Simple yet satisfying…

I know that this is probably not the healthiest meal one could have for uh… 3am quickie meal. After all, it’s extremely fattening with all those carbs and protein. Probably damn oily and is high in cholesterol too. But what the heck… it’s comforting and it’s nice. 😀 And I can afford to eat it without having to worry about growing sideways, so why not? It’s God’s gift to me, He must have wanted me to enjoy food and I should make full use of it.

I like to break the rules. Rebellious little creature I am, and you know what I did after I shove all these yummilicious rice topped with an oily omelet with a flood of spicy curry thickened with coconut milk and load of potatoes? Well, I washed it down with a glass of iced Vanilla Coke and went to bed and SLEEP.

God, that feels so good! Digesting my unhealthy food while I sleep. And you know what’s the best part of all these? NO DISGUSTING GREEN VEGGIES ON MY PLATE!

Cleffairy: I don’t like veggies. I hate them! Loathe them, in fact. All of my 26 years of life, my mum and dad NEVER forced me to eat veggies. In fact, they’re quite carnivorous too. Veggies, to me is an acquired taste, and I merely tolerate most green stuff. Don’t like my eating habit? So sue me! *blow raspberries* Nobody have the rights to dictate how I should eat my food, and when to eat my food and how to live my bloody short life. So buzz off!


  1. claire says:

    hey, i do eat like that too… BUT NOT 3AM LA!!! hahahaa… u really er.. that is the time when people starts to dream of food and not eating potato rice with eggs… gosh!

  2. Annie Q says:

    WOW! Mid night supper? Or should i said early breakfast? hahahhaha

    If i am hungry, i will just make a cup of coffee or eat some junk or cup noodles. Tsk tsk tsk, but i have to said, you make us jeles la, how you eat also won’t put on weight. How i wish i can do that too, then i can eat when ever i want and no need to worry the weight. *sob sob*

  3. Chloe'sMummy says:

    You are very lucky. You have good health to eat whatever you like. I can only envy you from afar… I was once like you too (when I was younger). Health-food? Veggies? What are those?? And then it came… a dreadful diagnosis that almost cost me my life a few years back. I am now a healthfreak not by choice but by no choice. I want to eat, but I can’t… sigh….

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