairy: I’m actually very easy to please. Get me a good book, and I’ll be on seventh heaven. But some people just don’t get me. :-(I just want a simple, normal and uncomplicated life. Unfortunately, the Fates decided to make my life as havoc as ever!


  1. doctor dating site says:

    aiyoh… i m seduced.. tempted.. so…envious of u… can go and buy so many, whereas i just sit here and drool over the pics.. 5 books for 22, for 30.. 25rm.. so cheap… normally one book cost around 30rm over when i go visit MPH or Borders or even Popular book stores. I always ended up not buying at all .. how i wish the novel house i frequented last time had not closed down… it was so near my house then… sigh..

  2. jen says:

    I enjoy reading as much as you do but i hardly read any novel. i prefer self-motivational books. i used to spend a lot on chicken soups during my high school and ended up selling them in the recent. bought at RM50++ per book and sold for RM10 each *sakit hati*

    any nice novel to recommend?

  3. fufu says:

    i wish i could pick up the habit too but….
    anyway i always read travelogues to get the useful info so i could enjoy every single trip 🙂 erm i wish to read like you buy i just dont have time…and my english is not that good either >.< but i will buy book for my kids as i want them read more…

    well i prefer to read the newspapers than the online news…. watch the news every night =p

  4. Cheeyee says:

    My reactions on reading this post are –

    – the price of the books are soooo cheap!!!
    – you have bought soooo much!!! LOL

    Hey ur hubby is so lucky that you have a very good and “cheap” hobby. 😀

    I love reading. I remembered I have read the Around the World in Eighty Days from my school library last time (From the cover pic, looks like exactly the same publisher! ) But after the HPotter series, I don’t read novel nowadays. Once I start reading, I will want to know the stories and keep on reading. (Thank God the last book was out before I have 2 kids. LOL) Not doing that now. But every month I’m still buying the parenting magazine to read.

    p/s: Oh I saw the kitten now! She looks adorable! 🙂 Feel like wanna touch her. LOL

  5. chrisau says:

    you should visit the Spore libraries here… im sure you will want to stay in spore after that. hahha… btw, you read a lot of romantic novels…hmm..issit for the romance only..or some other adult stuffs? LOL….

  6. peteformation says:

    Wow, cooking books at RM1 only! I want I want!
    So many mushy mushy books, if I read kepala pening lorrr, one day love one day don’t love, like Taiwanese movies…….he he he!
    Hey you bought the ducky toys for playing in bath tub ar? ha ha ha!

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