Sekolah Bimbingan Jalinan Kasih Kuala Lumpur Fights for Stateless Children’s Education Rights

Who would have thought that there are plenty of children in Malaysia being denied education rights because they come from complicated family backgrounds? While I am aware of the issue where there are plenty of Malaysians did not receive formal education because they have no birth certificate or legal identification to enable them for registrations in school, I was not exactly aware of how huge the numbers are until I visited Sekolah Jalinan Bimbingan Kasih Kuala Lumpur during a CSR Program organized by Wonderland Primary Sdn Bhd.

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As part of their corporate social responsibility program, Wonderland Primary Sdn Bhd has organized a day with the students here along with their celebrity spokesperson and ambassador, Miss Reen Rahim.

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In conjunction of the festive season, the children are entertained by plenty of buskers performance and also given goodies as well as duit raya as a token of love and appreciation. There’s also clown appearance and fun game activities for the children.

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According to the Sekolah Jalinan Bimbingan Kasih Kuala Lumpur’s principal, the school accepts stateless children and children who came from problematic background or children who never had the opportunity to attend formal education before. While the school still cannot cater to children with special needs with similar background and problems due to lack manpower and volunteers with knowledge for handling special needs children, they do hope to be able to be able to do so in the future.

While we cannot do much about the politics and bureaucracy behind why stateless children are being denied entrance into schools, I believe that  education is basic children’s rights and they should not be denied that regardless of their backgrounds. I hope Sekolah Jalinan Bimbingan Kasih Kuala Lumpur will continuously be given the support to fight for the children’s rights to education.

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