The mighty cow has spoken

Once upon a time, there lived a farmer by the name of Pak Dollah. His farm was big and had variety of farm animals. There are local farm animals as well as imported ones. Majority of the farm animals were local cows while the rest are imported farm animals. One day, these animals had an argument on who is the best on the farm and who should get the greener part of the grass.

Feeling that he’s superior than other animals in the farm, one fat cow spoke up, saying cows are the best, and should get the greener part of the farm to chew on. Other animals, the sheep and chickens disagreed of course, because they felt that they are all just the same, and one day all of them will end up on the people’s plate as food once Pak Dollah decided that it’s time to sell them off to generate income for his household.

When the cow heard that other animals who are smaller in size than him saying that everyone on the farm is just the same, the cow went berserk. He was pissed that other farm animals compared his masculinity and supremacy with the small imported sheep and the chickens who lay eggs.

The cow was so angry that he shouted loudly so that the entire farm can hear what he has to say. He mooed that the rest of the animals on the farms are imported, and so, he does not need to respect them at all, and he thinks that other farm animals doesn’t even deserve to be treated so well because they are just immigrants.

The cow’s statement caused an uproar in Pak Dollah’s farm. Now the sheep and the chickens are very unhappy and angry that the cow thinks that way. So, the leader of the sheep and chickens send their representative and told the cow that they are not satisfied with what he said, and demanded him to apologize, or they will make Pak Dollah&co sell him off to be slaughtered and served as beef burger patties.

The cow, being himself, a cowheaded animal, refused to apologize, because he thinks that he is bigger and better than the rest of the animal on the farm. This is what he said,” Why should I apologize? I didn’t do anything wrong. Those who do wrong should apologize but I haven’t done anything,”

Now the sheep and chickens are in rage! The sheep refused to grow more cotton to be shaved away while the chickens refused to lay eggs. Pak Dollah’s farm is now in havoc, and the earnings in the farm has gone from bad to worst. Pak Dollah can no longer sleep in peace thinking that his farm is in havoc. And so, Pak Dollah decided to asked them why are they doing this.

So, the animals told Pak Dollah what happened. Even though Pak Dollah feel that the cow was right, he doesn’t want his farm to be in havoc further, and so, he apologize on the cow’s behalf so that everyone on the farm can be happy again. But of course, the animals are not pleased, because it was not Pak Dollah who made that statement in the first place. They want the COW to apologize for his words.

But, a cow will always be a cow. Cows will never apologize for what they said. So, children, what do you think? Was the cow right about him being better than the rest of the animals in the farm? Or was the cow wrong, because all animals in the farm has the same function, which is to help the farm grow and earn?

Cleffairy: Sing with me now…

Old Pak Dollah had a farm, e, i, e, i o,

And on his farm he had a cow, e, i, e, i, o,

The cow goes moo moo here, moo moo there, moo moo everywhere, moo, moo

Old Pak Dollah had a farm, e,i,e,i,o.


  1. cleffairy says:

    Hihihi Fergie…thank you for visiting. LOL…out of the sudden everyone is in the mood of Old McDonald had a farm…or rather, old pak Dollah had a farm. Hahaha.

    Kevin, not sure if pak Dollah have baboons and monkeys in his farm. Must check it out… 😛

    Lz…hihi, good morning to you too. Waiting in Dubai, I assume? take care, okay?

  2. ktx says:

    since i dont really like to comment on fictional stuff, i juz wanted to tell u that i had some real awesome teluk intan CCF!!!! lol. it’s not my cup of tea since young…and this is the first time i had it since yearsssss and it totally struck me. SO, if one day we were to share a packet of CCF, rest assured that i wont spare u any….lol lol.

  3. u-jean says:

    did you heard that Pak Dollah’s shipping all the farm animals over to Australia? Apparently, a new farmer, Pak Ah Nua, has moved in near to Pak Dollah’s farm. Many of them have been talking about the fresher grass in Pak Ah Nua’s farm and thinking of crossing over to Pak Ah Nua’s farm. So Pak Dollah panic and wants to ship them over to Australia. Kononnya some educational trip to look at other cows and different kinds of grass..

  4. fran says:

    SORRY liz >< that time my net got cut off -_- thn talk 2 u half way only. BTW try to come online more often when u’re free okay ^^

  5. Krista says:

    Haha, good one! Enjoyed your little Pak Dollah tale. Came by via U-jean’s blog. I watched [email protected] too, the one where Kenny Sia is featured. Didn’t plan on doing it but my husband got excited coz he is Sarawakian and Kenny is Sarawakian. But I was at home and could easily go off and do my own thing once I got tired of the programme. I suppose there are 2 camps on Kenny – you either love him for his audacity and in-your-face attitude or you can hate him for his audacity and in-your-face attitude! 😉 I am neutral….Kenny is good for a laugh sometimes. But you must say, he makes fat people glad they are fat!

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  7. cleffairy says:

    Calvin, maybe you should. I LOVE riddles! Hahaha… 😛

    Malimdeman… suruh tok nek kebayan pi cari kat Pak Dollah punya farm…lembu dah lari ke situ kot? Sana banyak rumput yang fresh. hahaha.

