The Best of You Life Exhibition

Who are you? Who is the best of you?

These are the questions that were repeatedly asked during the launch of Julie’s Best of You Life Exhibition at The Curve recently.

The Best of You is a social awareness movement celebrating everyday heroes, began sought to inspire a supportive community that revels in everyday accomplishments and milestones no matter how big or small they are.

It called on the public to submit and share their personal and inspiring stories of people, things or experiences that have brought out the best in them.

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This question was asked in many forms in the exhibition, verbally and via various artwork. ‘Who is she?’

Yes indeed who am I? Who am I to you? Am I someone important? Or someone insignificant in your life? I pondered to myself for a while. A simple but thought provoking question.

I am a woman, a daughter, a granddaughter, a wife, a lover, a mother, a sister, a friend…that is supposed to be the answer, isn’t it? That is how the world sees me. But take those away…what am I? Without my parents, my grandparents, my son, my husband, my sister, my friend, I won’t be all of those. I will be just… ‘Me’. And who is that, exactly?

I don’t usually take so long to write an article of my travels or the events that I have attended as a writer or a blogger, but this time, I did. The questions posed, although simple and rather straight forward, confused me. I realized I did not really know who I really am!

I took me awhile…to think, to do some soul searching, and I’m glad to say that I am ‘Me’, and what I do best is writing from the depth of my heart, so I guess, being able to write, and to touch people’s heart with my writing and stories is the best part of me.

And now that I have established that, let me share some inspiring exhibit items at The Best of You exhibition.

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The movement received overwhelming response from not just the public but also local artists.

About 1,000 entries were uploaded by participants from Malaysia and Singapore, where 50 submissions from each country culminated in the Best of You Life Exhibition.

 photo IMG_20141029_123628_zpswxahif1n.jpg

A quilt, one of the artwork displayed during the exhibition.

 photo IMG_20141029_123523_zpsfpaypu4m.jpg

A contemporary sculpture

 photo IMG_20141029_123438_zpsypgsmkns.jpg

Various photo submissions from photojournalists, photographers and members of the public.

 photo IMG_20141029_123712_zpsy8zknhud.jpg

Watercolour painting

Blogger cum designer, Kitty Yiyi with her submission. Managed to catch up with her and she told me that the dress she is posing with is called ‘Memory’, a dress printed with all her beautiful memories with her friends and loved ones on it.

A young artist posing with her artwork.

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Apart from exhibit items in the form of stories, photos and artworks, there was also a performance from various artists. 🙂

Other influencers for The Best of You movements includes actor Fizo Omar, TV host Owen Yap, world harmonica champion duo Aide and Evelyn, professional photographer Faizal Tan Sri Mustafa, radio deejay Sophia Chin, folk music singer Peggy Lai, among several others, with engagement from three private colleges and collaboration with Malaysian Chinese Photojournalist Association, Persatuan Rumah Caring Kajang, and House of Hope and Light.

Basically, The Best of You movement highlighted the many seemingly small actions and achievements in our lives that were often neglected and forgotten.
The Best of You represents our best efforts and stem from the love we have our lives.

During the launch, I learned that it is important that we take time out to recognise those efforts and achievements in ourselves and others.

The Best of You is indeed an eye opening movement. It helps tp open up the eyes of the public to the things that are most often gone unnoticed.

I may have missed the chance to contribute for Best of You Movement and Life Exhibition this year but this will be an annual event by Julie’s, so I can always contribute for next year’s. 😉

If you are interested to participate, you could make your submissions in any creative medium — writing, art and design, photography or film and music and share it on how to handle a new dating relationship

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