The Sky at One City- A Rooftop Dining Experience

Looking for a romantic place to dine this coming Valentine’s day? Well, I know just the place where you can have a romantic dinner with your beloved: The Sky at One City. The Sky is located on 10th floor(rooftop) of the level 16 mall. Here, you can literally dine in the ‘sky’. Here’s sharing some sceneries from The Sky at One City.

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Fantastic view

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See-thru glass panel. Definitely not for the faint hearted but this place is a heaven for selfie lovers.

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Check out the view 😉

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For a rooftop dining hub, The Sky at One City definitely have loads to offer. Here’s my friends Elly and Arief checking out the menu before we go on a little gastronomic adventure. 😉

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The Sky have plenty of restaurants and bistros for you to choose from and you can indulge yourselves in a variety of mouth watering international cuisine like Thai, Korean, Fusion and Western Delights. I managed to check out some during their grand launching and here’s sharing with you what the some of the resident restaurants have to offer:

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Hong Dae-Mun: offering authentic Korean cuisine. And below is some of their specialties.

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Charcoal Barbeque Lamb. Perfectly barbeque-ed lamb slices. Juicy and tender and no unpleasant smell that you usually get from lamb either. Highly recommended for meat lovers.

Korean Fried chicken may look rather hot and spicy but appearance can be deceiving. They are pretty much on the sweet side rather than savoury. They are fried to perfection and coated with special sweet sauce and sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds.

 photo IMG_20150123_170912_zpsuyxjrj36.jpg

Operation hours: Mon-Sun, 3pm-1am
Contact: 013- 206 0129/ 03- 5115 0129

Krua Thai Authentic Thai Kitchen.

 photo IMG_20150123_170949_zpsuelrou5a.jpg

The restaurant offers authentic Thai cuisine. The restaurant is spacious and great to dine here with a huge crowd.

 photo IMG_20150123_182902_zpsqtgfnpo5.jpg

Seafood Tomyam is definitely a must order in this restaurant. The soup packs quite a punch. Rich with oceanic goodness, this dish is great to go with plain steamed white rice.

 photo IMG_20150123_175620_zpszzqhqhsf.jpg

Prawn and Fish Cake Combo. The prawn and fishcake is a no-nonsense. They are specially made from real fish and prawns and fried til golden brown and paired with Krua Thai’s very own Thai chilli sauce dip. This dish makes a very good appetizer and definitely something you would want to order for sharing.

Operation hours: Mon-Sun, 11am-11pm
Contact: +013-289 0139

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Inaho Sushi offers authentic Japanese cuisine. Below is what I managed to try in this restaurant:

 photo IMG_20150123_180138_zpsupu626aa.jpg

Yakitori Moriawase. An assortment of skewered meat. The skewered meat are perfectly flavoured, succulent and juicy.

 photo IMG_20150123_180214_zpsxstjdvbu.jpg

A fan of raw food? Go ahead and indulge with Momiji Sashimi. Momiji literally means 7 types of fishes in Japanese. The usual suspects like maguro, salmon and squid is there. While the squid is rather chewy, the maguro and salmon slices are to die for. Fresh and naturally sweet and I could go on and on having these Momiji Sashimi on ice.

 photo IMG_20150123_171804_zpsioqud2jq.jpg

For a rooftop dining experience, this Japanese restaurant is definitely affordable in comparison of those pretty much commercialized fast food Japanese joints. Check out the price range. Not too bad, eh?

 photo IMG_20150123_171614_zps32v26zsr.jpg

There’s 10% off promo ongoing for some selected items, so be sure to make inquiries if you’re to dine here.

 photo IMG_20150123_173321_zpswjbt0vqf.jpg

Operation hours: Mon-Sun, 11am-11pm
Contact: 03 5115 0169

Have a bad day at work? Need a place to de-stress? Head over to Master Room. It’s a sports bar catered for those who are looking for some after work fun.

 photo IMG_20150123_172754_zpsh1rvxzta.jpg

Pool table is available for some healthy after work fun.

 photo IMG_20150123_172808_zpsxy901m4x.jpg

And so is some dart games. Great to have a go at should you have a bad day at work or tough time with the boss.

 photo IMG_20150123_174435_zpsnx1sjquo.jpg

Master Room serves plenty of bar and bistro food, but this Petite Nasi Lemak takes the cake. It comes in a really petite portion and served atop a small piece of papadom cracker and topped with fried anchovies, sliced cucumber, fried peanuts and spicy sambal. Quite an irresistible dish and great for those who are dieting but can’t live without their nasi lemak.

 photo IMG_20150123_184138_zpsrt6hyhn1.jpg

Chocolate Cake with Vanilla ice cream was worth every calories. The sliced chocolate cake was topped with vanilla ice cream. Great hot and cold combination that will satisfy those who have sweet tooth.

Operation hours: Mon-Sun, 3pm-3am
Contact: 03-5115 0189

 photo IMG_20150123_174035_zpswipvgdob.jpg

de House Restaurant and Bar serves a healthy selection of western cuisine, but I only managed to sample two dishes.

 photo IMG_20150123_174510_zpst1loximp.jpg

Mediterranean Caesar Salad with Quail Eggs. A perfect salad platter with a combination of crisps ice lettuce, plum tomatoes, quail eggs, crispy bacon strips and topped with Parmesan cheese. Definitely juicy and refreshing on the palate.

 photo IMG_20150123_182758_zpspzjftrq1.jpg

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio Vongoli. Basically this is clam spaghetti. The spaghetti was generous with clams. Delicious and flavourful and pasta lovers would definitely give this a thumbs up.

Operation hours: Mon-Sun, 11am-11pm
Contact: 03-5115 0119

Overall, the dining experience here in The Sky surpass my expectations. Will definitely go back soon in the near future for a repeated experience.

For more information on The Sky at One City, do hop over here at their Facebook page:


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