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I spoke to my father last night and he was sharing with me his problems. Apparently, this year is not a really good year for our family. Alot of things happens to us as individuals and there are plenty of challenges that we have to face that sometimes it’s overwhelming to deal with.

My father spoke to me on how he is considering an early retirement as he could no longer feel the joy of working, but fought against it as he is worried for so many things, financially speaking. His concern is something I can understand, of course. Who wouldn’t worry about that when there is so many financial commitments? I always worry about that too.

But there is an important lesson that I learned from my father last night. He told me something that he used to tell me when I was a little girl but finally  made sense to me after all these years. He said…when we are desperate to chase for worldly things, it will consume you til there is nothing left. The trick to go about life and deal with challenges in life is to let worldly things chase you instead. He reminded me that whenever prayers goes up, blessings will come down, and so, no matter what we do, just do our best, and let God do the rest.

My father is right. As human, we can only do our best and leave the rest to God. For what it’s worth, if something belongs to us, it will be ours. If it is not, we shall never have it, no matter how hard we try.

Towards the end of our conversation, he told me that throughout our lives, there will always be things that makes us feel that life is not quite worth living anymore, but it is important to remember to THINK +, as only when we think positive and have good thoughts about things and about people around us, we will be affected positively and only then, things will be better.

Cleffairy: My father’s email always ends with ‘Think +’. I find that little thing rather comforting and encouraging, despite of the content of the emails. Small things like this is inspirational to me, and it makes me smile.


  1. ChunB says:

    Nobody can do it all. After all we surrender it to God. I used to remember one story from my Sunday School teacher about a faithful servant. He do whatever his king commanded. Such, to conquer all land to make his kingdom bigger. By doing that, the king granted him with hundred acres of land and estates. Time flies, the faithful servant getting old and sick and he realizes he only need a small land for him to ‘rest’.

    I love the your father signature THINK +. There is a lot to think of..

    • says:

      I know this story too… but it’s been a very long time since I last read about it that I have forgotten til you mentioned it. Indeed something to think about, eh? I mean, the man worked so hard for his King and gets all the reward and the recognition that he wanted, but in the end during his dying days, he realized that he din exactly need all that. Very inspiring story about telling people not to be too worldly.

      Yea… his emails… personal and work… always ends with THINK+… something i feel that spreads the positive message around regardless of the email contents… very comforting for me.

  2. suituapui says:

    True! True! Your father is a very very wise man. Listen to him… That’s why I have given up teaching – once the love is lost, it loses its meaning…but of course, if one has responsibilities and commitments, then no choice – will just have to plod on…

    • says:

      Yes, true… have to continue to go on with it even though we dun really want to do it anymore because of commitment and responsibilities. Kesian my father… each time talk about problems… he will keep say wanna retire early, but can’t bring himself to do it cuz there’s so much responsibilities on his shoulder.

  3. Gratitude says:

    Thank heavens your Dad is so positive thinking. A good attitude in life is needed to get through obstacles, and all of us would have to go through peaks and troughs of life, often many cycles. I’m not so fortunate in that my mom tends to be negative in thinking, which poses many problems for herself coz she loses sleeps worrying about nitty gritty stuff, despite my telling her that her twilight years should be peaceful and to live life happily.

  4. Michael Ng says:

    My dad use to advise me to save when I first started working in PJ.
    Thank God for Dad. Sometimes they will be long winded but they know when and what is the best to advice. Like what your dad says “whenever prayers goes up, blessings will come down”. So think + and pray. Plenty of blessing will flow to you. I constantly remind myself to be thankful for life. Sometimes when i drop by the Pasar Malam, I see those poor people on the road side begging for money, it always reminds me of life and how I am blessed with it.

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