    U-jean…hmm… I heard the rumours about the shipping of the cows to Australia because he’s scared that his cows will go over to Pak An Nua’s farm. But…I’m quite skeptical on whether Pak An Nua’s grass is more fresh and greener, after all, it is the dry season. The grass seems to be more dry and less juicy than a few years ago during the old farmer’s time…Tok Det, who sold his farm to Pak Dollah.

    Fran… LOL, Fran, it’s okay. I was in the mood of chatting that day, that’s why I went to find you. Miss you like hell lah. 🙁 Anyway, I’ll try to go online and chat with you more often… 😛

    Kevin… it’s an enchanted farm, of course the cows and other animals there can talk. Everything is possible in that farm. You know why or not? Because in his past life, Pak Dollah was a wicked witch. When he was reborn again, the Hell God forget to ‘wash’ his memory, so he still have the witch’s power to make his farm goes cuckoo. That explains why his cows and other farm animals can talk! 😛

    Krista, thank you for visiting my blog and even linking me to your post. That was very nice of you. *sigh* Malaysia is one huge animal farm where everything goes berserk. These days, when I talk about politics, I get agitated easily, that is why I write these kind of things, at least it lightens up the ‘hot’ stuff abit. LOL. Glad you like it. Hmm… on Kenny Sia… I guess I’m the kind who like people who I can look up to, with a gentleman’s attitude. That’s why Kenny is just not my thing. Not because of the way he look, but because of his attitude. I love fat people, but just not Kenny. I’m a huge fan of Afdlin Shauki, Phat Phabes, etc…to me, their jokes are more witty and usually makes me think. 😛

  8. Garfield says:

    some animals in the farm wanted to become human, in fact, they r already on the process to evolve become human,

    those who evolve are started to show the sign that they wanted to leave the farm.

    one of the animal who always move around and have 1 stalk of Padi on his mouth is started to show the sign to leave the farm.
    i hope that animal will be evolve to become human soon as this animal was actually a human b4 joining the farm…

  9. tangkup says:

    i like the pak dollah animal farm story.

    this reminds me of a similar animal farm in my kampong now. the cows, similar to that of pak dollah’s, diappeared for a few days and pak dollah was worried bcos he was scared that the cows were going on strike and may attack him by surprise. One day the cow, with a few of his followers, decided to meet the other animals and told them that, he is not listening to pak lah….after all pak lah depends on him and his fellow cows. now pak lah is in delima. pak lah is wondering whether his fellow animal farmers will back him up to get rid of this revolting bloody cow so that all the other animals can live happily in pak lah’s farm.

    i suspect that the animal farm in my kampong will have a chaotic time until after this present Ramadhan is over and a new owner, whom i understand, is planning to take over the animal farm from pak lah and get rid of the revolting bloody cows. i believe his name is dok sri ai…LOL

    Selamat Hari Jadi Malaysia pada 16 September….

  10. cleffairy says:

    Amoker…aiks? I missed your comment. LOL…dunno why it was sent to my spam filter…i had to retrieve it back. Hmm… children political stories, eh? I think I’ll be giving them nightmares instead of teaching them what is politic. LOL… talk about burger and steak…these days in Malaysia, we are forced to settle for Ramly burger because steak needs to be ‘imported’ from somewhere else. Pak Dollah dowan to import steak, he’s scared he cannot earn from the burgers that came from his cows! 😛

    Garfield…a cow with a stalk of paddy in his mouth… LOL? You mean the cow from Penang ah? Indeed, that particular cow is trying as hard he he could to transform into a human. that cows is not satisfied with Pak Dollah’s farm anymore! But…we’ll just wait and see if the cow can manage to transform into a human after drinking a magic potion. After all, each time a cow tries to transform into a human,Pak Dollah will always send them to some butcher who will slaughter them for ‘eating too much juicy grass’ and serve them on a plate as a kebab before they can manage to be come human.

    Tangkup… Pak Dollah’s aniamal farm is on rampage! His farm is in havoc. Poor Pak Dollah… I wonder when will the new farmer, Mr. Ah Nu have enough money to take over Pak Dollah’s farm…until then, tangkup, you’ll have to put up with animals on rampage… LOL

  11. Samuel Goh Kim Eng says:

    Looks as though I must now add ‘Cleffairy’s Farm’ to George Orwell’s classic ‘Animal Farm.’

    When I was still a young graduate in Armidale, NSW, Australia, I had a project dealing with Merino sheep well known for their wool (Sorry, no cotton here. I can still remember working as a weeder in central Aust. where cotton plants were grown) and I had to catch them with my bare hands and cart them to the lab in a Ford (power-steering) truck!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment behind. You may call me ‘uncle’ if you’re still young or ‘brother’ if nearer my age. If you can’t decide, then ‘Sam’ will do just as well.

    Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 100908
    Wed. 10th Sept. 2008.

  12. cleffairy says:

    Hi Uncle Samuel, thank you for visiting and commenting here. You’re definitely a lot older than me, say…probably my father’s age. Hmm, you caught those sheep barehanded? Whoa…must be a hell of a job to catch the sheep! I dun think i can manage to do that. LOL. Anyway, I like your poems and limericks. It provoke my thoughts and get me thinking. Good way to send your message across.

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