Say No To Plagiarism

There are plenty of unpleasant things that is going on in the blogging world lately. Some is rather embarrassing to even mention as I believe, when a blogger screwed up…the others will be affected too. As they say, one rotten apple spoils the whole bunch. So I’ll just leave that where it belongs and hope people will just forget some stupidities even happen.

Yes…some is not worthy for discussion but some things that is going on in the industry, I believe must be spoken up.

The one thing that is worthy precious time to mention in my opinion:


Such a disgusting thing and as someone who wrote 33 mini novellas and self published a couple of novels online, I am completely against plagiarism.

As a writer, I have experienced my work being plagiarized a few times, and while this is quite strong to say, I have always feel that plagiarism is a form of rape and robbery Read that: Rape and robbery. Yes. Rape and robbery. I stand by this statement as those who plagiarize forcefully take and use someone’s ideas their own personal gains.

Within the span of one month, I’ve seen a couple of plagiarism cases

Plagiarism is a form of intellectual crime and I do not believe in condoning them. Not even one bit, because if you just let it be, it will occur again and again countlessly.

A lot of bloggers keep quiet whenever their work is being plagiarized. That is a huge mistake, because you let that happen once and just keep quiet about it, people will think it is all right to just copy and paste your work without even bothering to give you credit for it.

I have been plagiarized and I do not tolerate such act. I took legal actions against those who claims that they ate the proprietor of my intellectual property. Some people would think that it is not worth the fight and one should just be all sweet and forgiving by just turning a cheek against it…and thinks people will always know the truth. But sorry to break it to you people that this world is not a romance novel nor it is a fairy tale.

Grow up. The real world does not always paint the good people in the good light and the criminal in the bad light. The world may see things differently and worship the bad guys just because they could give you enjoyment or benefit.

The real world does not always have a happily ever after for good people and if fighting for your rights is considered being a badass, then so be it. It does not matter how people see you, but how you see yourself and stood for what is right.

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  1. small kucing says: free indian dating sites without payment

    some doesnt know what action to take. Legal action involve overseas country would be costly.

    There is one blogger from a neighbouring country blatantly copied and paste snippet of movie reviews in her post. when people pointed out , that fella even dare to defend say she is of the same opinion to the website where she copied from leh

    ada pulak own blog profile intro also lazy and/or dunno how to write. Copied bulat bulat from other’s blog. when confronted , have the cheek to say it’;s own word. BAH!

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