Corrective Contraption for Teenagers with Bad Posture

Carrying heavy school bags can take quite a toll on a child’s body. As time goes by, they develop hunchback and bad posture. But we don’t have much choice in Malaysia but to allow our children carry schoolbags as heavy as 7-8kg daily as most public schools in Malaysia does not have lockers for the children to manage or store their books for daily lessons.

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Bad posture and backache has been plaguing my pre-teen son for quite some time now and therefore, I thought of helping him correct it before it got worst with this; Jonlivia PHIRO.

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This contraption is highly recommended by chiropractors to help correct bad posture, scoliosis and other malformed spinal curvatures as well as help to train your body to keep a good posture by gently pulling back the shoulders, straightens the neck to align with the spine.

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After using this regularly, his posture not only improve but, my son complains less about shoulder pain, back pain and headaches as well. Good, don’t you think? This may be advertised for adults with posture issue, but personally, I think this is great for teenagers or school kids as well.

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Jonlivia PHIRO is made from polyester spandex and is available in size S,M,L/XL,XXL,XXXL. It is easy to take care of and is washable with washing machine.

Interested to get one? Well, hop over here for more info:

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