Tioman Island Clean Up Day 2016: Taking Pollution Down to Zero

As mentioned in my previous post, Tioman Island Clean Up Day is a Corporate Social Responsibility Program by Berjaya Tioman Resort. Besides conserving the coral garden and the beautiful pristine beaches of Tioman Island, the Tioman Island Clean Up Day also aims to bring pollution in the island down to zero. By all powers combined, everyone in the island played a part in it, even the school children.

 photo received_1292689500781830_zpsaokizqwz.jpeg

Here’s the children from SMK Tekek, Tioman. These children are actively involved in helping to keep the island clean and Berjaya Tioman Resort have been hosting them for their various environment related activities. The children who are trained divers practically left no shells unturned and no corals unexplored during Tioman Island Clean Up Day 2016 in order to help keep everything clean. Those who were non divers, however, played their parts by collecting recycalable plastic bottles that was dumped from all corners of Tioman Island and turned them into giant decorative seahorses; the adopted marine life mascot for Tioman Island Clean Up Day 2016.

 photo IMG_1115_zps4t5rav0x_edit_1477359476497_zpszdci6rua.jpg

Here’s the school children at Restaurant Matahari in Berjaya Tioman Resort before the making of plastic bottle seahorses commenced. Some brief explanation on how to construct the giant seahorse sculpture and funfacts on seahorses were given and I learned some interesting facts about seahorses when I joined in for their session.

Here’s sharing some interesting facts on seahorses:

* Seahorses belongs to fish family. Yes. They are fishes although they may not look like one.
* They are monogamous
* Male seahorses carries the eggs of their youngs instead of the females
* They doesn’t have any intestine to keep their food and therefore, they have to keep eating to absorb nutrients and are ferocious eaters
* Seahorses are inept swimmers

It was a fun an educational session, to say the least and here’s the children, working together to construct giant decorative seahorses.

 photo IMG_1153_zpsc881kvtq.jpg

Loads of plastic bottles. These will be turned into giant seahorse sculptures.
 photo 20161022_100759_zpsvp1ikopa.jpg

It was no easy feat as it takes not only hardwork, but teamwork and perseverence too in order to complete their task.

 photo IMG_1205_zpsrc818tzs.jpg

Grueling moments before getting the seahorse sculpture done.

 photo IMG_1085_zps5xgtqmmo.jpg

And finally, the final product

 photo received_1292686397448807_zps0eao3djz.jpeg

If there is anything that we can learn from all these is that nobody is too small to play a part in keeping the environment green. We are all planeteers. We are all superheroes. Looting and polluting is not the way,and the power is always in our hands on whether to plunder or nurture.

Photo credit to: Adam Lau and Raja Sheril

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