Teenagers Well Schooled In Sex

I stumbled across this news a few days ago in www.thestar.com .my, and I found myself laughing at the news. Finally, such things are revealed for the eyes of the ‘innocent’ and ‘religious’ Malaysians to see. Gosh, this is not new stuff. What is there to rave about?  The government may have been turning blind eyes towards all these hush-hush, only to  be talked about behind the confines of bedrooms topic, but I’ve been seriously aware about all these sexual escapades teenagers these days are engaged to ever since I was in junior high, tho I was not interested in the opposite sex until I grew older.

But then again, the thing that surprises me, is not the gory adventures teens these days are having, but the price of it. RM5 for a full sexual intercourse service is way to cheap. What can we buy with RM5 in Malaysia these days? Even a meal at the mamak stall costs more than that. I’m questioning, not the sexual drive of these teenagers, but their morality and conscience. Don’t you feel dirty and cheap when you sell yourself off at RM5? I would feel that I’m such a whore if I’m forced to sell myself off at RM5. I’ll be damned if I do that, and hell I’ll call myself a cheap slut any day if RM5 is my price. God, people, if you want to sell yourself badly in the street (in this case, in school) please do it with style. Ask for more for god sake. A pack of nasi lemak with a piece of chicken costs more than that.

Anyway, the government should be blame for these social illness though. If the discussion of sexual intercourse are mildly allowed in schools eg: Sex Education, such disgusting illness might be deteriorate. Teenagers are slaves to raging hormones, and no matter how you people try to drill religious teachings into their heads, their groins speaks better than their brain. So to put it simply, no matter how religious someone is, sexual desires is still there. Why not educate them and satisfy the youngster’s curiousity in an educational way, letting them know the dangers of having casual sex so that they will be able to thread carefully? Telling them that it’s a ‘sin’ to have sex out of wedlock is not enough. Teenagers will always be teenagers after all. The fear of god won’t stop them from having sex, instead, it serves as an excitement and exhiliration in doing something illegal. 

The report mention that those teenagers who are involved in these actvities comes from religious family. Oh gee, why am I not surprised. What would you learn about sex if your father is a damned polygamist with 2, 3, 4 wives, a a few more mistresses somewhere in the closet. You’ll probably want to experience different women as your father too. Oh, my! A religious man with 2,3, 4 wives. I wonder why he marry them, anyway. Don’t give me the ‘I fell in love badly’ with the lady.  A man in love with their wife would stay faithful and monogamous, as they say it ‘For better or worst, til death do us apart’. Screw your reasoning. These people probably marry a few wives for sex, to save the prostitute fee. And yeah, on top of that, government recognize it as legal too.

Below is an excerpt from The Star, Malaysia


Monday June 2, 2008- The Star

FOR only RM5, an adolescent gets to experience sex with his schoolmates. This was the shocking revelation recorded by counsellors who organised a youth camp for problematic secondary school students in Selangor recently.In a front-page report in Metro Ahad, a 14-year-old student known as “Andy” admitted to paying RM5 “for a round of sex” with a senior at school, adding they would either “do it” at his or her home.He said both parents were unaware of the activities as they thought the two were studying together and confessed that sometimes, one of his friends would join them for a “threesome”.

“If I need sex, I only have to call or send her an SMS for an appointment.

“It all started when I began watching pornographic clips with my friend two years ago. Since then, my desire for sex grew and when I knew that this girl in school did not mind doing it for a fee, I decided to try it with her,” he said.

Camp organising committee secretary Mahezan Baharom said the counsellors were shocked with how “frank and candid” the students were about their sexual activities although they were aware that they should not be having sex at their age. Mahezan said apart from sex, the participants – aged between 13 and 15 – admitted to masturbating in a group, having multiple sex partners, consuming alcohol, glue sniffing, theft and smoking.

“Students who are involved in social ills or misfits do not only come from poor families. We have participants whose parents are well to do, VIPs and those whose mothers and fathers are religious people,” he said.

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