Tedmi Malaysia Fun Retreat: Boat Ride and Birdwatching

The last time I went for birdwatching was a few months back, with friends from Tourism Malaysia Selangor . You may want to read my experience about it HERE, but back then, I did not manage to spot much birds in comparison with my retreat with Tedmi Malaysia at Wave Rest House &Cafe in early September 2015.

Boat ride and birdwatching at the sea is one of the planned activity by the Wave Rest House & Cafe, one that I enjoyed most besides the mangrove forest exploration tour. The boat ride with both my husband and son was an amazing experience to say the least.

 photo DSCN6670_zps0idk88ie.jpg

We gathered at the back of the Wave Rest House&Cafe for briefing and chose our lifejacket.

 photo DSCN6595_zpstfbquajy_edit_1441954842736_zpsrslsdf2k.jpg

As mentioned in my first post about the Wave Rest House & Cafe, they have lifejackets of all sizes prepared for the guests to use specifically during the boat ride and birdwatching activity.

 photo DSCN6961_zpsueuoyyp5.jpg

One of the guest during the 2D1N trip, Darling and her puppy getting ready for the boat ride with us. Yes. Pets are welcomed at the rest house, so if you have a cat or dogs that is friendly towards people and is well trained for outdoor activities, you may want to bring them along. However, please be mindful and do take good care of them throughout the duration of the trip.

 photo IMG_7695_zpse5zy8ckq.jpg

Heading to the boat that is waiting for us at the small jetty located behind the rest house.

 photo DSCN7076_zpsvuiasxpl.jpg

Our captain that day

i'm dating my sisters friend

The boat have the capacity about 10-12 passengers per ride. So here’s the group during our ride, consisting of children, adults and one pet dog.


Little puppy, anxiously waiting for the boat to start moving.

 photo DSCN6989_zpswetccs3v.jpg

Darling and her puppy on the boat.

Our boat ride to the sea. The weather was pretty much favourable on the second day of the retreat, and the sea was quite serene.

 photo DSCN7025_zpsq0xor3jq.jpg

Puppy, enjoying the ride


 photo DSCN7002_zpsb7dxhfgz.jpg

Me, enjoying the salty sea water splashing.

 photo IMG_7514_zpsbczsvcdw.jpg

Obviously, we are not the only one who enjoyed the ride immensely. Romantic drama was practically rolling in the boat too. ๐Ÿ˜›

 photo DSCN7020_zps987njeyp.jpg

There was not really much things to see at the sea, but we did spot a fisherman pulling his net during the ride.

Fisherman pulling the net

 photo DSCN7031_zpscd7heijm.jpg

Bird spotted perching on a branch

 photo DSCN7060_zps2pi2ijty.jpg

Another bird spotted

 photo DSCN7047_zpsakeoxpse.jpg

Passing through the fishermen’s village.

 photo DSCN7048_zpsef0v05kj.jpg

A closer look

 photo DSCN7070_zpsljro90or.jpg

This is the kind of boat used by fishermen to catch fishes at the sea.

 photo DSCN7037_zpsgqfywpug.jpg

Fishermen’s boat with fishermen in it spotted

 photo DSCN7039_zpswybtrcqb.jpg

They were heading to the sea

 photo DSCN7038_zpsmcgbpih1.jpg

A closer look at the men of the sea

 photo DSCN7070_zpsljro90or.jpg

Magnificent view

 photo DSCN7035_zpsxsg4e7m2.jpg

Looks familiar? No?

 photo DSCN7033_zpskqa8tz1n.jpg

Here’s a closer look. ๐Ÿ˜› see the hanging windchime made from seashells? The building is part of the Wave Rest House&Cafe, the place where we had dinner and chill out sessions at.

 photo DSCN7080_zps5ebioavq.jpg

Time was envious and the ride ended too soon. And so, we disembarked at the jetty, which is located just behind the rest house.

It was indeed an interesting experience that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Both my husband and son enjoyed the experience immensely too, which gives me a little pang in my heart as I took a trip down the memory lane. Unlike me, who is pretty much free spirited and adventurous, my parents are quite academic and exam oriented. Things that usually matters most to them was me and my younger sis doing well in school. While there was occasional picnics and holidays, I had not much memories of doing things like this when I was growing up. As an adult, I feel quite wistful, but glad nevertheless that my son had the opportunity to experience all these as time as a child is really short, and being able to give my son a great childhood memory such as this one to reminisce when he grows up is a blessing to me.

To experience all these and get away from the superficial world for awhile to explore the nature with your loved ones, you can hop over to Wave Rest House& Cafe. Their package starts from RM139 for adults and RM69 for kids on weekdays and from RM169 for adults andย RM69 for kids on weekend and public holidays, inclusive of meals and planned activities. There are 9 available rooms and the entire rest house can cater up to 30 pax. The place is about 60km away from Kuala Lumpur. You may drive there using Waze: https://waze.to/lr/hw28413e6s.

Packages includes accommodation, seafood dinner, breakfast, bicycle riding to the beach, mangrove forest exploration tour, craft making and bird watching at the sea.

Details of the homestay is as below:

ๆตทโ€ขๆตชๆป”ๆป”ๆฐ‘ๅฎฟ(Wave Rest House & Cafe)
Facebook:ย facebook.com/wavehomestay
Jalan Bagan Sungai Janggut, Batu 15, Jeram,
45800 Kampong Sungai Janggut,


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