Sodomized chic

For those who have been playful between the sheets as a result of my previous entry on how men can last longer on the bed, should check this out.

Another of my love food recipe, on my new foodie blog EROS EDIBLES. Check it out. There’s step by step recipe with pictures for you to follow over there.

This recipe is designed to provide you energy…. Sodomized chic…

Eros Edibles, Jan 2010


  1. suituapui says:

    Another sex-y post? It’s that time of the month, is it? When the female cats go, “Maaaaaaa….huuuuuuu???” and the male cats go, “Tak maaaaaaa….huuuuuu!!!!” LOL!!!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Woiks…. this post mana ada sexy? Ahahahaha….help ppl recover their energy oni ma… wait later, all of those ppl spend their time do dono what between the sheets then put the blame on me cuz too tired to go to work…. aiyerr, takut, takut!

  2. ncell says:

    Ha, this juxtaposition of ideas and chicken somehow reminded me of the Peter Greenaway’s movie ” The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover”

  3. fatty oldman says:

    i thot u will share some sodomised sexperience n i can get another more info as most of my female frens share their sex life to me even the one married…lol

  4. donna says:

    no comment on these, but i secretly read 2-3 times of your previous post d la.. just din leave any comment.. AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH…
    innocent one.. hehehe..

    • Cleffairy says:

      This donna… no comment hor? Now I know the chic really looks bad. LOL…

      Ahahahah… now you say read 2-3 times d, not a secret anymore liao! Ahahahaha…. innocent ah? Like cannot percaya!

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL….now you cracked me up!

      Why I hate Anwar? Good question. I’m gonna answer that in my next entry. Cuz there’s too much reasons to write it here. Anyway… just to let you know first. I feel that Anwar is not good for Bolehland. He’s all bark and no bites. And pak Lah is the wimpy one. *sigh* for what it’s worth… I am hoping for a visionary leader like Tun Dr. M. Others are not up to standard for me. 🙁 I’ll write about this in my next entry… now that you mentioned.

  5. fatty oldman says:

    if both no brain how can end the world continue civilian…pupus liao…

    anyhow its beter had anwar than those both u is racist one is sleeping fugly..

    • Cleffairy says:

      Yahorr… no sex no life, fuck to survive. Ur rite oso.

      No… Anwar is crap. You know why? I can never accept such a leader. To me, he is the ultimate chicken. Did you see how he keep quiet each time Pakatan got probs? Quiet quiet there, let those bottom people settle the problem themselves when he can actually do something about it. Everytime got problem… did he speak up? No. Never. Not even once. u see… Perak now still got MB prob. Did he do anything to resolve it for Nizar? He dun even help lerr, that sakai! Chicken! I say get rid of him, and Pakatan will flourish. His wife is a better leader than him. That loose of an ass is all barks and no bites. Anwar disgust me. And God, why the hell he need a woman to create Pakatan for him? What a wimp!

      Tun M…as racist as he is, he brought Malaysia forward and respected by the world. Back in 1997, I was very amazed by the way he implemented the ringgit peg and was applauded even by Clinton back then. I’d rather have such racist. If not for him, we wun even have Internet today, cuz he’s the one with big ideas and vouch for techie tech. He’s racist, yes… but back then, everyone have more voice, and he keep everyone in control and before 1998, everything was fine, no strike and demonstration oso. And he definitely dun sumbat Indians into ISA for voicing up their opinions. Remember Hindraf? Sleeping Fugly got them into deep shit.

      It’s so different when that Sleeping Fugly takes the helm. A bit thing, everything ISA, and he got us into serious economic prob with his flip flop.

      Dun let me get into Mr. bombastic. He’s a very sly man. He can be a very good general, nevertheless. pandai beli weapons!

  6. fatty oldman says:

    hehe…silence the best key..u never noe what he did behind..cunning ppl like him let those front ppl battle but he just wait till timing rite u will be suprise how he shoot back.. 😉

    im not much in politic only til currently so i duno what that racist did before but i knew his underworld n undertable very strong..i used to work in a high drug world disco in kl b4 and once he step down from PM that plc closed as got raid

    • Cleffairy says:

      Nah… Anwar is not that capable. if wanna say silence is the best key before you strike back, Chua Soi Lek is the man for it. That man, fuiyohhhh if you see properly, CSL was the man who wreak havoc in MCA in the first place in late 2009 and still unresolved now. Anwar? Tsk. Only qualified to be a sodomized chicken onli. Seriously. Now he’s going hoohah about Allah issue. It disgust me to no end. Cuz he’s rather choosy on what he speaks up and what he dun speak up. God knows better, lucky he never had the chance to be PM. He dun gv a damn about his party. If he does, Perak issue would have been resolved. Perak Pakatan is on their own, you know? You see Perak, Kedah, Penang government is having issue. How many times did he step up? None. Allah issue, why did he step up? Cuz he can get the extremist to his side. No different than KJ. Manipulative bastard who make use of the idiots and the uneducated. This sakai needs people behind him wan. He’s alone, he dun dare voice up anything wan. Coward. Right timing ah? Haiyorr… please lohh… if he knew how to time it right, he wouldn’t have been into ISA in the first place.

      I’ve been following Tun Dr. M’s political career with interest since I was a sniveling brat, cuz that man is visionary. And I also know he’s very strong in under table negotiation and stuff and his closed doors policy. There’s one time there’s issue with MCA. Whoa… he’s very geng lerr… Yes, indeed, he’s very geng. But what he did resolves many issues without having the public knew about it and goes on full scale rampage. Better than the others. the rest… aiyohhh… Street Kings lerr… 🙁 Sien sien sien!

  7. ah nel says:

    duno lar as diffrent ppl got diffrent opinion n y we waste time on this pathetic political we had…lol

    beter use our enegy make babies rather than debate…:D

    anything we just had to wait n c coz we cant judge everything from now.. 😉

    • Cleffairy says:

      Adoi… I’m neutral lah. I’m an editor… media practitioner. So our political issues will effect my rice bowl lerr….I write wrong thing or wud, can get goreng wan ma! Aiyohhh!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Well… better dun depend on men. This is one mistake that women always do. Love alone does not feed you or keep you alive, uncle.

      Wait anything happen, kick me out of the house without anything on my back and I’ll be on the street begging for food! You know something?

      I learn very important lesson in 2009. Which is… nothing last forever. Good and bad…nothing last forever. I wun take my chances. Besides, I am nothing special. Not pretty, not wud, nothing! And I am definitely not DIL of the year material either-well, let’s just say I am tired of trying to please people and not being myself, and so, from now on…I should live for myself, and not for others.

  8. fatty oldman says:

    haha…whats u say its true as betr depend on ownself rather thans others even its family…many ppl blind by love that they thot will fill their tummy.. 🙂

    not that serious till kick out from house lar…say till so big like that…lol

    pretty o not pretty,gud o not gud oso a human being…thats true as i live for myself not others so if those cant get along with me then fuck off lor.. 😉

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