Remembering teachers…

While most of you… especially Malaysian bloggers are busy having delirious tweeting, fb-ing as well as doing some live blogging on Thomas Cup and Uber Cup, please, excuse me out of the trending issue and kindly bear with me for wanting to stay out of it as much as possible and allow me to write about something that means much more than a smash, a serve or even a real sportmanship’s show between players.

I’m not interested in Thomas Cup… or football for that matter, unless I’m the one who is on the field kicking football or playing before the empire. I could tolerate such adrenaline much more than the suspense of merely watching a game that I used to play with cheeky schoolmates.

I could still remember. It seems like it was yesterday that I played football on the field with my classmates who often let me tag along with them when they play football in the field every evening after school. (Apparently, none of them treated me like a real woman until it was year 2002, damn you, boys. LOL…)

And it is also seems like just yesterday that my good classmate smashed a shuttlecock into my very head, giving me awful bumps that last for days and never did apologized for it. ( I wouldn’t want to talk about the damn football into my head… I’m still boiling!)

Those were the good old days. The good old school days where sports is not on twitter, fb, or even blogs. We played the sports, and sometimes, we experience the game firsthand by playing it.

I used to play badminton and football, as well as table tennis. I also had instructors and teachers who taught me the ways of the game, and in conjunction of Teacher’s Day, please allow me to say thank you to those teachers and sports instructors who taught me never to give up in whatever I’m pursuing and persevere. They taught me that nobody is weak as long as one is willing to stand up after taking a nasty fall, or in my case, after some nasty hit of a football on my head during an evening football games.

I am forever indebted to those teachers… those who taught me that it is all right to be myself and stays truthful to myself in whatever I do. You see…I’ve always been different and I still am different. I never follow trend and whatnot. I do as I please as long as it keeps me feel alive, for I hate to be a follower and enjoy a 15minutes limelight. And I have always feel that it is better to be a trend-setter rather than a trend follower.

While some teachers hate me for that, most would always tell me that it’s all right to be different and truthful to myself, and I’m in my greatest shape when I’m truthful to myself.

Thank you, teachers, for telling me that. I’m all grown up now and living in a superficial world, there’s not much people telling me that anymore, but life is coming to a full circle, I suppose. I am a teacher myself now, and I told my students that each time they doubt themselves and their abilities to chase their ambitions and dreams. Thank you for your encouragements and words, for I wouldn’t really be a courageous me without that.

Thank you teachers, for teaching me and giving me wisdom. Happy teacher’s day.

And a special thank you to a certain friend who sent me a Mother’s Day card, and to my students who send me sms as well as your beautifully decorated Teacher’s Day greetings as token of appreciation. 😀 ( And I’ve told you not to buy me gifts, kids, but thank you for your pressies. I will treasure them)

Cleffairy: Grrr… I am still pissed at you, Balbir Singh, for kicking the ball into my head back in 1998 and have the cheek to crown me ‘Header Queen of 1998’. And I still remember that stupid shuttlecock case too! And if you’re reading this, I will kill you for still laughing!


  1. Caroline says:

    auww.. so touching la diz post! 🙂 lol! so cham one ah u last time?? hahaha. xD kay next time come have a match for badminton n table tennis! so long dint play table tennis dy, kinda miss it. 🙁

    Happy teacher’s day! =D to you and STP as well! =D

    • jamaican dating app says:

      Me oso, very long never play oredi. No kaki to play wif ma. I used to like to play football oso…join boys and play, but now sien la… my hubby oso not a football player. LOL…

      Lol… thank you for the greeting. 😀

    • jamaican dating app says:

      I wun easily forget wan. Kena my head. And I wasn’t playing football in the first place. Was at the side of the padang, watching, that feller purposely summore. Can laugh summore after that! Ccb’ wan.

  2. claire says:

    No wonder u dont like games now.. so it is all bec of Balbir singh.. he has the same name of my superior whom we love to detest too!
    Yeah, no more thomas cup.. u can come back to my blog.. ishhh.. now i will start blogging about my love life.. how does that sound?? 🙂

    • jamaican dating app says:

      Just dun like football and badminton only. Cuz the ball kena my head til I get concussion, and the shuttlecock… the cilaka make til kena my eyes til lebam. LOL… jialat la… but I still will play if got kaki. 😛

      Wahhhh… love life… come, let me go kaypo.

      • Mommy Ling says:

        Waseh…if u r one of the national player in badminton..sure Malaysia Boleh!! Cos Cleffairy BOLEH..will wack kow kow the opponents..hahhaha.

        Jor, Claire with her love story…hmmm how ham sup that it would be.

  3. Cheeyee says:

    Oh yeah, forgot to wish u Happy Teacher’s Day.

    Happy Teacher’s Day!!!!

    Sorry, my mind being remember about rushing here and there and taking care of the housework on last weekend.

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