The Art of Traveling in Style

I’m a very vain person, even while traveling, I have the urge to look good. I always believe that style should never have to suffer whenever you’re traveling. Hey, don’t blame me. I’m a woman. Looking good is my prerogative. Besides, you’ll never know who you’ll bump into while you’re out traveling, so you might as well look good. 😛 Yes, style should never go ‘traveling’ too when you’re on the go, but but not only vain but lazy too. I hate packing up and bringing too much things with me, and so, that would mean that each time I traveled, I would have to travel light.

One would say that it’s impossible to travel light but look good at the same time, but I beg to differ. It is possible to travel light but look good at the same time. 🙂 The trick is to mix and match, and accessorize. The keyword here is to accessorize. Acceccorize is the key to look different with the same outfit.

There’s a few must have items that I won’t go travel without:

1. A pair of jeans
2. Plain coloured shirts/dress
3. Shawl
4. Sunglasses
5. Liptint ( they doubles perfectly as lipstick and blusher)
6. Sunscreen/ CC Cream
7. Travel sized toiletries
8. Wet wipes

Take it from me folks, shawls are popular accessories that bring warmth, comfort, or just a bright splash of style and color to an ensemble. What many shawls fans might not realize is that these accessories can actually be accessorized themselves. Shawls can be paired with a range of other items that can bring out the texture, dynamism, and look of shawls. My favourite pairing, is of course sunglass. Wearing jeans and shirt while traveling makes me look like a Plain Jane, but splash up my look with a shawl around my neck and a fashionable sunglass to frame my face transform me into a completely different person. It makes me look chic and classy, even when I’m wearing my plainest pair of jeans and shirt. 🙂 Ahh, accessories do wonders to your looks, don’t you think?

As of writing, I only have a pair of woman’s sunglass and an aviator, and I’m thinking of getting another pair from Justeyewear is deals site that sells vouchers for eyewear . Products that they are carrying includes sunglasses, Contact Lens and Prescription Glasses. Deals that posted in Justeyewear can be redeemed in 2 methods , online redemption – they will send you the goods after payment is made online in 3 workings days . Offline redemption – consumers may redeem their voucher at the respective optical store with no extra money needed to be paid.

Now, I used to buy glasses offline through optical outlets, but they can be rather costly and not very friendly to my pocket. Justeyewear has work together with optical merchants to carry out various promotion with discounts up to 70% or more, allowing me to save more and to enjoy better product value. Isn’t that great? I can never resist a good deal!

Now, do you think I should get myself this?

TOD’S Woman Sunglasses TO 0082 – Black Color. The very DNA of Tod’s – from fine craftsmanship and tradition to the best Made in Italy quality with 100% UV protection.

I bet it will make me look chic and classy if I paired it up with my shawls and outfits! The market price for this item is Rm448, and it’s practically discounted at Justeyewear. Buying this at Justeyewear will only cost me Rm228. Hey, that’s practically 49% off! 😀 Justeyewear provides free delivery to Peninsular Malaysia for this item.

I’m still thinking about getting this pair or other pair of sunglasses from Justeyewear. Will you help me choose? Just hop over to Justeyewear website, and help me choose.

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