Sunday Interrupted

To say that I was really displeased with what happened yesterday is an understatement. I bloody hate it when I can’t even have a proper rest on Sunday. I have no idea who is the uncivilized person who keep blasting my hubby’s phone yesterday morning. One call after another and not on just his business number, but personal numbers as well! Imagine a few phones ringing all at once and my son and I being startled awake because of it cuz my husband was sleeping his fatigue off. Sunday is the only time he could get proper rest, and I hate it when he’s interrupted that way.

I wonder if this person’s parents taught him or her any manners at all, considering that he or she made the insistent phone call one after another as if one must answer their calls at the first ring, regardless of what they are doing. My husband would most definitely give him more than a piece of his mind if I were to do the same thing. I learned that the hard way and these days, I don’t bother calling him anymore if he did not pick up my phone. It’s just not worth the fight or the quarrel and if I desperately need to call someone to talk to, I just talk to my godbrother or something. At least it will take the stress off my head.

I wonder why my husband did not give this person a piece of his mind the way he did me? Was she… or he… so important? Now, that’s pretty curious thought, isn’t it?

Some people really have no decency. It’s was bloody Sunday morning, for God’s sake. If  one does not  pick up the goddamn phone call, that means they are either sleeping or is not interested in taking phone calls , so take a hint and send a message or email.  To me, there’s nothing short of your mother’s tragic death or your dad being castrated in public calls for such a drastic and desperate phone call…things can wait til a decent hour, can’t it, even if it’s work related? Say… at least after 10am on a Sunday seems decent enough.

Made me wonder if this person has bipolar or something, to be making a series of desperate phone calls like that on a Sunday  morning. He or she ought to divert his or her bipolar disorder by playing Online pokies. That would have been more beneficial for him or her, in my opinion.

I hate it when my Sunday is interrupted with such indecency. Next time such a thing happened, I swear to God I’ll pick up the goddamn phone myself and give this person a piece of my mind for interrupting our rest, so help me God!

On another note, I feel like I’ve been wasting time a lot of time staying at home on weekends, especially with all the unwelcoming noises…phone calls…neighbour’s drilling the wall…occasional funeral worship songs in the vicinity of the apartment. I’m really sick and tired of complaining as I gets nothing out of it in the end. All my complains are in vain and usually fall on deaf ears, and since the husband also works on Saturday and Sun and I’m bored to tears without much adult companionship, I am now completely open for event invites on weekends and also on public holidays. Priorities will be given to paid event coverage or events where the venue is easily reached by public transport. So feel free to send your invites over and most probably I won’t say no like before.


Cleffairy: Some things are not worth my anger, as I could utilize my time doing something much more positive, but sometimes things are really just too much and I have to speak my mind before I go crazy!


  1. tri cities wa dating says:

    My husband duzzin switch his phone off when he sleep or when he’s at home with us cuz of work commitment. But to be honest, I really hate to be interrupted on Sunday. What point is there for me to stay home on Sundays if I can’t even get a good rest? I feel ridiculous! Anyway, what REALLY, REALLY pisses me off is that when own wife does all the spam calling, I will kena maki hamun like hell and give me all sort of shits scolding.

    But it made me wonder why he dun speak up when other people do that? I mean the spam calling. Tak maki hamun pun or bark at them and tell them to leave a message instead? So that person on the line is bloody important? Someone that cannot be reprimanded or offended? So bloody fed up. I resent when people don’t practice what they preach and implement double standards!

  2. cheeyee says:

    My hubby set his alarm clock to wake him up at 4am. Most of the time, I would just sleep through when the phone started to sing at 4am…… Hehehe.

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