Red2Green: Guardians of The Streets

When we talk about heroes, we neglect the fact that they are ordinary people who do amazing things to make a difference in other people’s life.

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Following the previous post on #Red2Green: The Unsung heroes, here’s another heroes that ought to be given limelight and respect for their contribution literally behind the scene: the medic team.

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The medic team, dubbed as Guardians of The Streets.

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Medic team getting down in action

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Guardians of The Streets, giving first aid and medical support to the #Red2Green participants who had just arrived Bentong. The medics functioned as a pillar and an unseen backbone of the #Red2Green. While #Red2Green participants marched forward to spread awareness on the danger of bauxite mining, the medic ensure that everyone is fit to join the walk and gives them first aid and medical support along the way throughout their 313km walk from Kuantan to the Parliament.

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The medic fixing up one of the participant, Auntie Yap, for #Red2Green before allowing her back on the street to continue the gruesome journey.

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On the right: Mr. Gengta Tan, one of the Guardians of The Street, giving thumbs up as a moral support to all heroes who walked for #Red2Green.

Heroes are not defined by popularity and glamour but they are defined by what they do for the society without taking credits for what they did and continuosly do so without expecting anything as a reward, and the Guardians of The Streets are definitely your everyday superheroes.

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