SNOWPLUS Elevates Coffee Evolution in Malaysia

Are you a fan of coffees and must eat, drink, sleep and breathe coffees? Well, I have great news for all you coffee lovers out there.

Today, SNOWPLUS*+, a company headquartered in Beijing, China, introduces Malaysians to its coffee edition, the world’s first vaporized caffeine delivery system.

The product is the company’s most recent innovation in its continuing endeavor to provide a safer alternative to smoking.

The SNOWPLUS Coffee Edition is a closed pod system. Its starter kit comprises an electronic vaporizer and two caffeinated coffee flavoured pods. The flavour within is extracted and atomized from real coffee beans and contains zero nicotine.

Take look at this. SNOWPLUS pods are designed to be tamper proof to maintain the safety and quality of its content. The product is 100% compliant with global safety standards, including the European Union and the FDA certifications.

“We believe the market today is gravitating towards better and safer alternatives and the SNOWPLUS Coffee Edition, being a totally nicotine-free product offers users a very compelling reason to switch,” says founder Derek Li.

“In a recent news report, market research company Green Zebras Sdn Bhd found that a majority of Malaysian smokers (69%) say that they want to see legislation that would allow for the distribution and sale of nicotine e-cigarettes so that they can have a viable alternative to help them quit regular cigarettes. Meanwhile, Malaysian health officials expect to table a new act for the regulation of e-cigarette products by 2020.” SNOWPLUS Malaysia General Manager, Dr. Edward Choo says.

“SNOWPLUS has always believed in the responsible manufacture, sale and use of e-cigarette products. The company has done extensive research on the subject and we would love to engage the Government on this matter.”

SNOWPLUS is the 3rd largest e-cigarette brands in the world. The company comprises a leadership team from the best in the industry. The SNOWPLUS product is the brainchild of an international team of experts in the field of technology, hardware and FMCG.SNOWPLUS was established in April 2019 in China. Founded on an ideal to bring a safer alternative to smoking, SNOWPLUS is headed by an international team of experts in technology, hardware and FMCG. Its products are 100% compliant with 3rd party safety certifications of the FDA and the European Union. To date, the company has secured USD 40 million in Series A financing, and is one of the top 3 e-cigarette brands in the world. It also manufactures the world’s first vaporizing caffeine delivery system.

Now, for those who are looking for an alternative to the regular ciggies, you might want to consider SNOWPLUS Coffee Edition. It is definitely a cleaner and safer alternative if you’d like to quit smoking or simply just want to breathe in the fragrant aroma of coffees without running to your nearest coffee joint to get you daily coffee fix. It is after all, contains no nicotine.

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