Specially Designed School Holiday Enrichments For My Son

It’s school holiday again, and unlike other parents with children of my son’s age, I don’t really have any specific ‘enrichment’ plans for them that will help them prepare for the next school term or exam. Like I said many times before, my son is different and therefore, our priorities is different too. If you have been following my blog, you’d realize that I don’t push my son academically. Knowing that he doesn’t swing and excel that way, I concentrated on giving him hands on experience and help him build life skills instead. Some other parents might be feeling distressed by the society’s expectation on modern children and succumbed to peer pressure, but I don’t give a hoot about that. This is because I’ve seen how my son flourished and improved once I concentrate on what he is good at instead of his flaws. We are much happier now.

So yes. If other parents of with children of about 9 years old are busy getting their children in holiday class or boot camp during the school break, my autistic child and I are busy having fun. There is no competing with friends on who gets better score or who reads more but there is various fun activities for us.

My ‘school holiday enrichment’ program doesn’t cost much money, but it does take up a lot of my time. Our school holiday activities consists of fun road trips, learning to travel by public transport, cooking and baking, shopping, attending cocktail parties and mingle with expat and foreign children who came to visit the countries, revamping the house with various kind of furniture and deco and of course, our all time favourite pastime activity, go for food hunts and joining shopping mall events.

All these consume time, but it’s fun, especially decorating the wall at home. You see, the wall has always been plain and we thought that some deco would bring some fun mood to the house.

It’s our school holiday pet project. I got my son to be involved in it every step of the way, from choosing wall deco to having it installed on the wall.

Instead of going for shopping at specialty store for the deco, I decided to shop for it online instead to avoid the hassle of going out and face the school holiday crowd’s.There are plenty of websites selling wall deco items around, but we kinda fell in love with the ones that’s selling tree themes wall deco.

So what do you think? Isn’t this lovely? I happen to think that this is just perfect, and I’m very proud that my son demonstrate patience throughout the whole process.

Childhood is all about getting the experience and building memories, and I’m glad that this time around we decided to decorate the wall together. The next time we look at the wall, we’ll remember the memorable times we had together.

So, parents, these are my very own ‘school holiday enrichment programs’. How is your school holiday with your children so far? Are you having a blast too?

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  1. bPa says: radioactive dating

    This is really fascinating! I never thought of going against peer pressue and society’s expectations!

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