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To say that I feel insecure these few days is an understatement, especially when it comes to going out on my own to the bank to withdraw money. Call me a paranoid, but as of late, whenever I go out at night on my own, I don’t feels safe. I keep thinking of bad things… bad things like me getting robbed and murdered.


Let’s just admit it. Malaysia is not exactly a safe place to live in. Plenty of women were kidnapped, raped and murdered. Sure, I’ve learned self-defense and whatnot, but that does not insure me against anything. I mean, whenever things happened, I tend to panic, and that’s not even a joke.


Sure, the bank is always secured with loads of CCTV and armed security guards, but I still can’t shake  the nagging feelings that bad things are going to happen to me and my son whenever I go to the bank to withdraw money. I don’t feel safe anymore with all those bad news in the media. It’s not easy to be a woman, huh? You’re always an easy target for criminals. 🙁

But luckily for me, there is Maybank2u. Despite the fact that I cannot exactly get cash from the online transaction, it made my life easier as I can not only pay bills online, but I can shop for a lot of things online too. Online banking has definitely made my life easier, and safer. I definitely feel much more secure with online banking services like It saves me the trouble of going out unnecessarily for banking purposes.

With Maybank2u, everything is on the tips of my fingers. I can access it from various device, from my PC, and also from my tablet and smart-phone. 😀 All you need to do is just download the apps on apps store for iPhone, and Google Play for Android. 😀 The apps is free for you to download, in case you’re wondering.



I used to be in the dark about my account until I go to the ATM machine, but now I can make balance inquiry for my savings account, keep track of recent transactions that I’ve made, make 3rd party transfer and many more.

Ditigal banking is really easy, safe and convenient. Enjoy the convenience of digital banking today! Get yourself to the nearest Maybank branch and activate your Maybank2u account now. For more information, visit



  1. hookup vancouver bc says:

    Other banks have this online banking features as well, of which I hate. It’s not that I hate the entire online banking system, only the part where TAC request codes need to be sent to our mobile phones, which is a burden to overseas users.

    I know, it’s for online safety etc but here in NZ, we use online banking system in pretty much everything, and there was no code needed to do online banking. Easier, and faster.

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