Time is scarce

Reality bites. As much as I would like to have more quality time with my family, I have to say that time is scarce these days. Everyone’s schedule is very tight, and we hardly can fit into each other’s time anymore. But as scarce as they are, I refuse to let that affect me. I don’t subscribe to ‘No Fun’ policy and I try to make the best out of the time that I do have to spend with my family.

Plenty of things requires reservation and advance planning these days, but that’s all right, I suppose as it made things more special and memorable. One of the memorable thing that I did last weekend was creating some art masterpiece with my boys.

I’m not an artist, but take a look at these:

I made these with my boys by using an Art Machine in Petrosains, The Discovery Centre, KLCC last weekend. Shooting colours by using a gun-like machine and creating a masterpiece is definitely fun, and I’d do it again in a heart beat.



Cleffairy: I don’t subscribe to no fun policy. Everything is about balance. All work and no play makes Clef a dull fairy.

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