Find the way, for it is not His fault…

WARNING: Ramblings ahead. Read at your own risk and with open mind.

It’s been a very, very long time since I last expressed my opinions on the things that’s going on in the world, isn’t it? I daresay that most of my new readers are not even aware that I can be rather opinionated when it comes to commenting about the current issues.

I’ve mellowed a little bit over the years, I guess. I no longer feel the desperate need to blast everyone and everything every goddamn day. I have come to learn to take the world as it is instead of how I want it to be (well, not everything, but still, I learned to accept the world as it it enough to keep me from having high blood pressure).

It’s not that I no longer care about the happenings in the world, but it’s just that sometimes, a lot of things are out of my power and my jurisdiction. And there is no point complaining, whining and groaning  about things that i alone cannot change. Might as well learn to adapt rather than complain, isn’t it? Everyone should learn how to solve problem instead of whining about it. I think the world would be a better place to live in if everyone do that.

It’s the year 2011, and there is so many things that’s plaguing the world right now. Disaster struck. First, New Zealand was shaken with massive Earthquake that killed so many innocent lives.

Next up is Japan. Alot of people died because of horrendous Earthquakes and tsunamis. What’s worst, Japan is now exposed to radioactive particles that can kill as well. Death toll is raising and there’s no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Cries of pain, tears of the innocents are heard from every corner of the world. The world is grieving, mourning for the unexpected loss that came out of the disasters and ultimate devastation that’s often described as ‘The Wrath of God’.

I know that everyone is shocked. It’s only natural to feel shocked and disturbed by the wrath of nature that takes away so many lives and separate so many families, but it irked me to the very core each time I come across people who ask these questions:

“What the hell is God doing?”

“Why is He doing nothing?”

“Why is He not stopping all the loss, the pain and the disaster? Is He not powerful?”

“Why is He destroying everything?”

“Does God even exists?”

Disasters like Earthquakes and tsunamis may be the act of God, but it is not fair to blame Him for every single loss that we are experiencing right now. Who are you to question Him and put every single blame on Him each time disaster struck and take the innocent lives away?

Can you seriously say that we humans are not at fault at all? Did we not destroy our own world with our own hands by building too much skyscrapers and polluting the Earth? Did we or did we not dug our all the resources and minerals down to the core of the Earth?

Sure, we justify the act of mining the resources by convincing ourselves that it will make our lives easier, but did you know that each time we go for a dig, we are actually disrupting the nature’s balance and the ecosystem? We are the ones who hurt Mother Nature, so why the hell are we complaining when Mother Nature strikes back?

Why are we humans pointing out fingers to God for doing nothing about the loss of innocent lives when we still incite each other’s anger and wrath with our own disability to put aside our differences?

Did we not build weapon of mass destruction and blast it at each other?Did we not kill each other in wars and demonstration every day? Who are we to question God when He is merely reflecting what the human are actually doing in every corner of the world; destroying each other by not settling our differences and live peacefully like the family He intended us to be?

We accused Him for taking the lives of the innocents, but the war that we created killed more innocent lives over the years. Disasters only struck every now and then, but wars? Wars and corrupted government that causes ill feelings towards each other as well as poverty happens every day. It takes more innocent lives than any major disasters combined over the years.

Human are blind. Very blind. Because despite of everything, we still failed to see what God is trying to show us and tell us. I may sound heartless and lack of compassion, but I believe, God is trying to tell us to stop hating each other. He is asking us to put our beliefs and differences aside and live in unity instead of fighting each other. He is asking us to love each other, and stop doing things that will cost each other’s lives.

We are like His children. We are His misbehaving children. We are horrible to the point we can’t even get along with each other and hurt each other for being different. I don’t believe that God is punishing us for our sins, but He is just making us get along with each other by creating all of these nasty circumstances for us to deal with. How else is He supposed to make us get along? We’re definitely a stubborn lot. We never listen to each other. All we did is argue and blast each other with destructive weapons when we failed to come to perfect agreement.

Can you not see that all the disasters has forced each and everyone of us to put our differences aside  for a moment and come to each other’s aid regardless of our political, religious beliefs as well as our skin colour?

Don’t you see that there’s a lesson to be learn from all these? God is showing the better way of life for the mankind, why can’t we see? He is sending us a message in a very almighty way, and we got to learn to listen to what He has to say instead of blindly accusing Him for every single things that’s going on in our lives.

With technological advancement, we have become arrogant and boastful. We forget that there’s much more powerful being up there because we’re all busy playing God. We forget to be humble. The rich are becoming richer and more corrupted, while the poor are becoming poorer. We only mix and mingle around with people who are of our own stature.We discriminate.

Well,another thing to be learned from all these, isn’t it? We are still human, and when the wrath of nature is upon us, nothing could stop it from harming us, no matter how advanced and hi-tech we are. We are still destructible, despite of everything.

We are not God, and in the midst of destruction, we are reminded that everyone is still human and still the same. We are not that high and mighty after all. When we’re hurt, we bleed, and we still cry out for for people to help us. When disaster strike, we learn the lesson of being humble and humility, for everyone can still be equal even though different in many ways.

God is being blamed for the death of innocent infants and children, but did we or did we not killed our children first through abortions? What difference does it make, really? All these while we’ve been killing the innocent, unborn children non-stop, without repentance. We even have countries that legalized abortions, even. Is it not the same? Deaths are still involved. Just differently.

Now… now is not the time to point our fingers to God. Stop blaming Him when we too are at fault in many ways. We are not sin free. God is showing us and making us see more clearly of what we have actually done with the world and ourselves, so please, open your eyes. Put our differences aside and help each other through this tough times. Encourage each other, comfort each other, offer prayers, offer hope, and aid each other in any ways we can, for in the time of destruction, there is no use going around blaming each other or God.

What we need to do now is not blame anything, but work towards healing and restoration. We need to stop living a destructive lives. Stop the war, stop the killing for being different because in truth, we’re all the same. We should stop trying to create our future by tainting our hands with each other’s blood and put our differences aside in order to create our future… together.

Cleffairy: (Genesis 3) Then God say “Behold, the people have become like Us. Knowing both good and evil. Now, if they also eat the fruit from The Tree of Life, they will live forever.”

Therefore, the people were punished and banished from the Garden of Eden for eating the Forbidden fruit.

Now…what is it human are looking for by destroying each other and trampling each other in wars these days? To retrieve the ‘garden’ that they lost long ago and can never take back? We cannot turn back time and undo the original sins, but we can make effort to live peacefully in the new garden that we create with our own hands if we want to.


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