2 in 1, Happy Birthday, beautiful angels…

This is one of the time of the year where I wish I’m rich enough to buy lavish gifts to pamper my friends. I am not rich, this is the best I can do…writing a birthday dedication to not only one, but two.

First of all, here’s wishing a happy belated birthday to Mommy Ling, a pretty, young mother of two. I did not really know her earlier on, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that she’s just around my age, and sweet to boot, unlike me, whose mood is always sourish at all times, and with a temper that can match those live volcano that can erupt anytime.

Yeah, I’m not the kind who can be provoked and I hardly have any sense of humour, but I believe, Mommy Ling is the sweet and docile kind. Mommy Ling is a full time working mother, and therefore, it is quite hard for me to ahemm…to drag her into any of my evil schemes cuz I’m quite flexible with time for being a freelance while she’s not. I do look forward , however, to turn her into an evil being like me.

LMAO… Okay, that’s a bad joke. Mommy Ling would probably run away with the speed that puts an F1 car to shame when she saw this, but what I wanna express here is that I’m looking forward to meet this sweet lady with nice temperament. It would be nice to meet with her daughters too. 😀 I hoped she had a blessed birthday and more peaceful and happy years to come.

Happy belated birthday, Mommy Ling. Stay young and beautiful, and be happy always.

I am bad at writing birthday wishes, am I not? I hope most of you are not bored to death yet, cuz I have another dedication to make, and this time, to my long lost evil sister.

I happened to stumble upon this long lost sister of mine who is definitely my partner in crime earlier this year. She’s beautiful and fiery in nature as well. And in many ways, she’s just like me. We both shared a lot of same interest and I enjoyed her presence in my life immensely. And being the younger one, I get to be pampered and spoiled rotten by this elder evil sister of mine.

She may not admit that she’s been pampering me and the ones she care lately, and she even would threatened to whack my butt silly for even saying this, but I know best. She really do care. Her love for friends is always genuine and unblemished. I love her for that, despite of her evil-ness.

I am not quite sure if she wants me to reveal her identity for she’s quite a shy and low profile person. I’ll just play it safe and spare myself from the agony of suffering her ‘I’ll crucify you for this!”.  By doing so, I’m also sparing my innocent readers the gory details of my… crucification. Yeooowch! (No… I was joking about that. She wouldn’t do that. She’s above killing, believe me.)

But I can’t help but write this for her, as she’s always nice to me, and she’s always there for me during my darkest hour. She was there for me when I was distraught and showered me with wisdom on how to deal with it. She also gave me comfort when I needed it most, and gave me inspiration on how to be a more evil being. She’s just an angel in the form of human being. The kind who will always be there for you and care for you when you needed her the most. A not so sweet, but very caring and kind lady. 😀

She’s one of those gift God sent to me, and I couldn’t help but feel so blessed with her existence in my life, for my life would be dark, boring, and unexciting without her in my life.

So here… Happy Birthday, Jie Jie. You were never just a friend. But a big sister to me. 😀 I’ll pray so that God will bestow you everlasting happiness and peace, and repay all your good deeds in your afterlife.

A big birthday hug for both you, Jie… and Mommy Ling. 😀

Cleffairy: Some friends come and go. But a load others are there to stay for good. Treasure, and cherish them.

ps: I’m posting this earlier, Jie. I wanna be the first to greet you. But looks like somebody else beat me to it.  😛 And sorry for the late greetings over here, Mommy Ling. Do 2 in 1 birthday greeting more fun lah. (Wokay, I wasn’t completely honest, you can kick my ass for being lazy. I know I am lazy!)Kakaka


  1. Caroline says:

    wat la u diz! wish but write those bad bad one. lol!! my mood reading this is like ” auwww… so sweet” then turn to “wat the heck! wat ba u this!” ROFLMAO!

    • Cleffairy says:

      =.= I’m being honest lorrr…I am bad at writing birthday greetings. 🙁 Have to say what’s inside my heart wan, oni can, else… come out will sound really corny. 😛

  2. claire says:

    WOW… a very nice dedication!!

    OK, for these two beautiful princesses, I wanna wish you both Happiness and Good Health…
    I am also a dumbo in wishes.. all i want is to see both of u happy, happy all the way…
    stay strong emotionally and physically…
    Trust in God.. and He will lead you through every obstacles…

    God Bless!!!

    Cleffairy, I can never write like you but I can wish you the same too.. God bless U and your Family…

    • Cleffairy says:

      Kakakaka… wishing them good health is the best pressie, no? Happiness as well. May God guide them always. And thank you, Claire, for wishing for my well being too. 😛

    • Cleffairy says:

      Nah… the two angels very long life so wun pengsan den comatose. The first very sweet, God will bless. The second, God tarak mau ambil cepat cepat, cuz quite evil wan ma. Let her roam the earth spread evil-ness. LMAO….apalah, Chuck pulak!

  3. Mommy Ling says:

    OMG..i another one pengsan when Kathy informed me to to go Cleff’s blog. sure will heart attack, so i thought she must be negroing some kind of chickens, mana tahu i m the chicken of the day..wahahha. Cleff, i dont need lavish gift, i love a wish…somemore a permanent wish in Cleffairy’s blog. My honoured. Thank you so much for the wishes!!! So touch**sob **i cannot sleep tonite…aghhh..another pontianak..hahhahahh

    hey, i m looking foward to meet u, ur boy n ur helpful hub too.

  4. eugene says:

    Seriously,i am marvelled at the way you write, mmmmmmm it is just nice. straight forward yet subtle….

    hey cleff,you have a great week ahead ya

    • Cleffairy says:

      Issit? LOL… thank you for the compliment. And Eugene… I’ll be publishing my book in the US next month. LMAO…you say u gonna buy them rite, last time? Dun cabut, okay? 😛

  5. suituapui says:

    Mommy Ling’s birthday kah? Dun remember whether I wished her in her blog or not – Happy Birthday, if I haven’t. Ya…with the name like Mommy, I did not expect somebody so young, so slim, so small… Who’s your Jie Jie? Happy Birthday to her too. Not Smallkucing kah? Her birthday also…I wished her on Facebook…and again on her blog. She did not hold party for eat, chia u eat her fried mihun? See in her blog – macam celebrating non-stop!

    • Cleffairy says:

      @STP… Cikgu, you tarak tau who is my jie kah? She is the pontianak with unruly hair. LMAO…hahaha… it is her lah, that bigkucing. I cannot make it to her house, it is too rush for me, can’t arrange time. 🙁 So will prolly meet up with her another day this wik. I takut she bunuh me for this dedication… cuz when I wrote this, she have yet to let ppl kno her bday. 😛

      Yea, Mommy Ling so sweet wan, not like me… damn garang. Kakakaka….

      @Mommy Ling whoa…I tot ur working… can also lepak here during work time!

  6. mnhl says:

    What a nice dedication. If ever someone wrote this for my birthday, I will shed some tears. I’m easily touched, ok. haha…
    Anyway, wishing both ‘leng tai’ happy b’day even I’ve already wished them on their blog respectively.

    Cleff, am sure you put smiles on their faces. 🙂

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