Sparks Joy in The Kitchen with AFY Haniff Dishwasher and Foaming Handwash

If you have been following my social media, you’d realized that apart from being such a glutton of a foodie, I enjoy cooking for my family as well. Apart from prepping food for the busy week, I’ll prepare a feast for my family too whenever the mood strike. Cleaning up after cooking and doing the dishes on the other hand, is another story, though. I’m not much of a Domesticated Goddess and I hate doing dirty dishes.

Now, now, before you go on and accuse me for being lazy, let me assure you that it’s not exactly the case. I hate doing dishes not because I’m lazy but because my skin is really sensitive towards soap and dishwasher and they usually irritate my skin to the point that they itches and peeled off. It’s doubtlessly a nasty experience and no amount of hand lotions can help with the peeling skin on my fingers.

My solution to the problem was to just delegate the dirty dishes chores to my husband and son, but they too suffer from sensitive skin; whereby their skin itches whenever they helped me with the dirty dishes.


I was at loss, until one day I spotted these dishwashing liquid and handwash by AFY Haniff and decided to give them a go. These can be bought at selected major stores in Malaysia like Giant, Jaya Grocer and The Store. They can also be bought online at LAZADA, SHOPPEE, EZYBUY and 11Street.


AFY Haniff 40 Days Dishwash Pandan&Lime

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AFY Haniff 40 Days Dishwash Serai Wangi& Lemon

These dishwasher  at least wash 500 dirty dishes with the 500ml dishwasher and up to 1000 dirty dishes with the 900ml dishwasher.


It’s not only a powerful cleaning agent that helps to removes oil and dirt on the dishes and food containers but help eliminate the smell on the dishes and food containers as well. And the best part of it all, my skin does not have any sensitive reaction to it at all. It’s really surprising, considering while most dishwashing liquid really does their job well in cleaning up dishes and removes greases on the dirty plates and whatnot, but they are mostly eroding agents that peels off my sensitive skin. The only thing that was left behind by these  AFY Haniff 40 Days dishwashing liquid was merely lingering fragrance that’s so fragrant to smell. The Serai Wangi version left the lemongrass fragrance behind while the unique Pandan and Lime  version smell really fresh and wonderful. Using these Plash dishwashing liquid by AFY Haniff is pretty much a pleasant experience. My kitchen actually smell as if I’ve lighted up an aroma therapy candles in it.

To say that I’m a happy camper is definitely an understatement. I used to hate doing dishes very much and now even though I have piling dishes in the sink after cooking up a storm, I find it’s not much of a chore anymore. In fact, I look forward to it very much as the soothing scents are rather relaxing and thereupeutic.


These AFY Haniff Plash Foaming Handwash in  Fresh Aloe & Sweet Sakura on the other hand are really pleasant to use too.


The bubbles are really creamy and rich and is really gentle on the skin.


They not only help to keep the hand clean from harmful bacterias but moisturized the skin as well and keep them soft and smooth to touch.


These are really a treasure to be had in the kitchen and I highly recommends them to be a permanent resident in every household’s kitchen. They sparks joy in my kitchen, and I’m sure they will do the same in yours. For more info on these  awesome products, simply visit the links below:

AFY Haniff




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