Wacoal Salute Artistry Boho Collection Showcase

Who says you should stop being the naughty girlfriend once you’re married to your spouse? I certainly disagree that you should stop having your fun side once you’re married. Women, once married and taking the role of wives and mother tend to forget that they are once attractive and fun to be with. I don’t blame them. I was once in that situation. Motherhood sometimes take a toll and you’re just physically and mentally not interested to make effort to be attractive anymore. No more dressing up to impress your other half and you tend to trade those sexy lingeries for boring faded T-shirt and granny’s panties.

Ladies, that is a mistake. And that gives reason for men to stray and have fun outside of marriage. Trust me on that. I’m talking from first hand experience. If you are trading vanity for comfort, stop that immediately. Husbands may seem aloof about it, but men will always be men. They appreciate beautiful and sexy women, regardless of their marital status.

If things have been dull in the bedroom, it’s time to spice things up abit. Dress up…make effort to actually smell nice and look attractive. Motherhood is no excuse for you to stop being a lover and the sexy and sophisticated girlfriend.

Feeling bashful and uninspired? Not sure where and how to start? Well you can start by starting to wear sexy lingeries again. Not only for him, but for yourselves too.

Wacoal Malaysia has just launched the latest collection of its exquisite Salute lingerie line at a party held at Parkson Pavilion Kuala Lumpur last night, and you might want to get a look at that. 😉 They are exquisitely beautiful.

 photo IMG_20141107_201125_zpspj1hujjg.jpg

From the patchwork-liked pattern to the portrayal of wild blossoms in peppy hues, the new Salute collection allows creativity and individuality to flourish effortlessly. The unrestrained, exuberantly embroidered punchy surface detailing is a slight departure from Salute’s usual sheer femininity. Poetic and unconventional motifs resonate with that of the free spirit or bohemian; illustrating Wacoal’s decades of artistry in producing impeccably-tailored lingerie.

Inspired by the delicate yet spirited characteristics of women, Salute strives to fulfill women’s desire for sublime European feel intimate apparels; adornments that are unique to Salute’s bedazzle with sophistication, glistening yet dignified – a true hallmark of how tasteful and well-placed appliqués can add elegance and elevate an innerwear.

From brassieres and panties to garter belts, Salute has it all.

The latest Salute collection is available at Parkson Pavilion, Parkson KLCC and Parkson Gurney Plaza.

So, what are you waiting for, ladies? 😉 Go and be that beautiful, sexy and sophisticates lady again and dress to impress. 😉 You’ll be surprise how much spark and fire it can ignite. :p


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