Reviving The Tales of Olympus with XES Signature

Remember quite some time ago I went for XES Hi Tea? I think that was somewhere in March and I was informed that XES Shoes will be releasing their new collection pretty soon? Well they finally did last May. So sorry for the late posting. Life have been really hectic and I’m almost never at home. There is so many things going on. Ushering Ramadan 2015; there is almost daily food reviews in hotels and restaurants and since it is MyFest2015 and I’m a family friendly tourism activist, I’ve been festival hopping with my family almost every weekend.

Okay, enough with my whining. XES have been both mine and my husband’s favourite shoe brand for our travels and they had just revealed their new collection and naturally, I was hyped up about it.

 photo IMG_377851531973277_zpscq8hvfnc.jpeg

Their theme this time? Greek Mythology.The Tales of Olympus. Arriving at the venue of their launching makes me feel as if I was transported directly to the ancient Greece where the Greek Gods and Goddesses are actually alive. You see, when I was a child I was quite a bookworm. Mythology was my favourite genre, and my favourite story ought to be the moon Goddess Selene and Endymion; the story of the moon goddess who fell in love with a mortal man who was then granted eternal sleep as their affair progressed. It was a rather sweet but tragic story, but I like it nevertheless.

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Checking out the venue, I spotted a few things that reflect the lives in Olympus being integrated in the event launching activities. Bow and arrow. Or rather, an archery competition.

 photo IMG_377893335545970_zpsikabuuqd.jpeg

Guests who hits the target actually stands a chance to win some products from XES.

 photo IMG_377698850762191_zpsib7uygzp.jpeg

Speed competition. Those who manage to tie up shoe lace in record time also wins something from XES.

 photo IMG_377838987361199_zps1qrrcbus.jpeg

Complimentary make over by Sense and Style for guests

 photo IMG_377876928752662_zpsyxcuqjqg.jpeg

Beautification in progress

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Well, I suppose this is enough to make the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite goes green in envy.

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Luffy Buskers busking in the background.

 photo IMG_377998508471977_zpswnjhf1nt.jpeg

And what’s good music without some sexy dance performance that could even make the Greek goddesses blush? Here’s some magnificent dance performed by one of XES’s event sponsor, Fitness First.

 photo IMG_378016444654133_zpsbduevstz.jpeg

Seductive and alluring dance performance by the lovely Ms. Mico, Miss XES Elegance 2014/2015 before the unveiling of the new collection from XES Signature: Tales of Olympus.

 photo PhotoGrid_1433230121070_zpsnhbba62f.jpg

The showcase of: The Tales of Olympus collections by XES Signature in conjunction of their 13th years anniversary.

 photo IMG_383359807692381_zps84hss3zs.jpeg

Apart from the alluring high heels collection for the ladies, the men will be pleased to see that there is something for them in the form of shoes and sandals for them too.

XES, the trendy family shoes store, is giving one of the world’s most ancient forms of footwear a modern makeover. With sandals being the prominent footwear in ancient Greece. XES has designed various modern sandals interlaced with delicate straps crossing the toes and wrapping the ankles, made with natural material ages beautifully and will encourage women to wrap in the beauty and simplicity of the Grecian fashion. 

Here’s unveiling some of the Tales of Olympus collections

 photo IMG_377776480128963_zpstlsb01no.jpeg

Tales of Love

 photo IMG_377794493885580_zpsofjz1z5b.jpeg

Tales of Beauty

 photo IMG_377770722238580_zps6c7vi0mt.jpeg

Tales of Glory

 photo IMG_377790078776580_zpsyn5rqrk4.jpeg

Tales of Destiny

 photo IMG_377759406880194_zpssor7ksok.jpeg

Tales of Victory

 photo IMG_377798923345120_zpsjyl55jse.jpeg

Tales of Belief

 photo IMG_377764789524502_zpsflnteap7.jpeg

Tales of Heart

 photo IMG_377782248775964_zpsqy9csryg.jpeg

Tales of Colours

 photo IMG_377813717032274_zpsryfklwpy.jpeg

Tales of Music

 photo IMG_377802898351889_zpsqchk438o.jpeg

Tales of Life

 photo IMG_377786334250426_zpsdbnroyas.jpeg

Tales of Courage

 photo IMG_377809034210659_zpscef0yeuf.jpeg

Tales of Enchantment

 photo IMG_377604594459031_zpsfukazlgh.jpeg

Not into high heels? That’s fine. There’s more from XES in their other range of collections.

 photo IMG_377686971375267_zpsfhs20ri0.jpeg

Comfortable, colourful slippers. Just something you might wanna wear to the beach.

 photo IMG_377670797862957_zpstixfbuhq.jpeg

Prim and demure ballerina flats. Great for both work and casual wear.

 photo IMG_377619643554647_zpsq5wprsgt.jpeg

Comfy sandals for those days where you need to do a lot of running around.

 photo IMG_377691956804575_zps0dkmunc5.jpeg

Matching handbags to pair with your outfits and shoes with.

 photo IMG_377653213762110_zpsa1fcnmw5.jpeg

And of course, there is something for the gentlemen too.

These collections are available at all XES outlet. I will be telling you my traveling experience with XES shoes and bags, but in the meantime, you may get information on XES products and collections here:

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