Historical Attraction and Networking Support in Harrogate

Remember my recent entry on the beautiful town of Harrogate, folks? Harrogate is not just famous for its spa, but it’s also famous for it’s historical attractions. Most prominent historical attraction in Harrogate is the Royal Pump Museum as well as the Fountain Abbey.

The well famed Fountains Abbey was founded by a small group of Cistercian monks in the year 1133, and it is a world heritage site. The Abbey was dissolved by Henry VIII in 1539. Yea… Henry VIII… the same King of England who had 6 wives, and was well noted not only for bringing literature and plays in his court, but also famous for chopping the heads of his two Queens down.

The Fountain Abbey is a well conserved ruins. And it is said to be the largest monastic ruins in England.

It’s set near River Skell valley, with the river running underneath the Abbey.The scenery  in the Abbey is really captivating, and if you happened to go exploring the many passages, staircases and towers, the place will easily transport you back to the medieval world of the monks.

While Harrogate is well noted for it’s bath houses as well as various historical attraction, Harrogate is not exactly trapped in the medieval era. Harrogate is well noted for keeping up the technology too.

If you happen to drop by in Harrogate, you’d be surprised that despite of the ancient look that the town adopted, there’s well set up network support for tourist who’re there to mix business with pleasure.

And if you’re worried about being disconnected from the IT world while you’re in Harrogate, well,fret not. There’s no reason you should be worried as the network support over there is superb, and there’s always IT Support Harrogate to seek advice from if you ever need IT Support advices and services.


    • Cleffairy says:

      *sigh* I dream of the day I step my feet there again. I love the castles, especially. Went to a few, and I like Warwick Castle the most. Warwick Castle’s garden have most spectacular garden I’ve ever seen.

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